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Reparations 7: Coronavirus shines in slavery’s religious shadow—“Radicalized” Pied-Pipers toy with homicide!

“My father hated Southern Baptist preachers…a notion was repeatedly pounded in my head: there was not one Baptist preacher known to him that he trusted.

“…born in 1898…’common sense’ told young Prezzie that severe alterations of a radical Palestinian savior’s originally documented intent had brazenly taken place…tailor-made to suit the corrupt position clung to by these preachers; a Black populace inadvertently (and vociferously) supported this corruption with…willful ignorance…

“Tracing…antiquity dad concluded that it was the emperor Constantine who was the major pivotal culprit—he loathed Constantine and never failed to rigorously castigate him, detailing his specific Biblical alterations…”


“…the Dead Sea Scrolls…appeared to have come right out of a particular Jewish, pre Christian community…’The Liar’ (or ‘The Betrayer’) is suited to…Paul—or Saul of Tarsus—whose…’gentile’ version of Jesus’ own spiritual intent did clash intensely with…the disciple heir James.

“…even though Paul is…persistently…attacked by those who were ‘zealous for the Law of Moses,’…the Pauline version of Christ’s gospel is the one that has survived to become so popularly accepted…and this especially by…Negro religious communities throughout America.”


“Constantine…would further determine which doctrinal aspect of Christian expression would sit at…influential power. In 325 A.D…What developed…was a determining…as to which of the…doctrines from a multitude of branches…cut the grade.

“…church officials were to strictly enforce…adherence to its selections…by the sword.

“…unsurprisingly, foremost…[becoming] all but annihilated…was none other than the Coptic Gnostics.”


“…a January 1, 1901 prayer meeting…in…Topeka Kansas ignited…surprise: a woman…startled everyone as she…began…’speaking in tongues.’ Born…was a new mystic movement now known as the Pentecostals—named after the Biblical Pentecost.

“…their edict…echoes Martin Luther’s Reformist vision: a ‘charge’…activated directly through the common people themselves (…that coincidentally reflected age-old African traditions [showing]…interaction with the realm of ‘spirits’).

“Only 10 years later the very first branch of Fundamentalism materialized…a belief that…scriptural Bible was ‘fundamentally’…literal, factual truths. They…emerged again to cleverly give [white racist] Evangelism an immense boost, exploiting the skyrocketed popularity of radio and…a ‘new’ media invention…soon known widely as TV.”





Cave Four alongside the Dead Sea at Israel’s Qumran ruins, where in 1947 the area’s largest cache of “pre Christian” biblical scrolls were discovered. From the book, “Trouble In Black Paradise.”


A Louisiana church hosts a Sunday service, boldly defying the governor’s ban against large gatherings—the state soon becomes one of America’s worse Coronavirus “hot spots” (amid Blacks being the country’s most “disproportionately” hit). Stock photo.


Greetings hunkered down readers!

To attack hard earned “medical wisdom”—gained thru survival trial-and-error—killing the notion that such wisdom is “endowed” by God—guarantees a revisit of totally avoidable

Trouble in Black Paradise.


Sharyn Gregoor prepares to begin a grueling shift caring for Coronavirus hospital patients. Stock photo.

Personal videos made by frontline hospital workers are not only gripping, or heartbreaking—what they reveal is shocking! No matter who, or where caregivers operate, a specific mindboggling item dominates every single testimony:

No medical school even remotely trained or prepared them for this mega level of death and systemic overload.

Added to hospital facilities bursting at the seams—patients literally spilling into hallways; stacked around reception check-in counters and into makeshift tents—plus the lack of protective gear for themselves—or the afflicted—is this:

The extraordinary “hospice” and psychology level multitask functions that have dropped in their laps.

Dressed like outer space visitors’ caregivers console expiring patients, holding their hands thru each gasp as oxygen levels and blood pressure plummets—guiding total strangers who inevitably step toward “the light”—making final calls to loved ones by cellphone so “some” may get their goodbyes.

At the time of this posting the U.S. has 1,309,199 confirmed Coronavirus “cases” and 78,469 “deaths”—over a short 4 month period (and still rising). Stock photo.

Tear-filled caregivers pulling multiple shifts—frazzled to the brink—have a unanimous message to a public wishing to actually help here: STAY AT HOME!!!

It makes the holier-than-thou defiance that certain American “clergy” invoke as we battle this ravaging pandemic totally unthinkable!

Some mosque and synagogue violations have hit the news, but the most explosive defiance by far comes from these Christians dismissing “shelter-in”: Rodney Howard-Browne and Rich Vera of Florida; and instigating in my late mother’s hometown of Baton Rouge, Louisiana is Tony Spell (who now also rakes in a “financial mint” as people actually donate their “stimulus checks” to him). Two perpetrators had been jailed—but all continue to disobey.

These Pied-Piper pastors follow Trump’s own instigated political trivializing of all this—calling it a “hoax”; dismissing “stay-at-home” precautions saying “it’s in God’s hands” —they coax parishioners out to fill church pews: “God” wants worshipers to physically “congregate.”

But I say pastors absolutely prove they want the continued enrichment of their unholy empires.

Pastor Tony Spell, right, walks with supporters after services at his Life Tabernacle Church in Central, La., on Sunday. Spell continues to snub the shelter-in-place order. (Gerald Herbert / Associated Press)

And, sure enough zealot churchgoers follow right along to do just that—while fully congregating!

One would ask just what could motivate people to defy proven logic—to unnecessarily endanger themselves—and others? And we know social and medical calamities hit Blacks “disproportionately” higher—so why do such huge numbers of Afro-Americans readily haphazardly follow these charismatic preachers?

Sadly, a calamitous reckoning has already struck one Pied-Piper in this fog—needless heartbreak coming home to roost!

Afro-American Bishop Gerald O. Glenn who crowed about his March 22nd service being packed—spitefully defying Virginia Gov. Ralf Northam’s concern—died on April 11 of COVID 19 (becoming another disproportionate statistic).

To my knowledge none of the other “defiant” pastors even recognized his death—or life!

As these clergy still seem dead set on purposefully drawing disastrous consequence, I’m reminded of other historically recent Pied-Piper actions—accusers call downright homicide!

An aerial view shows hundreds in Jonestown’s aftermath here, just a fraction in the 1978 suicide/homicide massacre. Stock photo.

On November 18, 1978 Peoples Temple leader Jim Jones ordered the mass murder-suicide of over 900 people at his religious compound in Guyana, South America. Jones (a Caucasian) had amassed a small following before his 1970 setup in San Francisco, soon adding a Los Angeles satellite.

Centering his operation among society’s most impoverished—pushing the idea of social equality and “uplift”—mass numbers of Blacks flocked to his fold. But reports of Jones committing abuse soon surfaced.

Even still hundreds of worshipers followed him to Guyana, settling his new village called Jonestown. Then, the unimaginable: slaughter erupted due to U.S. Congressman Leo Ryan investigating growing claims of abuse. Its known as the Jonestown Massacre. Ryan did not survive. And the overwhelming percentage of victims were Black—huge numbers being mass buried in an Oakland, Ca. graveyard.

Then Waco comes to mind:

A lineup of tanks sit idly by, ineffective as the Branch Davidian compound burns to the ground. Stock photo.

On April 19, 1993 a white community Texas compound headed by David Koresh (formerly Vernon Howell) burned to the ground after being stormed by federal agents. In the 1980’s Koresh had taken over this sect, which originally was an offshoot of Seventh-Day Adventists—it was renamed Branch Davidians. Mainstream Adventists had denounced the Branch—a group of primitive life practitioners, literally awaiting Christ’s physical arrival.

Following his own rise Koresh amassed “spiritual wives” (some allegedly underaged) and abuse allegations were soon made. Rumors of weapons stockpiling got the ATF’s attention and after his attempted arrest failed a long Waco Siege ensued—Koresh definitely threatened to kill. 75 bodies (including children) were found in the aftermath; 4 federal agents had been gunned down.

Now add to this festering list an abomination still unfolding—on “Africa’s” continent:

In Uganda an ominous 2009 bill was crafted specifically targeting homosexuals and HIV positive citizens. Blatantly titled Kill the Gays it authorized the jailing of suspects—conviction drew the death penalty. Basically, it hunts openly gay folk, those accused of gay life, “all” people testing positive (even though Africa’s overwhelming HIV victims are “heterosexual”) and those refusing to “report” possibilities. But the real crime is how it got started—thru white U.S. Evangelicals.

White preachers are pouring into Africa to mine what slave conquerors made “ripe”: African hearts-and-minds—savagely “converted.”

Gay advocate Richard Lusimbo of the liberation group “Sexual Minorities Uganda” (SMUG) speaks at the San Francisco LGBTQ History Museum on November 17, 2016. Giving an update on that country’s 2009 “Kill the Gays” Bill Lusimbo (at this time a “fledgling organizer”) had literally gotten thrown into leadership during his very first gay support gathering just two years earlier—having just “come out!” It illustrated how frantic Uganda’s dire situation was. photo by Adilifu Fundi.

Black allegiance to Africa’s grand spiritual tradition vanishes—lost in the wake of countless ruined empires—now replaced by European slave religion.

American white clergy inflaming colonial homophobia (not found in African tradition) makes Anglo preachers appear to be God’s chosen—they make new fortunes packing stadiums and selling out books—depleting impoverished Africans who already struggle to survive. And these celebrity Pied-Pipers head this pack:

Scott Lively (of bigoted The Family USA); Afro-American Caleb Lee Brundidge (professed “reformed” homosexual); Don Schmierer (Exodus International); Joyce Meyer; Lou Engle; Rick Warren (Obama’s choice for his inaugural benediction); Joel Osteen (Tyler Perry, Mariah Carey and Kanye West’s new hookup); and others. See my earlier blog on this.

Something is horrendously amiss with these charlatan ministries—as they relentlessly surface.

So here’s a scarcely addressed, but jolting reminder:

A basic look at doctrine from 1st Century rabbi Joshua shows his more than clear “intent”:

An early Coptic Gnostic rendering of Jesus’ “image,” date unknown (note Christ’s prominent “Afro expressive” depictions—clearly denoting Canaan’s original “Black founding” influence—whose presence was still vibrantly present after the Semite takeover). The Gnostics were one of Judaism’s very first “Christian” sects, rivaling the emerging “Pauline” based group. Stock photo.

Foremost having a more than willing zealousness toward his Jewish community’s spiritual “Law” —joined with freeing Jewish communities from Roman slavery. Joshua was a new Jewish sect’s leader—and later given the Greek name “Christ.”

But “Christ’s” essential decree—”hospitality,” “uplifting the meek” (and embracing society’s “most discarded”—is at his Eastern rooted forefront!

Nowhere in Christ’s edict do I see waging genocidal war to takeover a nation’s resources—or setting up rigid ruling classes where masses of poor are squeezed mercilessly to fatten small percentages of bloated rich—or building racist economic empires on the backs of the enslaved—or establishing patriarch leaders to run religious sects where “men” can have-their-way with multiple wives (but not vice-versa for women); I see this nowhere as Christ’s “golden rule.”

Nor do I see any of Joshua’s guidance saying followers must ignore gained wisdom (after addressing complex health issues) to basically sacrifice their precious physical wellbeing—as topping some short list to attain salvation—to fulfill worship of “Him!”

Except that is—right here:

In “Rome’s” governing religious powers—whose centralized Christian authority was installed by none other than its conqueror Constantine—an engine that some 300 years earlier Christ had dangerously confronted.

Codices of the “Gnostic Scriptural Library,” some 46 “books”—discovered at Nag Hammadi, Egypt in 1945—two years before the Dead Sea Qumran Jewish “Essene” Scroll find. The Nag Hammadi cache contained many complete “Gospels” giving unrivaled views of key Christian figures (totally contrasting those in Constantine’s strictly chosen “Pauline” versions in his Nicene Creed): “The Gospel of Thomas” (a personal interview with maybe Jesus’ ‘twin brother’); “The Gospel of Mary Magdalene” (possibly Christ’s ‘lover,’ not a ‘whore’) and “The Gospel of Judas” (a right-hand man, not a ‘betrayer’). The powerful Catholic “Irenaeus” significantly crippled the “major rival” Gnostics—labeling them heretics—paving the way for a despot backed “Pauline” world dominance. Stock photo.

And in another place:

“America’s” governing power—worshiping and enforcing slave religion—an engine that almost two millenniums later, Black slave resistors and multiethnic abolitionists had dangerously confronted:

“Christ’s” creed had been twisted to use as a powerful new weapon—and the culprit that brutal European empires produced is nonother than this:

A “Radicalized” Christianity.

So, we come to two major premises of this series that I’m continuing—and this entry’s focus:

America’s fundamental social operation—in all aspects—is fashioned on the religious and political “aftermath” of sabotaged Black Reconstruction—period!

And the second is this:

That act of sabotage isn’t just significant—it’s pivotal—almost singlehandedly allowing the white aristocracy’s overall “nationalist” economy plans to become virtually solidified:

The aim of moguls was getting “simultaneous success”; the labor destinies of underclass whites did also need finalized containment—made much smoother if poor whites accepted inhumane Afro “work conditions” as totally normal—characteristics that also would duplicate oh-so-naturally within white work “set-ups”—and for future “corporate climates”:

Employees and family members protest (decrying highly infectious work conditions due to flagrant “corporate neglect”) in cars outside a Smithfield Foods processing plant in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. The plant has one of the country’s largest outbreaks of coronavirus cases. Stephen Groves/AP.

(which we now witness in today’s pandemic with Trump and his governor cronies ordering people back to work in virus infested factories—snubbing clear-cut scientific safety steps).

My previous blogs in this series have shown that (with Northern backing) wealthy Southern whites reclaimed sprawling plantations—herding both newly freed slaves and freedmen back into white economic strangleholds—allowing tenacious slave containment practices to swiftly resume.

Special Field Order No. 15’s signing had white power forces absolutely cringing before they vengefully shattered Reparations—killing what it briefly “did achieve”:

Designated land for the creation of totally self-sufficient Afro run economies.

Hence, new slave-like work set-ups needed a justifiable “moral ring” describing them—and slavery’s chattel blueprint had just the thing to make the illusion of morality here acceptable. Moguls had long grasped an ironically Eastern “warning” whose further use would get both Blacks and whites back into readily suppressing themselves—the East says:

“What” one worships is “what” one becomes.

Uganda’s lesson (vividly related above) props up the obvious here:

Bishop Christopher Senyonjo of Uganda (at right) on a 2010 global tour sponsored by Integrity USA. Addressing a San Francisco African-American Art & Culture Complex “roundtable” (co-hosted by SF’s Bayard Rustin LGBT Coalition) Senyonjo castigated Uganda’s “Kill the Gays” Bill—painting a bleak picture of absolutely terrorized novice gay (and HIV positive “hetero”) communities. The 78-year-old Bishop had come out of retirement (winning his wife’s support) to bravely fight Uganda’s legislation—drawing Episcopal Church retaliation which withdrew his pension and forbid him to preach in the main church. Photo May, 24, by Adilifu Fundi.

So I ask: what “force” can win hearts-and-minds by making murderous “thug regulations”—set by manipulative, greedy rulers cloaked in religion—become readily accepted as “Holy?”

“Radicalized” Christianity!

But the plantation owner’s route had a temporary roadblock thrown on it—Black Conventions had convened before Reconstruction’s collapse:

1865 Conventions had enabled unprecedented National Black Assemblages where folk could use hard earned “vision” to assess Afro situations; they’d realize and pool resources—to forge their own destinies in spite of white power structural obstacles—validating and bolstering their own cultural “religious” worth (employing what Dr. Joy DeGruy calls, “…strength that has been passed down to us”; and what I call that legendary Afro-spiritual “DNA”).

White power futurists were livid! Governors swiftly acted (galvanizing legislative glory).

All-consuming government attacks immediately targeted Blacks who had risen to national prominence—those who still hung on to “promote” independent Afro-spiritual worth—thus white social containment’s growing “momentum” would practically overwhelm the creed of these cultural soldiers:

Nurses protest in front of the White House, holding photos of fellow healthcare workers who—being “overwhelmed” due to severe federal neglect—have died from COVID-19. Photo by Kevin Dietsch/UPI

Rev. Garrison Frasier, Sojourner Truth, Rev. Ulysses Houston, Robert Smalls, Harriet Tubman, Henry McNeal Turner, Ida B. Wells, and the prophetic powerhouse Frederick Douglass, to name a few.

Here, just as the concreteness of an understood “freedom” had died (during slavery) when the last captured freeborn African’s died, Black organizer’s next “conceived” phase—the new Black “surge” of independent cultural and economic “worth idea”—soon suffered the same.

That key visionary “incentive”—Black independent economic “worth”—pushed by the likes of Douglass, had slowly died (after Reconstruction). All would suffocate under America’s national systemic blanket—while staring down the barrel of a “gun.”

Thus, the last major national Afro institutional stronghold was left—standing in the dust—but definitely charged (by “moral obligation”) with uplifting its entire populace:

It was the “Black Church.”

And white power planners—who foresaw their own next phase—were ready!

Governors had another ominous item—waiting as usual in the wings—the perfect “cop” to join police officers in their already diligent Black occupation guard; it was well-groomed to step-up duties—making that “self-containment” smoother by sowing up Afro hearts-and-minds:

America’s preacher—armed with “radicalized” Christianity.


Banner University Medical Center ICU nurse Lauren Leander stands in counter-protest—confronting combatants who march toward the Arizona State Capitol. Rampaging extremists here (under the ruse of fighting for “lost freedoms” and “incomes”) are actually die-hard Trump supporters—motivated to hit the streets following “propaganda sites,” set-up by right-wingers like the billionaire Koch brothers. Protesters use “free speech” platforms to intimidate—promoting Turmp’s image by attacking Gov. Doug Ducey’s stay-at-home order that combats the coronavirus; they “never demand” substantial stimulus funds for “small businesses” and “disenfranchised workers”—or strengthened protection provisions for “healthcare workers.” April 20, 2020. photo: Michael Chow/The Republic.

Yes, early institutional Black Churches had mostly remained “culturally” autonomous—crucial in providing a sanctuary to filter out white racist cultural intrusion—with schools offering the basics that preserved Black “heritage knowledge”—Church Afro allegiance was pivotal in providing resource for individual and group economic adjustment (unified self-uplift):

Preachers themselves had fiercely guarded Black spiritual-social “worth.”

My own recent bookTrouble In Black Paradise: Catastrophic Legacy Worshiping the New World Politics of Saving Soulsshows Black “slave era” religious scholars were no fools.

David Walker in 1829 published his own fiercely radical Walker’s Appeal—educating slaves to their “worth”—which got a quick bounty put on his head. My book shares this:

…Walker pleaded directly to the slave…the notion that…their predicament was immoral and illegal in the [sight] of God…[being] totally acceptable to immediately (and violently) revolt…[Walker’s] work…spiritually justified…religiously backed rebellion…by any means necessary.

“This was brilliant! Examples…from Biblical scripture…placed American slaves…predicament…[with] downtrodden Children of Israel under Egypt…the example didn’t stop there: Roman slaves of international origin, the Irish under British tyranny, Native Americans…Greeks under the Turks…Helots under Sparta—all…compared to…American slaves.

“Walker…laid bare…[the] religious hypocrisy and…idolatry…[of] slave-owners…[he attacked] the Caucasian male ‘art’ of worshiping themselves…[that whites used] to create dynastic empires (…[showing it was in] total opposition…of a Christian God).”


Dr. W.E.B. DuBois (1868-1963) was born 9 years “before” the collapse of Radical Reconstruction and was the first Afro-American to earn a Ph.D. from Harvard University. A fiercely outspoken advocate for Black liberation (and global worker’s rights) Dr. DuBois rolled up his sleeves and in 1909 cofounded the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP). DuBois fought specifically to fill the huge “advocacy void”—left by gutted Black churches—thus launching a major Black liberation, “uplift” organization.

Yet, “radicalized” scripture overwhelmed—becoming launched across the land—infiltrating Black Churches by trampling over Reconstruction’s shattered Afro idealistic walls.

Reinstalled slave religion—strict regulation to obey America’s “morality” rules and laws—had now become “Gods intent.”

Social liberation and tackling all life’s “tribulations” (requiring strategic thought and major “risk” action) should now be left “in God’s hands”—bringing guaranteed “Salvation”—but in the next life.

It’s a total contradiction to Coptic Gnostic “revelation”—specifically laid out in my book which says:

“…Jesus does repeatedly stress the critical need to de-mystify practical spiritual realities in plenty of chronicled writings—concepts that in essence should be sought by the humanities not elsewhere, or in another lifetime, but here ‘on earth.’”

Thus, powerful white Christian institutions (America’s new “public school” designers) escalated reshaping broad Black traditions—validating Jim Crow laws. With “sharecropping” and “separate-but-equal” initiatives they spun-off post slavery economies benefiting white power (the prison industrial complex here became major priority).

White cultural worship (and its “mass marketing”) to uplift what whites called “inferior people” crashed over Blacks like a tidal wave—creating another lucrative spin-off: Black self-hatred.

Afro-Americans were now a total repackage—building billion-dollar annual “white corporate” incomes—entertainment and European imagery cosmetics leading the pack. Black advancement now meant gaining success within racist institutions—”getting over” being the prestigious indicator of becoming the “first” Black this’ and that’s:

(“Negroes” ironically having lost the knowledge that Blacks produced the world’s first major civilization itself—ancient “Sumer” had birthed groundbreaking devices—including the “alphabet” and the “wheel”).

The parade of a proud, stately army from the ancient “Afro founded” Sumer Civilization—Predating Semitic invasion by some 2,400 years (the conquering Semite Ashurbanipal at the 7th Century B.C. finally paved the way for Judea’s eventual founding at about 143 B.C.). Sumerians were so proud of their African heritage they called themselves the “Black Heads!” From the ruins at Persepolis, Iran, a capital of this ancient empire. Painted bas relief sculpture. Stock photo.

Such triumphant cultural repackaging (Blacks now valuing frivolousness over “all”) inevitably lured the Black Church toward a supreme “religious” effect:

Immensely opulent Euro cathedrals—dripping with trappings of upper crust prestige—now became seen as reflecting the ultimate glory of God.

Black Church’s guarding the medieval Pauline version of scripture in their own heartthe “pulse” of conqueror Constantine’s Nicene Creedyielded disastrous consequence.

An example that terribly impacted the fledgling Civil Rights Movement took place at a 1961 Kansas City event. It was a conference held by the National Baptist Convention USA, Inc.—the 2nd largest Black Baptist organization in America. Trouble In Black Paradise clearly recalls here:

The goal…was to elect the national president of this influential body…to determine not only what role the church should play in the Civil Rights movement, but the tone would…be set…addressing…issues that plagued African-American people.

An apocalyptic battle ending in tragedy best describes what took place…numerous preachers literally ‘slugged it out’ for control…The melee…caused the Rev. A. G. Wright of Detroit to fall to his death…The Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s candidate, the Rev. Gardner Taylor, finally lost to the Rev. Joseph Jackson…the convention’s ruling patriarch since 1953. A by-product of Rev. Jackson’s presiding…for the next 21 years would have this institution watching silently…as others…would have to grab the reins…of the troubled Black masses.”

Big hearted Black youth benevolently jumped in, rushing to rescue ailing Civil Rights Elders—using King’s momentum; they formed the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC)—it evolved into the Black Power Afro “Pride” resurgence.

Bayard Rustin with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in Los Angeles after the 1965 Watts riots. Rustin (1912-1987) was the indispensable moral and tactical spokesman, strategist and intellectual resource for every major Civil Rights organizer of his time. King stood by an openly and proudly “gay” Rustin—who did also organize the famous 1963 March on Washington—regardless of many attacks and threats from other movement leaders. Illustration from the book, “Trouble In Black Paradise.”

Malcolm X, The Black Panthers and others—rejecting the Black Church’s self-righteous status-quo—rode in on this very wave. And a weary Dr. King (flush with wisdom from long hard trails) steadied the momentum he’d created—still having to chastise America’s detached Black preacher majority—until the very end.

My book does critique the Black Church’s clinging to medieval doctrinal darkness—still resisting modern “spiritual” canon enlightenment. Such topics as these it can no longer ignore:

Uncloaked mysteries of “ancient African civilizations” (including Canaan’s own Black civic foundation and settlement influence throughout Judea); “psychic” senses; “past lives”; UFO “evidence” (the Vatican finally came out believing its possibility); the recently discovered “Coptic Gnostic Library” at Nag Hammadi (from the early “Christian” sect that rivaled “Paul’s”); the “Dead Sea Scrolls” (the world’s oldest discovered “Bible”—holding Judaism’s most recent groundbreaking anthropological findings—written from about the 2nd Century B.C. thru Christ’s time—items illuminating the Black Church’s own Judeo-Christian roots); and why Black churches keep strict devotion to noted homosexual “King James’ biblical interpretation” (just one of many versions launched by brutal, conquering, enslavers in his monarch “line”);  Black preachers here give no input to its public religious discourse—or recognition.

But as a pioneer Afro gay social builder as well, my book’s “focus” is central:

Discrediting the Church’s damning terrorist policy on LGBTQ reality—still ruining and destroying untold numbers of confused lives—precious Black lives (whose “spiritual brilliance and artistic genius”) established the magnificence that built Black Churches—and whose powerful healing guidance was priceless in-demand (during “ancient” communal times); validated conclusively by my scholarly “religious research.”

Many Blacks stay comfortably settled in the Church’s Afro seated “culture” (like Rev. Michael Jordan seen below, who remains steadfast—while nurturing his double-edged “activism”). But its focus—being too enmeshed in colonial doctrine—still loudly screamed!

The Rev. Michael R. Jordan, pastor of New Era Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama, stirs stormy debate with this 2018 church sign. Its opposite side reads, “White Folks Refused To Be Our Neighbors.” Jordan staunchly opposes a Church of The Highlands satellite being installed right in his Black community neighborhood. Highland’s “white” Founding Pastor—mega wealthy Chris Hodges—plans to appoint newer pastor Mayo Sowell (his young Black acolyte) to run the satellite. A fuming Rev. Jordan calls it an invading “slave master” church. But in 2004 Jordan had taken the opposite position—himself attacking “society’s most discarded”; he posted a sign that read, “AIDS Is God’s Curse On A Homosexual Life.” Stock photo.

In effect Churches essentially “became what they settled on worshiping”—with an added obvious disastrous consequence—huge numbers defect:

Not tolerant of its walling off Afro privileged religious (from their oppressed secular kin); or of strict “patriarch rule” gangsta’ style; or prioritizing lavish “grandeur” (Eurocentric style); or the glaring conflict with Joshua’s tradition; or ladder climbers making “corporat styled” hostile church takeovers—following backstabbing fights for leaderships; or the lack of answers and solutions to “valid,” complex personal reality issues “for this life.”

Ex faithful either stewed in isolation, founded satellite offshoots “themselves,” or simply migrated elsewhere—like my late father:

Dad converted to the traditional Seventh Day Adventist camp, citing all the complaints listed above. I can still hear him 42 years later, ranting about needless, opulent preacher anniversaries—the “expensive” lineup of extravagant nonbiblical pomp-and-circumstance—railing over exorbitant “tithes” (the real sin)! No preacher would dare step in the snare of his scholarly discourses.

I had also converted—at age 19 becoming a Buddhist—which dad grew to accept.

So, something is clear—devoted parishioners bare the same damage as secular folk—none escape the debilitation “disproportionately” affecting all Afro-Americans:

Physical and mental illnesses; racist attack; community blight; loss of cultural allegiance; low desire to “intellectually grow”; shallow materialism; unwillingness to protect oneself (or other “downtrodden”); and maybe worse:

Being extra vulnerable to “schemers” and religious predators.


24-year-old Matthew Vines, an “openly gay” dedicated Christian, staunchly contests hardline views like that presented above by Rev. Michael Jordan. Vines has written a religious rebuke of the standard conservative anti-gay rationale—using scholastic scriptural research. His book is titled, “God And The Gay Christian: The Biblical Case in Support of Same Sex Relationships” (Crown Publishing Group, 2014, 224 pages). Vine’s approach doesn’t discredit America’s accepted bible (being devoted to the “Pauline” school and not addressing “others”—like “Gnostics”); he challenges today’s “conception” of the rules expressed in ancient times—saying, “Apostle Paul didn’t condemn gay marriage.” Vines—who did speak in Alabama—steps right into Christianity’s “lion’s den,” geared to change hostile and dangerous hearts-and-minds, representing an LGBTQ soldier. Stock photo.

Hence, numerous Blacks (broken, disillusioned, repackaged, vulnerable, “starry-eyed”—and still haunted by their struggling “spiritual glow”) easily follow charlatan ministers—snubbing “hunker down” common sense for gaudy proselytizing charmers—those humanitarian imposters that join these duplicitous “tooters” who fit the modern Pied-Piper bill:

“Openly gay” author Matthew Vines (a native of Wichita, Kansas) takes his book—which promotes an updated progressive view of “scripture”—into the heart of hostile and dangerous Fundamentalist Christian America. Challenging the 6 scriptural bible passages most used to condemn homosexuality Vines hopes to win hearts by changing rigid religious “perspectives.” Its reminiscent of openly gay Civil Rights general Bayard Rustin joining progressive white activist George Houser to launch the 1947 “Journey of Reconciliation.” The two organized a daring 2-week bus tour carrying 16 males (Blacks and whites) into the deadly South to challenge racist “interstate segregation travel laws.” Stock photo.

The late Jerry Falwell, Franklin Graham, Anita Bryant, Ralph Drollinger, Pat Robertson, Scott Lively, Joyce Meyers, Joel Osteen, Lou Engle, Rick Warren, Tony Spell. Rodney Howard-Browne—and yes, the monstrous Jim Jones’ and David Koresh’s—add Bonnie Nettles and Marshal Applewhite (co-founders of the suicide cult Heaven’s Gate) to name but a few.

Yet, validated is another Eastern notion saying, “soldiers for humanity do rise in the most wretched times and in unexpected places,” as these Christian sages have appeared:

U.S. Archbishop Michael Bruce Curry—The first African-American ever to preside over the U.S. Episcopal Church (who gave the sermon at Megan and Harry’s Royal Wedding); Rev. William Barber II—cofounder with Liz Theoharis of the, “Poor People’s Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival” (reviving Dr. King’s mantle); and the surprising Matthew Vines (seen above).

All are staunch guardians—engaging Black legacy—openly affirming Afro and LGBTQ spiritual worth!

A sinister condition lingers from America’s long ruthless legacy—it is Afro chaos compacted—which the lives of slavery’s heirs essentially operate “out of.”

My school called it “Oppression Sickness.” But another masterful term was coined in the title of a book by preeminent Dr. Joy DeGruy:

“Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome—America’s Legacy Of Enduring Injury & Healing.”

Dr. Joy says:

“One of the most insidious and pervasive symptoms of Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome is our adoption of the slave master’s value system…

“…including those of beauty and material success, as well as violence and brutality.”

In her book Dr. Joy (addressing what I call America’s carefully crafted social “pressure cooker”) sums up why Afro “allegiance” to Blackness is lost today saying: “One hundred and eighty years of the Middle Passage and well over 300 years of slavery, rape, and abuse, followed by an illusory freedom. Black codes, convict leasing, and Jim Crow, all codified by our national institutions. Lynching, medical experimentation, redlining, disenfranchisement, grossly unequal treatment in almost every aspect of our society, brutality at the hands of those charged with protecting and serving…we have barely had time to catch our collective breath…385 years of physical, psychological, and spiritual torture have left their mark.” Photo June 1, 2019, by Adilifu Fundi.

It backs the inescapable: “What” one worships is “what” one becomes.

Absolutely clear is that “radicalized” Christianity kills a person’s desire to “grow”—thwarting the drive to explore, to take in and to test “new” information—it “makes rational” the devaluing of downtrodden life.

Native American thought I’ve studied says the “Great Creator” instilled in us the gift to weigh consistencies learned from experience; its purpose being both to expand perceiving life’s abundant nutrients and to reason evidence that shows detriment—recognizing deceit.

Here, clergy using “religious hubris” to whip up their faithful—fueling holier-than-thou attitudes that approve reckless disregard for fellow citizens—defying critical pandemic warning just for in person group worship—is not simply an abomination.

It is preachers reviving acts of social homicide!

The “BLACK HEADS” of Ancient SUMER gave the Alphabet to the World.

“[Sumer had vast borders]…spanning present day Iraq, Kuwait, S.E. Syria, S.W. Iran and N.E. Saudi Arabia.

“When Christian ascension in 7th Century A.D. Ethiopia became complete the “Black Heads” had long been vanquished (all but disappearing by 1700 B.C.) But as [Ethopia] prepared to introduce her new religious “identity package” to the world something was surely certain: pride in cultural ‘Blackness’ had remained solid as ever.

“Christian imagery…would not reflect the Euro/Asian aesthetic standard. All of Ethiopia’s…icons—saints, legendary heroes and personified figures—would be Black (…the source for the infamous…reverently rendered Black Madonna.)”


Trouble In Black Paradise, Chapter 9: “THE KEY ELEMENT OF HISTORICAL KNOWLEDGE,” Pages 176-178.






“What became of the Black People of Sumer?” the [traveler] asked the old man, “for ancient records show that the people of Sumer were Black. What happened to them?” “Ah,” the old man sighed. “They lost their history, so they died.” —A Sumer Legend




The Destruction Of Black Civilization—Great Issues Of A Race: From 4500 B.C. to 2000 A.D. By Chancellor Williams; “PART I”; Page 15.





“While it would be foolish to assert that Sumer’s inhabitants were homogeneous or exclusive to any particular racial type, it seems rather obvious that the bright light of Sumerian civilization can only be attributed to the arrival of Black migrants from Africa’s Nile Valley.”




African Presence in Early Asia. Edited by Runoko Rashidi; Co-Edited by Ivan Van Sertima. Chapter 5: Africans in Early Asian Civilizations: An Overview; by Runoko Rashidi; Page 21.




Bas relief painting of a Sumerian Black Head warrior (before Semitic invasion) found in the ancient empire capital Persepolis’ ruins at present day Iran. Stock photo: Sergey Strelkov.


Greetings hunkered down readers!


Rediscovering the astounding majesty and miraculous contributions of ancient Black civilizations is not just a novelty—it’s critical.

The result re-sparks within modern decimated Afro societies what my book calls: vital Afro-spiritual “DNA” (and what Dr. Joy DeGruy calls, “…strength that has been passed down to us”).

What’s awakened is lost Black cultural “allegiance”—in particular Afro spirit “resilience”—and the “urgency” to really understand—then restore our lost greatness amid modern urban ruin!

This “enlightenment’s” byproduct is twofold:

  • It reclaims the true Black identities of ancient great nations—discrediting foreign invaders and racist scholars who stole them;
  • It strengthens the last spiritual bastion for all modern civilizations—the reservoir of “humanity’s essence” that’s actually preserved within Afro-spiritual “DNA”—precious value that white ruling class global policies have all but destroyed.

Below is a glimpse of ancient Afro greatness brought to light—illuminated to diminish

Trouble In Black Paradise.



Ethiopia…was freshly in touch with the long standing, well known history of its far-reaching Black expansionist legacy (and influential satellites) settled about Canaan to the north—a territorial establishment predating the white Semitic defined Holy Land.

The Great Ziggurat at Ur (possibly 29th-24th Century B.C.) in modern day Iraq. Note the black stone foundation that remains. Today’s Ancient Astronaut “theroists” are convinced a pre-history UFO airport existed in Sumeria. Bing Stock photo.

But another nearby civilization, long exalted as the original prototype for advanced sophisticated civic development—co setting a stage for the parallel rise of its kindred Egypt—shouted loud from there. She had paced and gathered a…northbound assemblage; the core of its socially inventive “movers and shakers” did previously filter up from the heartland through a prehistoric Nile Valley.

Administrative tablet of clay, Mesopotamian/Sumerian, 3100-2900 BC. The earliest tablets with written inscriptions represent the work of administrators, perhaps of large temple institutions, recording the allocation of rations or the movement and storage of goods. The pictographs were inscribed into the tablet with a sharp instrument. From the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, California, USA. (Photo by Ann Ronan Pictures/Print Collector/Getty Images)

Credited with …the first known written “script” and the “utilitarian wheel” (among other things) her multiple civic centers structured the heart of legendary Mesopotamia…what modern humanity finally came to know as the magnificent Sumerian empire.

Ancient Astronaut theorists say that wide eyed depictions on much of Sumer’s figures (especially “ancestral” images) are reminiscent of descriptions made even by modern people, claiming to have had UFO alien contact—or been “abducted.” Bing Stock photo.

Sumer’s zenith lasted from 3000 B.C to 1750 B.C. (…one excavated female skull apparently dates back to approx. 4500 B.C.). Its brilliant…[most popular] strategist and cosmopolitan conceptualist was the militarist Nimrod (meaning “the brave”)…The Talmud names him as both king of Babylon—a preeminent institutional jewel of Sumer—and persecutor of the Semite Abraham (founding patriarch of Judaism).

Bing Stock photo.

Biblical documents refer to him as “son of Kush” (Ethiopia). All-in-all literary and archeological evidence seen in new light points to the same conclusion: Sumer’s prominent pulse orchestrating sublime humanity was “Africoid.”

Elam and Susa (the later giving rise to the renowned Black warrior King Memnon) were stupendous…states and thrived with formidable dominion.

Assyrian stone relief utilizing “Black Head” developed cuneiform script, carved after the fall of Afro founded and ruled Sumer. Notice the change in rendered “ethnic” imagery. Com/Stock photo.

But the first successfully invasive Semitic wave came by way of Sargon of Akkad…at 2350 B.C. to set a shocking contrast through his barbarous, culturally subordinate dynasty. By the 7th Century B.C (following the typical ethnic ruling tug-of-wars) the total annihilation and desecration of Sumer by the Assyrian Ashurbanipal made a Semitic take-over complete.

The Semites…had been bedazzled: they kept Sumerian honorific titles and carefully preserved her literature; social inventions crafted through Black excellence were passed down through Semite lineage (…presented as their own).

Sumer fertility Goddess sculpture whose origin traces directly back to the Ethiopian motherland. Stock photo.

By all standards Sumer’s immense levels of Black pride would put today’s Afro-Americans to shame. Her venerable Goddesses and deities traced directly back to Ethiopia. Ethnic distinction was so revered that massive civic structures were erected using precious “black stone” (…standard alternatives were plentiful).

Ancient Babylonia and Assyria sculpture painting from Mesopotamia. Com/Stock photo.

To emphasize the point its people went by a very defining title known to all: they called themselves the “Black Heads.”

Stunned folks say Coronavirus fear & “shutdown level” is their very first—but not for me!

“1256 A.D. brought…horrendous natural and systemic calamities to Japan…epidemics swept the islands…increased famine and virulent plagues taking their toll—corpses lined the streets…

“[Priest] Nichiren sensed…the time was now ripe…he outlined the explicit connection between…government embraced…corrupt philosophy and the land’s raging destruction…”


Trouble In Black Paradise, Chapter 10: Uncloaking The Discarded And Mysterious Philosophical “East,” Page 207.


Greetings hunkered down readers!

Failure to take what was learned from past epidemic hardships—and caring folks who rallied—could insure a revisit of spiraling Trouble in Black Paradise.


FEATURED IMAGE: First grade kids line up at San Diego’s Kit Carson Elementary School to receive the Dr. Jonas Salk polio vaccine. San Diego was the nation’s first city to be mass vaccinated with the polio serum. photo: getty images/Bettmann. 1955.


A neighbor who’d learned of SF’s impending school closures came over to me while I did Crossing Guard duties. A white, apparently hetero, late thirties or early forties man, expressed having heard of prior social impact times, but himself had never experienced it. He asked if I had.

His stunned look flashed widely when I told him “absolutely!”

Here stood a glaring reminder of today’s cultural situation showing life-to-life perspective is absolutely available—from us rare folk who came through—but generally shows age group disconnect remains prevalent and disinterest attitude is entrenched.

My Crossing Guard intersection at San Francisco’s Alvarado Elementary School where last fall I saved little 7-year-old Oliver from being hit by a car. Recently a neighbor kindly offered concern for my well being as the impending city wide Coronavirus shutdown neared. photo: Sonia Gandiaga. Sept. 2019.

A bit of personal perspective:

I have vivid late 1950’s memory waiting in line with masses of weary San Diego children at my school, Emerson Elementary, to get a “polio” vaccine shot; and then in 1961 as a 6-year-old first grader to receive “polio’s” drinkable vaccine. Contracting that rampant virus (which caused gruesome paralysis, attacking and disfiguring various limbs—often bringing mass death) was the mindboggling terror of that time. It was thought to have maimed the legs of a young Franklin D. Roosevelt well before his presidency.

I shuddered, clearly registering the immense social fear in the air regarding polio and towering sense of family relief with the vaccine discovery—being so thankful my young age didn’t bare the same level of agonizing fear and uncertainty haunting older generations. Badly crippled people, from children to adults, were publicly visible everywhere.

Today with 2020’s Coronavirus while most folks say they’ve never experienced our current level of absolute systemic lockdown I can truly say I’ve not quite experienced it “this” way—not quite that is.

(Original Caption) 4/16/1955-San Diego, California- Dr. William S. Burgoyne gives a shot of the Salk anti-polio vaccine to Michael Urnezis, 6, while the boy’s sister, Joanne, 12, a polio victim, looks on April 16. Smooth-working teams of doctors and nurses in San Diego completed the nation’s first mass inoculation of school children with the vaccine after its approval by scientists and the government. Some 300,000 children were inoculated. photo: getty images/Bettmann.

From the polio era until now expected and alarming flu styled viruses obviously emerged: H1N1 Swine; bird flu; Sars; Hong Kong flu; Mers and the like. Alarms rang—Obama “action” kept nightmares like Ebola mostly contained to Africa—yet our system buzzed unimpeded right along. And then a gut punch horror arrived: the HIV virus known as AIDS.

I clearly remember the very first time I heard about HIV:

In 1981 at a gay community organizing meeting in San Diego’s Hillcrest District a white male panelist at its conclusion tossed out yet another concern (added to a then dizzying mountain of dire matters): watch for reports of a new mystery virus spreading among “gay men”—it has no cure and it’s deadly.

I was one of minuscule LGBT Blacks definitely already feeling outcast in a room packed overwhelmingly with whites. Everyone briefly looked at each other, shrugged then exited into an uncertain night to quickly sooth already overburdened psyches. What soon crashed upon us is now history.

“Coming out” sexually was a monumental terror unto itself that I had just braved in the late 1970’s. But previous opportunity (in essence a rare position) also had sharpened me to roll up my gained resourceful sleeves and dive onto a daunting, long road of overlapping challenge.

Thus I had been trained in the modern “consciousness” era:

Black youth usher in the 1960’s Black Power Movement (as shared in my book “Trouble In Black Paradise: Catastrophic Legacy Worshiping the New World Politics of Saving Souls). Taking radicalism to the streets they rescued a battered 1950’s Civil Rights Movement advocating economic and educational self-determination, Black cultural/spiritual self-love and ending colonial police brutality which coralled the community. photo: Kew TWI.

The mid 1960’s youth led Black Power Movement had opened my eyes to racism’s unscrupulous, inhumane “system” (to defy gross “Negro-American” self-hatred); I “came out” as a man of African descent in 1972 (bolstered by San Diego State’s School of Afro-American Studies); 1974 plunged me into Black social/cultural “repair-in-action” thru the C.E.B.I.S. Project (gaining “tools” to restore broken Afro communities and the “gumption” to do this: defy intimidating, corrupt “systems”).

Piggybacking on C.E.B.I.S. I “came out” spiritually as a Buddhist (gaining Eastern foresight outside of a colonial West’s confines); my freshly ignited “life-force” infused fortitude drive to audaciously confront corrupted social and personal attitude positions—to redirect them.

Sexually “coming out” though, challenged my last great internal turmoil—and I truly would need that early instilled “gumption”— pumping into overdrive the spirit to continue defying flagrantly corrupt systems.

Today’s Coronavirus appearance does show me huge parallels with HIV.

Even still given today’s current vast global shutdowns (thought unprecedented) irony shows that a public who endures this “pandemic”—seeing urgency rush to set-up care, comfort and find cures—initially have it far easier than we who were hit by global HIV in the early 1980’s.

White gay men founded 1980’s radical group Act Up (seen here in Los Angeles with signs criminalizing negligent U.S. government leaders, placing them on par with “Hitler”); the group fashioned itself on 1960’s Black Power youth protesters. Most city’s satellites (like Act Up San Diego) never consulted seasoned Black gay leadership, or coalesced with Afro LGBTQ groups. photo:

Shockingly (and mysteriously) in America the AIDS virus “unprecedentedly” was contained to three human sectors: gay and bisexual “men” (gays being the soaring, overwhelming majority); intravenous drug users (needle users); and hemophiliacs. No known lesbians were hit then and scant heterosexuals.

But in Africa it was the total opposite: an HIV tidal wave crashed over Africa’s heterosexual population that still has devastating consequences.

And our vast U.S. HIV related shutdowns were internal—oceans of especially gay men were already subjected to emotional jail cells—hiding from families, friends, jobsites, landlords and the like—in plain sight. Today alarming numbers still do!

A Coronavirus public screams for the lack of testing availability. “Experts” say though it’s deadlier than basic flu’s most should survive—many with no symptoms; upper ages thought to be at highest fatal risk (yet, now less so).

In the late 1980’s I helped co organize LAGADU (Lesbians and Gays of African Descent United), San Diego’s very first Black gay support group; first initiated by Black lesbians. My general Black community leadership got LAGADU housed at San Diego’s Urban League, an unprecedented joining of Black mainstream and LGBTQ social forces. I was currently co chair of Los Angeles’ pioneer Black Gay Men’s Coalition for Human Rights. In 1990 I’d be chosen as San Diego Pride’s first Black co Grand Marshal for its July celebration. photo: Adam Guerrero, 1989.

An HIV diagnosis was an instant “death sentence”: fallout guaranteed a vicious “outing”—a dreaded homosexual stigma; abandonment by families and friends; careers lost; traumatic evictions. It meant tests were desperately avoided—until the last minute; making disease onslaught more catastrophic (if somehow it wasn’t already).

Horrifically AIDS was labeled the “gay plague”—an already rife epidemic of physical and verbal gay bashing swiftly escalated.

45th president Trump long called Coronavirus a hoax, then politically rushed into reverse—some cronies said China purposefully manufactured it to attack the West (willingly sacrificing mass Chinese lives to do so)—the distraction widened U.S. catastrophe.

40th president Ronald Reagan refused to mention the word AIDS until his term’s last year (after good friend superstar Rock Hudson got diagnosed). Free Speech TV’s Gay USA noted that Dr. Anthony Fauci under Reagan kept that same non urgent “silence” (now Fauci struggles to derail gross misinformation—and keep his task force job—under Trump’s truth killing hammer).

San Francisco’s Castro Theater marquee offers best wishes along with wishful thinking as a Coronavirus era Castro Street resembles a ghost town. photo: Jeff Chiu/AP.

And Trump did expectedly label COVID-19 the “Chinese virus” amid rising physical and verbal attacks against American Asians—causing those pervasive assaults to grow.

Aside from hemophiliac children (their affliction blamed on homosexuals) there was virtually no physical or emotional comforting for HIV patients beyond rare sanctuaries; hospital staff disgustingly treated gay men hands-off—like outcast lepers. Any consoling—and demand for greater institutional compassion “action”—came from “us!”

We were self-appointed “leaders,” extended family on a landscape of terrified segmented people, hurled into society’s most traumatized, devastated and systemically abused sector—squeaking thru cracks (and hurdling civic barriers) desperate to drag a broader underground fabric into bravery’s light—all while fighting to create “legitimate community!” Gay marriage wasn’t even a pipedream.

A 1980’s diverse AIDS coalition blockades the San Francisco Courthouse, demanding adequate civic response and social compassion. photo:

From coast-to-coast lesbians created the Blood Sisters, donating blood for fallen gay brothers (healthy gay men could not). White gay men founded AIDS Centers and launched the group Act Up!—fashioned on 1960’s “Black Power youth”—verbally and physically disrupting lethargic systemic response (and slanderous attacks on homosexuals); radicalism is what pushed progress response forward as polite politics failed.

Then flashed a rancid underbelly: Black gay men disproportionately had the largest HIV percentages—and rising! Unconscionably white AIDS agencies (with resource and statistical knowledge) showed “flagrant racism”—totally ignoring and not addressing Afro reality, or needs.

Black Churches turned their backs—as gaps riddled choirs and pews—gay condemnation raining from pulpits; “megastar” preachers soon succumbing to their own sanctimony—Rev. James Cleveland was felled by AIDS and his sexually exploiting young boys exposed.

In response Black AIDS Institutions sprang up nationwide (like LA’s Minority AIDS Project; and Philadelphia’s BEBASHI). Thus in 1987 I did co found San Diego’s POCASE Task Force, setting rapid fire under white gay and standard civic neglect; organizing the first Conference on AIDS in Southeast San Diego’s Minority Community—bringing in the nation’s frontline social warrior leadership.

The legendary Southern Civil Rights leader, 1950’s voter registration campaigner and voter literacy workshop trainer Fannie Lou Hamer. Hamer famously led Black members of the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party to crash the exclusively white Democratic National Committee’s August, 1964 Atlantic City, New Jersey meeting to challenge Mississippi’s racist delegation–fighting for inclusion (an enraged president Johnson, the nominee, called Hamer “that illiterate woman!” hoping to subvert her TV coverage, which didn’t work). Mississippi’s government infamously had previously “sterilized” Fannie Lou without her knowledge. Illustration from the book, Trouble In Black Paradise, by Fundi.

Even still as the “radicalized” Christian populace kept its moral rebuff a distinction surfaced: whites stayed with the God’s punishment and bad gay behavior line; but like “Act Up” even mainstream Blacks began steering aside, calling AIDS genocide—they’d not forgotten the government’s Tuskegee Syphilis Experiments carried out on 1930’s Black men (or the forced sterilization of Black women—both carried into modern times).

Ominously HIV now is rising fastest among Black women (see a 30 year AIDS timeline and rise of Black leadership attacking “racist” AIDS public format here).

“Consciousness” coalitions today (spiritual, political and social) do fight to ensure that with trillion dollar Coronavirus bailout assistance approval—and added bills following—our most disenfranchised sectors absolutely receive their fair share of portions.

So, whether it is HIV motivated behavior that did show profound caring, demonstrating the dare to explore safer sexual (and deeper intimate) being, or a Corona based thoughtfulness shown by hunkering in (“distancing”) and actually lessening physical contact, a thing is sure:

Rev. William Barber, co founder with Liz Theoharis (not pictured) of the, “Poor People’s Campaign: A National Call for a Moral Revival,” hosts presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders. The forum titled, “Poverty and Systemic Racism,” convened at Barber’s Green Leaf Christian Church. The Reverend has previously, sternly denounced America’s “radicalized” Fundamentalist Christianity as a fraudulent racist and imperalist abandoning of Christ’s original, unmistakably “humanitarian” intent. Goldsboro, North Carolina. 2-26-2020. Photo: North Carolina Poor People’s Campaign via Twitter.

Both struggle to expand substance “practice.”

Nevertheless some of us preserve our luscious long road stories. We percolate with highly charged and marvelously “deliverable” life transforming technique—yet, are hardly utilized.

But we’re definitely still here!

6: “Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome”—Jay-Z and Kanye “behavior” fully explained.



“…One must speculate that a strapped community, hoping to see visionary investment in its rebuilding (by people whom it produced to begin with) will just have to settle-in and patiently ‘wait.’”

Trouble In Black Paradise, Chapter 14: The Bible As A Weapon In The War On Gays, Page 295.










“THE FREEDMEN’S CONVENTIONS marked the political debut of southern blacks…

“In the early stages of organizational activity…the old free black communities contributed a disproportionate share of the leadership. But that dominance did not necessarily endure…”

Been In The Storm So Long, Chapter Ten: Becoming A People, Pages 507-509.




“One of the most insidious and pervasive symptoms of Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome is our adoption of the slave master’s value system…

“…including those of beauty and material success, as well as violence and brutality. Some…who have reached the highest levels of American society have denied the role of the civil rights movement in their success…having fully adopted the white version of the American dream…[and] like…their white peers…believe that slavery ended in 1865 and everything’s been fine since…

“…When so many of our youth glamorize thug life and lack of education, when their primary avenues of aspiration are athletics and entertainment, and when males and females…are sexually irresponsible…we make real the prejudices of white America and…caricatures of African Americans.”

Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome: America’s Legacy Of Enduring Injury & Healing, Chapter 4: Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome, Pages 116-117.


Photo: Dr. Joy DeGruy delivers the Saturday Keynote address at the 12th Annual Black Health and Healing Summit. IMANI: Reigniting Black Love and Black Joy, was a two day conference event, sponsored by Rafiki Coalition for Health & Wellness. June 1, 2019. San Francisco. By Adilifu Fundi.


Greetings revved-up readers!

“Vision” for 21stcentury progress suffers a “slave era’s” cold-blooded brutality—the deep-seated impact spun off a runaway life of its own—sabotaging our fight to be liberated from

Trouble in Black Paradise.


When it comes to tragedy Afro-Americans are the highest, most disproportionately impacted group—a social failing most disastrously seen when medical calamity strikes. Prolonged uncertainty about this terrible cultural status pushes a false mystery—but its source is undeniably real: sabotaged “Reconstruction” guaranteed Afro communities would remain under a national iron grip—and not recover from slavery’s all-consuming catastrophe—indefinitely.

I’ve said that the social design of Reparations—land designated to freed slaves where they’d establish self-determined economies—were actually signed into law as a major boost for Black social recovery (mental and spiritual rebounding also in desperate need).

In her book Dr. Joy (addressing what I call America’s carefully crafted social “pressure cooker”) sums up why Afro “allegiance” to Blackness is lost today saying: “One hundred and eighty years of the Middle Passage and well over 300 years of slavery, rape, and abuse, followed by an illusory freedom. Black codes, convict leasing, and Jim Crow, all codified by our national institutions. Lynching, medical experimentation, redlining, disenfranchisement, grossly unequal treatment in almost every aspect of our society, brutality at the hands of those charged with protecting and serving…we have barely had time to catch our collective breath…385 years of physical, psychological, and spiritual torture have left their mark.” Photo by Adilifu Fundi.

Incoming president Andrew Johnson though, killed Reconstruction—just a few months later.

White supremacy was now free to continue Black containment process with its “sharecropping” and “seperate-but-equal” policies. The byproduct kept Blacks maimed so as to stunt liberation. Its the very reason why Reparations were designed to be an Afro self-uplift engine—and why America’s rectifying centuries of genocide could not be left to white power brokers (who had no moral conscious).

Uplift’s burden would be left to free Blacks and freed slaves—now joining pockets of Afro-Americans who had been wealthy throughout slavery times. These class distinctions had long been at bitter odds: while some wealthy Blacks had risked joining slave liberation “causes” entire Afro “uppercrust societies” had snubbed ex slaves and the working classes—creating stringent tactics excluding unwanted “darkies” from their fair skinned ranks.

In the 21stcentury not much has changed.

Such is the legacy and collective uplift mission awaiting modern Blacks; a task particularly for those who slip thru social cracks—rising from downtrodden “hoods” to become celebrity stars—and even moguls. Two such personas who’ve done just that—recently coming under fire for damning anti Black affiliations and liberation setback decisions—are Jay-Z and Kanye West.

I’ve been examining just how Afro-Americans of “means” (and Blacks in general) could make decisions that sabotage themselves and each other—knowing white power brokers have kept steadfast to their mission—all Blacks have heard their ancestor’s and Elder’s warning that for the “long haul” white power cannot be trusted.

Actually, my Old School of Consciousness calls this phenomenon “oppression sickness.”

Addressing what distorts healthy Black “perspective”—which produces unhealthy strategies for Afro social change—Dr. Joy says: “When African Americans accept the deprecating accounts and images portrayed by the media, literature, music, and the arts as a true mirror of themselves, we are actually allowing ourselves to be socialized by a racist society…for, in believing and propagating their lies, we keep ourselves and our children chained to the dominant culture’s vision.” Photo by Adilifu Fundi.

But another preeminent scholar and veteran warrior for social justice updated this concept, coining it with a spot-on term—she is Dr. Joy DeGruy and her book’s title nails it:

Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome.”

I’d first heard of Dr. DeGruy through a friend who is a San Francisco Health Department admin. Israel excitedly told me of her book after seeing my own work. Intrigued I’d hoped to soon witness this Portland, Oregon based professor. I got my chance.

Dr. Joy presented a keynote last June at the 12th Annual Black Health & Healing Summit, organized by San Francisco’s RAFIKI COALITION (formerly the Black Coalition on AIDS). She was the perfect crown for an African village; it bolstered cultural/spiritual enrichment, replete with marketplace artistry and goods, promoting the spirit of self-determined community in action—goodwill fed the attendees home-style soul food free of charge.

I sensed our positions were hugely complimentary. I was not disappointed!

A compelling presentation utilizing visual media captured a crowded room of mostly Blacks where people spanned all ages. Dr. Joy put attendees squarely in touch with her subject’s full credibility, adding tools for healing and resolve. A historical overview laid out the barebones of slavery—making tangible for everyone its impact—which still runs unbroken into our times.

This spiritual warrior held our perspectives accountable regarding what “freedom” today really means.

Reading her book after this experience I can now still hear her clear, passionate voice. And just like my own goal echoing Professor Litwack, Dr. Joy also says she acts to:

“…make real some of the experiences of our ancestors…to feel what they might have gone through…to learn and appreciate our history…to get a stronger sense of the forces that have shaped our community…so we can understand the strength our people had in order to survive and at times even thrive…strength that has been passed down to us.”

Today’s public is familiar with the term Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) known mostly due to U.S. soldiers fighting our Iraq and Afghan wars—victims exhibit destructive and debilitating behavior long after returning home. Dr. Joy explains trauma itself as:

Last August Jay-Z (at right) and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell announced their new Entertainment and Social Justice Partnership at the rapper’s Roc Nation office in New York. In September Jay-Z revealed the first donation of $400,000 would be split between two Chicago youth groups—drawing huge criticism: Better Boys Foundation (that uses “boxing” as a vehicle for change) and the controversial Crusher’s Club (whose white director Sally Hazelgrove criticizes Black Lives Matter to push the dismissive, police celebrated slogan “All Lives Matter”). Hazelgrove was blasted after tweeting photos of herself cutting off a Black male’s dreadlocks to launch his “better life” (in light of a traumatized New Jersey wrestler last December who was forced to have his dreads sheared at a high school match, under threat of being “disqualified”—the league admitted it was wrong). So far though, still no sports “justice” for Colin Kaepernick, who reportedly felt betrayed. Photo: Ben Hider/AP.

“…an injury caused by an outside, usually violent force, event or experience. We can experience this injury physically, emotionally, psychologically, and/or spiritually. Traumas can upset our equilibrium and wellbeing…it can distort our attitudes and beliefs…distortions often result in dysfunctional behaviors, which can in turn produce unwanted consequences…”

The professor highlights a dastardly added layer saying:

“…this pattern is magnified exponentially when a person repeatedly experiences severe trauma, and it is much worse when the traumas are caused by human beings.”

And this insight was eye-opening:

Recent research in the field of epigenetics has revealed that trauma can actually impact an individual’s DNA, and the manifestation of the traumas experienced by prior generations can be passed along genetically to future offspring.”

Getting to the crux of the matter Dr. DeGruy says:

We rarely look to our history to understand how African Americans adapted their behavior over centuries in order to survive the stifling effects of chattel slavery, effects which are evident today…the behaviors…are in large part related to trans-generational adaptations associated with traumas, past and present, from slavery and ongoing oppression. I have termed this condition Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome, or PTSS.”

A critical item stands out that I absolutely agree with: PTSS (or, “oppression sickness”) is not confined to any class or social level within a targeted group.

Yes, Blacks from long wealth legacy (during and after slavery) have better materially shielded and educated themselves—as their less fortunate kindred know most enviably well. Yet, PTSS shows a significantly consistent pattern—especially inspiring me to address media uproar and (apparent) confusion over Jay-Z and Kanye’s costly white power affiliations:

Big money still can’t thwart its nefarious “unresolved” emotional—or mental trauma.

interestingly the only shield for generations of dirt poor Blacks—crunched under oppression’s debilitating boot—is spiritual (or, Afro “consciousness”); what I quote above with Dr. Joy saying “…strength that has been passed down to us.”

It’s exactly what I coin in my book Trouble In Black Paradise—as Afro-Spiritual “DNA!”

Dr. Joy’s personal stories highlight her book. One of many detailed trips to Africa illustrates for me the difference seen in the behavior of children whose healthy relationships and cultural dynamics remain intact (Africans) compared to those who’s relationships and self-esteem were generally shattered (Afro-American). African children were kind, well mannered, settled and patient. Afro-American children—which I’ve addressed in my own classroom efforts to rescue Black students in extreme “failure crisis”—tend to be restless, unruly, detached and angry. Photo by Adilifu Fundi.

Here, Dr. Joy absolutely addresses slavery’s central weapon—the most powerful tool justifying the use of trauma to strip the shield of Afro-spiritual “consciousness”: it is Europe’s Christianity—or what I call “radicalized” Christianity.

I’ve previously noted  Frederick Douglass’ condemnation of America’s religious engine. Dr. Joy joins in by blistering centuries of that engine’s white moral grooming which savagely dehumanized Blacks—enforced at gunpoint as “good Christian” duty. And her discourse soon gave another confirmation—we both sought perspective and liberation relief outside of the West’s vision killing machine; we’d abandoned slavery’s domineering medieval religion:

Dr. Joy had entered the “Bahá’í Faith” and I became a “Buddhist.”

Here, the analogy I used in chapter 5, of Hurricane Dorian (2 days of level 5 destruction ground over the Bahamas) flairs into play. Simply substitute Dorian with Hurricane White Supremacy grinding over America for 500 years—and counting:

Steady, relentless social bombardment devastates sheltering and nurturing structures, let alone bodies—and spiritual minds. A wide hypnotic eye fools victims with false relief, lulling them into not “resisting”—only settling in.

Hurricane White Supremacy works to destroy cohesive Black families—damaged males as absentee fathers expose vulnerable units; victims overall discard their spiritual self-worth to gain isolated “rescue reward”—abandoning their overwhelmed bases to join the glitter of a corrupt machine!

The long haul of White Supremacy sends Blacks into “hurricane fatigue” (steady storm hits and near misses causing people to make terrible risks—drop their guards—try and “ride out” impossible situations—and merely hope for the best).

But this hurricane spun off another treacherous dynamic—I call it Afro Stockholm Syndrome:

A partial view of the room’s packed, absolutely captivated audience, listening to Dr. DeGruy at IMANI: Reigniting Black Love & Black Joy. Photo by Adilifu Fundi.

A victim slowly sympathizes with their abuser, kidnapper (or, social confiner). PTSS has Blacks today not only sympathizing with the system, but: embracing its immoral structure—idolizing its corrupt power brand—and adoring imperious figureheads.

The actions of Jay-Z and Kanye West—modern-day rising Black mogulstotally show the effects from Hurricane White Supremacy and Afro Stockholm Syndrome. In essence it clearly shows Dr. Joy’s Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome.

Jay-Z sold out Colin Kaepernick, simultaneously tanking national momentum driven by the police murders of unarmed Tamir Rice, Treyvon Martin, Michael Brown, etc… (supported by NFL players risking careers with their anti-racist take-a-knee campaign); and Kanye celebrates Trump as his dragon-brother hero—while still rebounding from a strange mental crisis—capped by a vastly illogical assessment on U.S. slavery.

Kanye’s tragic behavior gives even more cause for alarm:

First a mysterious emotional malady arrests him enough to be hospitalized. Then the obsession with virtually making Trump his surrogate father—embellished with what Kanye sees as their shared ferocity—their “dragon” attitude and bluster. A young Black man rejoicing the thought of having a soul mate connection with a grotesque, misogynistic, inhumane, supremacist, chronically lying white male figure—who wanted to execute (the Central Park 5) innocent Black and Latino New York boys—all this Kanye promotes as healthy, desirable “compliment.”

Add to their malady decisions these other Afro “superstar’s” actions:

The Dennis Rodman’s (tied-at-the-hip to North Korea’s murderous dictator Kim Jong-Un); the Lil Wayne’s (whites liking his music shows racism is “over”); the Nicki Minaj’s (minstrel “sexpot rapper” is now self proclaimed Harriet Tubman); the Whoopi Goldberg’s (denying racism fuels Mel Gibson’s numerous racist rants because he’s “her friend”); and too many others!

Professor Henry Louis Gates (in light of his many documentaries critiquing Afro-American history) believes all Blacks today should go through “massive psychotherapy.” I myself continue touting the notion that Black “self-hatred” towers—goes absolutely unaddressed—and runs destructively rampant.

In my own childhood chronically violent and angry Black people being so prevalent puzzled and frightened me—being adults and classmates. Media “imagery” had me convinced whites were more benevolent and professional—a thing that was soon proved to be totally false after experiencing relentless, humiliating compounded racism. Dr. Joy says: “…White people modeled anger and violence in every aspect of enslavement…Any group of people living under such harsh conditions would eventually learn the ways of their captors. Thus, Africans learned that anger and violence were key ingredients necessary to ensure that their needs were met…the anger and violence continued long after slavery was abolished.” Photo by Adilifu Fundi.

The room’s elephant screams:

Chronic mental illness here shows in “all forms”—can flare mysteriously in otherwise grounded individuals—and is totally tied to “racism and social oppression.”

Explanation itself from all these “stars” defies logic—were it not for this: Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome.

If any of these “gotten over” personas seriously push for Afro urban repair none rigorously promote Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee’s newly revived H.R.40 Slavery Reparations Bill.

And none has ever mention the late Audre Lorde’s insightful warning for social repair “novices”:

The Master’s Tools Will Never Dismantle the Master’s House.”

Dr. Joy though, emphasizes a major facet of Black family destruction: systemic attack on both Black males and “culturally sensitive” education—and this: integrity life being replaced with glamorized thug life.

White male power models swooping to fill in Afro emasculation voids was inevitable—and irresistible. Here, compounding youth vulnerability a violent, predatory blight is literally worshiped by Hip-hoppers (modeled on extremist colonial male power); it holds many Afro communities hostage:

Misogynist “gangster” culture.

An overflowing room was totally riveted as Dr. Joy delivered her compelling lecture. Photo by Adilifu Fundi.

Urban rap started out with counterculture voices wailing against injustice—layering it with inner city love and urban frivolity—all being entangled in disenfranchisement’s wake.

Gangster rap crashed in to dominate hip-hop worlds. Here, Black males (like Dr. Dre, Russell Simmons, Sean “Puff Diddy” Combs, Suge Knight, late rappers Tupac Shakur, Notorious B.I.G, Eazy-E and the like) steered the flood of mobster fueled electricity.

Jay-Z (with Kanye ironically being raised in a privileged, globetrotting life) rode this wave to sidestep degrading white labor pools—they actually practiced self-determination to build million dollar industries. But their priority was on how the “hoods” could make them rich and villainously powerful—not expanding broad based Afro infrastructure for everyone victimized there.

Dr. Joy’s heartfelt scrutiny says:

“…this role has morphed and reemerged as the, ‘street hustler/womanizer’ and the more contemporary ‘gangster-pimp,’ replete with present-day material and social rewards.”

My Eastern “spiritual guidance” (not religious) would say this: “big money” dropped on people festering with unresolved trauma and “self-hatred”—who worship destructive “attitudes, habits and selfish investments”—gives social destruction itself a supersonic boost to greater power.

One personal story in her book had Dr. Joy visiting New York’s Riker’s Island Prison, tasked to speak to 150 young male inmates, ages 16 to 18. Added to a haunting physical description of the scene while closing in on arrival a shocker reveals that of “14,000 inmates made up of men, women, and youth,” a whopping 85% is “African American.” Photo by Adilifu Fundi.

So when people locked in generations of dirt poor poverty see peers slipping up into self-centered fame and big fortune, it gives gullible folks misguided “purpose”—making destructive choices irresistible.

Ancestor scrutiny had foretold that those abandoned masses would in turn sabotage themselves—in the trickiest of these ways:

Being fine-tuned to gobble up a white cosmetic industry’s foreign beauty standards—laboring to escape an onslaught of scorn that still deviously defiles Afro imagery; drowning cultural misery in a glorified entertainment machine that ruthlessly celebrates whiteness—by still marginalizing Blackness, etc…

These temporary bandages on wounded Afro spirits may be fashionable, but absolutely subvert Black pride—and keep enriching white business empires—strengthening racially biased monopolies.

The late Dr. Charles W. Thomas was known as America’s “Father of Black Psychology.” In 1987 I co founded San Diego’s POCASE (People Of Color AIDS Survival Effort) Task Force. AIDS was ravaging the general minority community unchecked. At one end minority clinicians and politicians were oblivious—as if AIDS didn’t exist; at the other the San Diego AIDS Project (white gay founded) remained detached and indifferent—reflecting the very reason a national minority coalition had sued white based AIDS agencies (forcing them to show ethnic outreach to receive their funding). I brought in Dr. Charles Thomas as a POCASE advisor to facilitate racism workshops and educate all on how the system sabotages (and devalues) minority efforts. Those outsider reps who’d flocked in—scheming to boost funding for their separate white based projects—basically snubbed their noses; they along with minorities (who were urban repair “novices”) never bothered to show up for Thomas’ workshops. In 1990 Dr. Thomas was found mysteriously murdered on a busy San Diego street. Image: The Scene San Diego Magazine, August, 20, 1987; article and photo by Adilifu Fundi.

Tragically, growing at one end with “celebrity” rapper incomes is internal war with escalated violent death—unleashing widespread “hood” catastrophe (allegiance to Blackness being clearly shattered). At the other end media pundits rush to grab “celebrities” for opinions—or solutions to racism’s controversies—never asking for their credentials in community building and social justice work.

Here’s the gargantuan problem:

The more “celebrities” (like those mentioned above) invest in viewing injustice through a white aristocracy lens the more pundit attention they’ll get—and the safer their white steered “marketability” will be. Without gumption (behind cultural fortitude and “vision”) their most important goal is keeping star status—knowing the industry will destroy “fame” in a heartbeat (as it still attempts to do with Colin Kaepernick).

Yet, as Dr. Joy says, the “strength that has been passed down to us” (my noted Afro-spiritual “DNA”) offers a social reprieve: experiencing prolonged oppression is not a given that victims will lack “consciousness” vision.

Emancipation brought the first nationwide Black Conventions where both ex slaves and non enslaved Blacks did cooperate—determining their new patriot status direction—collectively addressing all daunting obstacles therein. Hardship legacy naturally called for “ex slaves” to preside—although free Blacks and preachers had better facilitating skills—and often doubted ex slave capabilities. Former captives though, stepped up to astound everyone!

Here, I get a long awaited signed copy of Dr. Joy’s book as she does an exchange with me. She expressed great enthusiasm towards reading my own groundbreaking book “Trouble In Black Paradise,” which I was honored to sign.

Professor Litwack’s book pegs this occurrence saying:

“…’It is remarkable,’ thought Richard H. Cain…’that the former leading men in these parts…among the colored people, have relapsed into secondary men; and the class who were hardly known, have come forward and assumed a bold front, and are asserting their manhood’…”

And Litwack affirms that rising ex slave leadership proved their intuitive eye was spot-on:

In some states…blacks who had been free before the war were considered too dependent on whites to be entrusted with positions of leadership.”

Regarding today’s H.R. 40 Slavery Reparations Bill a thing is implied here—speaking volumes about current Black celebrity affiliations:

The bill’s “visionary” justification and decision making must come from the grassroots bottom—not a tepid, “media chosen,” Black celebrity aristocracy.

Dr. Joy’s book joins an esteemed list—its a flowing read, not bogged-down in scholastic jargon. The lawyer, author and political activist Randall Robinson (founder of the TransAfrica Forum) writes a glowing Foreword. Professor DeGruy also hits all the essential personal areas, connecting all the “institutional” dots—which are at times chilling:

Linneaus’s taxonomy, Jeffersonian reasoning, phrenology, and IQ testing all served as ‘scientific’ foundations upon which the institutions of slavery and racial superiority/inferiority were constructed.”

Its the same U.S. scientific climate setting the stage for the unconscionable Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment—operated from the 1930’s into the 1970’s—when Black men were tracked by doctors who allowed them to suffer the disease’s catastrophic last stages (long after penicillin’s discovered cure).

The 12th Annual Black Health and Healing Summit African Market Place, sponsored by Rafiki Coalition for Health and Wellness. Photo by Adilifu Fundi.

This should give another group—detached white gay males—cause to pause, considering the medical industry’s depraved response to AIDS victims in its outbreak. Add the lingering “mystery” of its origin—and tight containment within vastly overhit “clusters” of social units (gay and bisexual men, hemophiliacs and heterosexuals in the entirety of Africa—Blacks overall again being disproportionately high).

America goes to great lengths denying responsibility for Black social failure—concealing her long trail of crimes committed against humanity—and Afro-Americans by far are not slavery’s only victims. Dr. Joy does acknowledge this, saying:

“…many white people have been also, but that’s the topic for another book.”

What I call white “privilege sickness” might in Dr. Joy’s vein be called PTPS—or, slavery’s “Post Traumatic Privilege Syndrome.

Either way a parallel legacy is vividly traceable:

Layered physical and (hyper neurosis) calamities solidly inundate white society—trailing the psychology of white privilege being crammed down white descendant’s throats. A “spiritual famine” effect historically sees rebellious whites flood to “cultural outlets”—crossing the “tracks”—risking “authority” punishment to tap Afro-spiritual reservoirs.

Its rarely itemized by white insider views. Yet, there are a growing number of those who do!

Moving toward healing Dr. Joy says “…the more Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome impacts us, the more likely we are to respond in a way that will ultimately not be in our best interest…In the face of disrespect, whether real or perceived, African Americans must find a more workable way of dealing with it. We have little control over how others will behave; however, we have a choice as to how we respond and a responsibility to exercise that choice in a way that is useful.” Photo by Adilifu Fundi.

Nevertheless all humanity being caught-up in slavery’s aftermath necessarily makes the sturdy road to healing “collective”—behooving our distracted greater society to act—each unit addressing its respective part.

All must read Dr. Joy’s Post Traumatic Slavery Syndrome.

5: Illogical Jay-Z and Kanye shatter Reparation “Smartness”—Slavery’s legacy can’t be sold, or glamorized!

“Maybe…[status-quo] accommodating ‘Afro stars’ are satisfied with just comfortably ‘waiting’—so long as they get theirs


“Dr. W.E.B. DuBois recognized [America’s] cleverly induced self-absorption [because his Black students facing unprecedented late 1890’s “material” opportunities] were already sated with the illusion of America’s solitary, ‘get rich chance’ mentality…

“DuBois’ prophetic admonishment…remains clear: this chance to economically advance must be about the ‘we, not the me!’”


Trouble In Black Paradise Chapter 14: The Bible As A Weapon In The War On Gays, Page 295; and Chapter 18: Threads Of Mystery Lodged At The Seat Of Human Time, page 422.



“…black leadership…[was] sharply divided over…removing disfranchisement from ex-Confederate leaders. To permit them to return to active political participation seemed like the best way to win [white power holder’s] approval…

“But the democratic propensities of black leaders in this respect would also prove to be their undoing…”

Been In The Storm So Long Chapter Ten: Becoming A People, pg. 526.






“The Master’s Tools Will Never Dismantle the Master’s House.”

Audre Lorde; Sister Outsider, The Crossing Press Feminist Series (1984).








Rap mogul Jay-Z and National Football League Commissioner Roger Goodell on August 14, 2019, celebrate signing their new deal.


Greetings revved-up readers!

Glamorously successful Blacks showing “Pied-Piper” charm lead their nationally demoralized kin to glitter—not bold “vision”—partnering supremacist weasels only ensures the continued, sinister rise of mega

Trouble in Black Paradise.


America has been abuzz with rapper Kanye-West’s display of steadfast love and adoring respect for Trump. Now, disastrous and bizarre affiliation continues.

Rap mogul Jay-Z’s made a mid August announcement that his company Roc Nation has formed a partnership with National Football League Commissioner Roger Goodell; the same NFL where exclusively white owners clearly demonstrated modern day supremacist tactics—conspiring to not hire quarterback Collin Kaepernick.

Kaep of course drew NFL vengeance by consistently kneeling during the national anthem. Yet, his protest was not only against relentless systemic killings of unarmed Blacks—it also targeted another raging U.S. offense:

Afro economic disenfranchisement.


Rap mogul Kanye West adores and hugs his role model #45 during an October, 2018 visit to the White House, in which veteran football player Jim Brown attended. Kanye has said he just “loves” the president, feels like “Superman” wearing his MAGA hat, and that they are “brothers” because they share “dragon energy.” Kanye’s also demeaned Afro-American legacy saying he believes slavery was a “choice” and he wants the 13th Amendment (which technically ended U.S. slavery) abolished. photo: Getty Images.


My first response is this:

Jay-Z has demeaned the absolutely valid idea of slavery reparations for today and distorted the “origins” of Radical Reconstruction’s clearly defined reparation intent—on a massive scale. The NFL deal gives the Black movement a grand slap in the face—a thing totally synonymous with slandering Black liberation “legacy.”

Blacks buzzing over this is of course most important.

Celebrity opinions in our society will obviously be given priority and placed first; some did immediately blister Jay-Z’s act—yet, defensive support from others was also sadly predictable.

And considering H.R.40 Slavery Reparations Bill finally finds renewed life—desperately seeking basic Black support—so many people waffling, being starry-eyed, or being totally conflicted here is troubling—especially since the Black populace (not rich celebrities) bears the brunt of attack.

So before delving into the back-and-forth banter too far I must first address a missing, yet glaring item:

No one is connecting today’s Slavery Reparations issue here—or even mentioning our Afro liberation “ancestors and Elders”—given their steadfast allegiance to Black people, their hard earned “insight,” their proven blueprint for how to “strategically” succeed—and their heart stopping sacrifices for us!

The earliest Afro slave abolitionists and reparation advocates understood (and faced) stark reality:

They knew their info starved public had a dire need to really understand just what essential Black social advancement (after Emancipation) even looks like; prophetically they also knew that in America’s raging, “long range” supremacist future—following guaranteed sabotage by their own era’s diabolical whites—today’s dire need would absolutely be the same.

Current Black “celebrity” moguls profoundly muddle the truer concept of that social advancement. It’s one of many huge reasons I’ve started writing this “series” on modern reparations—breaking it down for the everyday folks who are most affected—this article being “the 5th.”

The 1st article offers my urgent motivation—partly inspired by getting the gift of U.C. Berkeley Professor Leon F. Litwack’s book Been In The Storm So Long: The Aftermath Of Slavery; this came on the heels of realizing Rep Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Tx) had newly sponsored H.R.40.

While with San Francisco’s 49ers Colin Kaepernick (at right) and teammate Eric Reid keel during the national anthem, protesting unarmed Blacks being killed by police and rampant Black disenfranchisement. Reid’s response to Jay-Z’s NFL deal was: “These aren’t mutually exclusive. They can both happen at the same time! It looks like your goal was to make millions and millions of dollars by assisting the NFL in burying Colin’s career.” Kaep’s girldfriend Nessa on her Hot 97 radio show said: “I don’t mind you doing a business deal – but I do mind you wrapping it in social justice when you’re working with an organization that denies someone an opportunity.” On Instagram Nessa posted: “It’s typical for the NFL to buy different PR looks to cover up their dirt – that’s nothing new. But what is disgusting and disappointing is Jay-Z let them use him.” photo: Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images.

I’m an Elder with 45 years training in “alternative” education and social repair—I know a thing: greater society (Black moguls included) is still being “bamboozled!”

Bias in standard U.S. public school curriculum persists—neither Black history, nor studying slavery’s soundly entrenched force are required—their deeper ramifications missed even by most Blacks.

Discussions here, centered only on feelings, or speculation—not knowledgeable “facts”—trivialize the Black struggle. So in this series, showing the gutbucket facts about 19thcentury Radical Reconstruction’s thoroughly being sabotaged—which absolutely floods disaster well into the 21stcentury—I’m matching Professor Litwack’s stated goal:


“…to engage…[assisting the reader’s position to] see and…feel the past in ways that may be genuinely disturbing…how a study…may teach as many ironies…as it does clear lessons.”


I’ve fleshed out Reconstruction’s key details in earlier chapters (beginners start pt. 1) so here are essentials that make Jay-Z’s deal—and Kanye’s kid like fawning over a clearly defined, white supremacist tyrant male—so diabolical:

President Abraham Lincoln, General William “Tecumseh” Sherman and the white Radical Republican Senate (led by Thaddeus Stevens and Charles Sumner) knew unmistakably the catastrophic depth of wrongs slavery inflicted upon Blacks—greatly assessing racism’s damage—physical, mental, material and spiritual.

Sherman met with 20 Black delegates (ex-slave Rev. Garrison Frazier being the Black populace spokesperson). Frazier made it unmistakableexactly what Black folk’s clear intent after Emancipation was—and what could make it happen:

Designated land for total self-sufficiency is the only means to ensure uplifting the Black “race.”

Total “social equality” is the absolute goal and being beholden to whites will not achieve it—in short, whites cannot be trusted.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and Rap Mogul Jay-Z yuck-it-up last August, announcing their new deal in New York at Jay-Z’s Roc Nation headquarters. The deal has the rapper in charge of both the NFL’s Music and Entertainment and Social Justice Initiatives components (where Jay-Z will choose acts for the Super Bowl, general NFL entertainment events and choose which organizations receive grants for community work). Slapping Kaep and Black legacy in the face the rap mogul justified it by saying: “…I support protest across the board. We need to bring light to the issue. I think everyone knows what the issue is — we’re done with that…We all know the issue now. OK, next!” photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Roc Nation.

Frazier speaks of Blacks (themselves) uplifting the entire Black race—not merely uplifting a newly freed “individual,” newly liberated Afro segments—or bolstering wealthy Blacks who were “already free.”

Backing Frazier was the notion that yes, freed slaves themselves had absolute “immediate priority”hence he was chosen “leader” of their contingent. Added this: 

Both slaves and free Blacks had already ingeniously proven their adept, highly diverse trade skills—and survival capabilities. Thus land taken from defeated Confederate traitors (who were absolutely subject to execution) should first be granted to freedmen families for farming, businesses and the like.

And here’s the matter’s crux:

Breaking the white stranglehold (or, monopoly) on Black labor is a must—it can’t be compromised.

Blacks cannot be allowed back into the exclusive clutches of sadistic former slave-owners—or white supremacist run economies (in any “era”)—unmistakably pinpointing the need for a broad “national” policy.

In short, Frazier and his leadership colleagues (added Lincoln and the Senate’s Radical Republicans) were early advocates of this:

“Independent Black power.”

Yes, Marcus Garvey, Malcolm X, the Black Panthers and the like, got it right! Their ideal (as was a project that “I” worked for called C.E.B.I.S.  in pt. 2) is taken directly from Frazier’s:

Black’s only insurance is to create vast, self-run (self-hiring) work structures—a series of alternative Afro centered, diversified product market lines (including entertainment)—and these lines “link” broad segments of “product processing” warehouses and “marketing” workplace units—all done in cooperative fashion.

Reconstruction Priority (as it was for “freed slaves”) goes to strategically reintroducing lost labor skills to the broader, disenfranchised Black masses. Thus, immense, once neglected Black ingenuity will be refreshed and freed from white power obliteration—and constraint.

Civil Rights Pioneer Diane Nash on March 7, 2015, at the 50th Anniversary of the Selma, Montgomery Voting Rights Movement and March across the Edmund Pettus Bridge. The 1965 march is what became known as “Bloody Sunday” (both she and her husband James Bevel had organized the original events). Nash pulled out of the commemorative march, protesting president George W. Bush’s participation—citing that “Bush stands for Violence, War and Stollen Elections.” Nash was also a 1959 co founder of the SNCC (Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee) and participated in CORE’s 1961 Freedom Rides (dangerous events taking to the highways on bus’ protesting racial segregation in public transportation). Nash co spearheaded Black youth rallying to literally rescue a beleaguered early Civil Rights Movement—it soon morphed into the Black Power Movement. photo courtesy of TPM.

Skilled Black laborers thus become in-demand In what will “now” be culturally welcoming workplaces; employee numbers naturally expand with successful systemic growth (and non Blacks will not be excluded in hiring)but priority again goes to socially neglected Blacks.

All would be governed under current federal auspices—refining the concept (and functioning “capability”) of capitalism—virtually reintroducing “social humanity” (democratic socialism) back into white America’s own economic model—the same capitalist model whites stripped of ethical behavior, flooding it with “professional” ruthlessness.

Afro self-help “spirit” (the backbone) thus proceeds—in conjunction with having wide “non discriminating” outsider business networks (contracts with non Black entrepreneurs)—as prioritized Blackness would now continue the very same way other ethnicities (and dominate “white corporate” interests) always do for their own.

In essence modern Black systemic initiative would be dismantling that dastardly U.S. social “pressure cooker” (defined in pt. 1)—that was so carefully crafted by early white governors. 

Ironically neither Jay-Z, nor Kanye-West to date have presented anything near Frazier’s model. And to this end they top it all off with a disastrous, backhanded slap on our “cultural legacy”:

None of them even thought to “honor” the idea of consulting a modern-day “Black Council of Elders” (convening the Jessie Jackson’s, Diane Nash’s, Bobby Seale’s, Angela Davis’, Cornell West’s, Michael Eric Dyson’s, Iyanla Vanzant’s, Rev. William Barber’s, etc…or even Congressional Black Congress members)…not to mention the Black advocate player being targeted by NFL supremacy:

Colin Kaepernick himself!

Given this critical issue—that impacts entire Black America—Jay-Z appears not interested in such a vital link to the “bigger picture.”

Yes, Lincoln (pushed by white Senate Radicals Stevens and Sumner) had agreed with Frazier’s contingent, so Sherman signed Special Field Order No. 15 issuing land designation into law—Reparation did actually happen (the “mule idea” came later).

But like today’s Trump (killing previous president Obama’s policies) the incoming supremacist President Andrew Johnson did “honor” the disgust of Southern moguls (giving esteem to their being “terrified” of Black economic power). Johnson killed Sherman’s deal—returning mega profiting Black bodies (with crushed spirits) back into white power’s exclusive hands.

Robert Smalls was a highly skilled slave pilot, charged with operating the Planter, a Confederate military transport ship. In 1862 when white officers left the vessel in his charge Smalls successfully piloted it out of Charleston Harbor, picked up his and the other slave crewmen’s families, then fooled Confederate check points into allowing him to sail all into open water towards the Union’s clutches—gaining freedom for everyone. 1868 Reconstruction’s opportunity had Smalls serving in both of South Carolina’s legislative houses and the U.S. House of Representatives for three decades. In 1895 Smalls, who had collected reliable statistics (over that prior thirty years) presented a shocking accusation: “Since [emancipation and the Reconstruction era began, at least] 53,000 Negroes have been killed in the South.” Modern estimates had hugely underestimated the number of Blacks assassinated by whites (with assessment basically limited to between 1877 and 1968) and those calculated numbers covering 91 years amounted to a drastically lower 4,000 slaughtered souls.

History revealed the rest:

The Afro social “pressure cooker” clampdown was solidly sealed; Southern Blacks having no available job alternatives got herded back under sadistic white power control; and nationally whites achieved getting “expert” Afro trade skill (that boasted wide-ranging laborer talent)  totally gutted—Black bodies were now trapped in the fields.

The result meant aspiring Black lives remained savaged right into our century. It’s why today innumerable Central American males are seen bustling in industry and home level construction sites—but scant images of Blacks (it’s also why Andrew Johnson is Trump’s MAGA “hero”).

But here’s the Afro fly in that white power ointment:

Reparation “validity,” technically, couldn’t be removed from documented history.

Ironically U.S. whites wish to be seen as the world’s most benevolent. So, the notion of an entire segment of American citizenry being inhumanely victimized on such an unmatched, national and global genocidal scale—without it being rectified—kills the idea that America actually has a “moral conscious.”

White patriotic ego (“super bloating” its own claim to towering benevolence) ironically became a visible resource for future Black advocates:

Now, “moral arsenal” for the John Conyers’ and Sheila Jackson Lee’s willing to fight for America to rectify this wrong.

And as expected whites proved just how absolutely critical their having a “benevolent image” is in this scheme—agents of Southern social and economic power got busy, quickly utilizing every bit of 100 years following Emancipation.

They shaped their crushing (“federally supported”) PR campaign with a morally correct coating,  draping it over entire Afro communities—using flowery, “good intent” containment terms:

“Jim Crow” laws that enforced “Sharecropping” and the illusion of “Separate-But-Equal.”

This basically accelerated chattel policies thru horrific physical beat down and mental shredding processes; making it far easier to shape the entire directional body of Black cultural and religious life!

Pinckney Benton Stewart Pinchback was born free in 1837, one of five children between former slave Eliza Stewart and her master William Pinchback (who had freed, then married Eliza). Reconstruction found Pinchback elected a Louisiana Republican Senator in 1868. In 1872 he briefly became Governor there (America’s first Black Governor) but Reconstruction’s demise ended Pinchbacks national legislative career; frustrated he moved his family to New Orleans and became key in Southern University’s 1880 founding. In 1921 P.B.S. Pinchback died in Washington, D.C. at age 84, being buried at New Orleans’ Metairie (a former “all white”) Cemetary. Of note 1920’s Harlem Renaissance poet Jean Toomer was Pinchback’s maternal grandson. photo: the Library of Congress.

And they didn’t stop there:

Capitalist prowess had whites crafting new ways to themselves profit from Emancipation—using slave spinoff industries—Prison Industrial Complexes rising as lucrative multipurpose ventures.

Here, Dr. W.E.B. DuBois rising at the end of the 19thcentury offered his key prophetic voice. With rare Harvard education to shape a hard earned “Black consciousness” DuBois’ own barreling Pan-African liberation charge shouted from the rafters:

White political “shrewdness” is long range!

Earlier, ex slave Frederick Douglass had cringed in 1877 watching racist attacks literally unravel Radical Reconstruction progress—feeling helplessly heartbroken when those campaigns killed the last Black Congressional and Senate positions (no Black would be elected Senator again until 1967). 

Yet, a visionary Douglass still fought to “chip away” at the setback source—what white power had drilled into Blacks—a legacy of subservient slave mentality that killed the spirit to uprise and unite.

Douglass tackled an uphill battle as these dreadful daily devices had made Afro self-containment tantalizingly natural:  

Well-groomed light skinned “house slaves” pitted against savagely debilitated dark skinned “field hands”; the creation of “Mammies” (bold, moralizing Black women defending white “principled” treachery over their exploited kin); Uncle Toms (Black men betraying their own, “selling-out” to protect white social maliciousness—to save their own skin).

And most damaging of all:

Wealthy Blacks rigidly embracing white male power models for “ethics”—under a Christian banner of righteous brotherhood—a tantalizing justification to remain exclusively dedicated to white power’s gangster styled economic machine.

It’s the very thing Kanye West and Jay-Z—riding hip-hop culture’s gangsta’ worship—have done.


Audre Lorde (1934-1992) was a poet, esseyist and nonfiction writer, who as a pioneer open Black lesbian in the 1970’s set her radical voice blazing on behalf of America’s ultimate disenfranchised sectors. In the 19th century “suffrage” tradition Lorde’s 20th century “social activist” pen and feminist speaking force unapologetically addressed issues of race, sexuality and gender identification, confronting and shaking up status-quo rules. Asked to speak at a white mainstream feminist event in the early 1980’s Lorde confronted white feminist racism and exclusivity, writing “The Master’s Tools Will Never Dismantle The Master’s House.” This biting chastisement of the white feminist movement for using white male standards (as models for women’s liberation) also exposed the pitfalls of Black leadership using white patriarchal standards (as models for Black liberation); showing that white patriarchy models designed for superiority, exclusion and oppression cannot and will not deconstruct a sexist and supremacist system—only duplicate and reinforce it.

A thing can’t be overlooked herethe main device whites expertly used to so obliterate Black self-esteemsnuffing out Afro loyalty; the very spark in Afro spiritual “charge”—making Black self-sabotage and containment so morally tantalizing—for the “long haul”:  

It is Europe’s “radicalized” colonial Christianity.

In his book Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass—An American Slave, Douglass warns us:


What I have said…against religion I mean strictly…the slaveholding religion of this land…with no possible reference to Christianity proper

“…for between the Christianity of this land, and the Christianity of Christ, I recognize the widest possible difference—so wide, that to receive the one as good, pure, and holy, is of necessity to reject the other as bad, corrupt, and wicked

To be the friend of one, is of necessity to be the enemy of the other.”


Douglass knew the writing on the wall:

His risky declaration (putting a price on his head) called-out a deviously integrated enemythe same ideological force that 174 years later I identify as “radicalized” Christianity.

Douglass saw “radicalization’s” damaging Christian intent at its root—its raw impact attacking the Afro-spiritual core—foremost was slaveowner’s obliterating this:

The slave’s knowledge of Afro civilization greatness (replaced with “worshiping” Anglo people)—repressive white social design now “blessed” as Holy (God’s new commandment being to stay out of white folks business).

Douglass was aghast—being both astounded and relieved that he’d miraculously escaped this crushing physical transformation:

Blacks molded into distorted, servant class beings—a process meant to wreak generational havoc indefinitely.

But he also saw the profound resilience and tenacious power of Afro-spiritual cores—what I call in my own book unshakable Afro-spiritual “DNA”:

How that “DNA” both sustained and restored tormented Blacks; the deep sense of self-love not able to be totally extinguished—now absolutely a last bastion, a modern reservoir preserving the  “essence of humanity” for all civilization (that whites to this day tap—salvaging their own corrupted state—fending off the value destroying chaos triggered by inhumane, global white ruling class policies). 

U.C. Berkeley scholar Litwack represents those “value tapping” whites—his book Been In The Storm So Long vividly reveals how the love of self and culture was exceptionally preservedby Reconstruction’s freedom fighters:

Notables like Rev. Garrison Frazier; Sojourner Truth; Henry McNeal Turner; Ida B. Wells; Martin Delany; Harriet Tubman; Robert Smalls; Rev. Ulysses Houston: and Frederick Douglassto name a few.

Dr. W.E.B. DuBois accentuated allpredicting the outcome of sabotaged Reconstruction we future Blacks absolutely would endure. Hence, our 21stcentury illusion of progress glitters—while aspiring Black laborers still fight to get lucky—merely falling through the U.S. economy’s cracks. All these ancestral prophets battled so that Blacks in our times would not endure what still eventually became this: 

Well qualified folks alter “self images” to satisfy white values for treasured white corporate jobs (then find there’s no other Black presence); they bite tongues amid racist situations (and attacks) to keep those jobs; they remain stringently pitted against one anotherbut still act proud to become the first Black this’ and that’s (in age-old major industries)…

Today’s demoralizing list is endless.

Such modern scenarios allowing kindred to fall through cracks under the illusion of progress soundly obliterates “vision!”

Susan B. Anthony (1820-1906) at left with Elizabeth Cady Stanton (1815-1902). Anthony is arguably America’s most famous “radical” pioneer women’s suffrage activist, campaigning for total equality and the women’s right to vote—getting arrested often. Born into a Quaker family who were staunch abolitionists Susan’s early fierce campaigns for Black social equality set her blueprint for feminist strategy. The family hosted such notables as Frederick Douglass and William Lloyd Garrison. Her brothers Daniel Read and Jacob Merritt Anthony were rigorous abolitionists in their own right. Elizabeth Cady Stanton had set a “radical feminist” stage preceding Anthony and they became lifelong activist companions and friends. Both women had died before the 19th amendment’s passage in 1920 (giving women the right to vote) but it was named the “Susan B. Anthony Amendment,” honoring her legacy.

Here’s an analogy—I’ll use recent category 5 hurricane Dorian, which settled over the Bahamas for 2 days of concentrated destruction:


Another hurricane—known as “white supremacy”—has settled Afro containment genocide, Native ethnic cleansing and barbarous underclass economic piracy over America—for 500 years and counting.

Ravaging everything enclosed in its “pressure cooker” state, unbridled ferocity continues to spinoff the entire “free world’s” most debilitating elements (shoddy healthcare, the most inhumane prison system, underpaid job forces, divisive civic propaganda, rampant racism, sexism and homophobia, etc…)—maintaining hot water turbulence built over centuries.

Supremacy’s wide “hypnotic eye” seeks to lull its victims—fooling them with glittery hopes—taunting desperate “escapees” to sell-out for “self-interest” relief—an irresistible reward for joining the corrupt flow of its grand, swirling altruistic machine!

Modern liberation voices (like Malcolm X, Dr. King, Shirley Chisholm, Barbara Jordan, Bayard Rustin, Harry Hay, Audre Lorde, Noam Chomsky, Dolores Huerta, and the like) joined ancestral forecasters (like Robert Smalls, Henry McNeal Turner, Sojourner Truth, Ida B. Wells; Susan B. Anthony, William Lloyd Garrison, and the like) putting dents in those deadly winds.

All hoped to gain momentum for “everyone’s progress” (not select achievers falling through white power cracks) as they passed their shrewd baton—to us!

But supremacy’s mighty hurricane is intelligently settled—its patient forces able to wait out valiant resistance efforts—struggles eventually turn weary.

Citizens (Blacks being hit the worse) soon succumb to what forecasters call “hurricane fatigue” (a mixture of steady storm hits and near misses, causing people to make terrible risks—drop their guards—try and “ride out” impossible situations—and merely hope for the best).

“White Supremacist Hurricane Fatigue” is diabolical:

Causing weary Blacks to lose a once unshakable foundation for cultural allegiance; it dulls vision for “collective” Afro advancement; and obliterates the importance placed on recipes for building resilient, Black independent economic structures.

Killed are key strategies set by our ancestors—to withstand and escape the storm.


And these critical facts:

America—staunchly dedicated to “supremacy”—robbed both the heirs of “slaves” and of “free Blacks.”

After Emancipation every resourceful Afro communal segment strode to “join ranks”—Blacks came together in unprecedented “National Black Conventions”—owning their responsibility to uplift everyone—to leave no child behind.

And to contradict “Moscow” Mitch McConnell’s blatant cover-up:

Today’s white heirs of “Northern, Western and Confederate” soil absolutely enjoy the mountainous spoils of sabotaged Black Reconstruction—a thing predicted by multicultural progressives trusting their own ancestralsenses”—white politic is a supremacist fabric and its cunning, dogged leadership cannot be trusted!

In this light the actions of Afro moguls Jay-Z and Kanye West show they wish to be part of that supremacist hurricane—joining “it”—not their ancestral forces.


Young mogul rapper Lil Wayne was discovered by rapper Birdman in 1995 (both now embroiled in a multimillion dollar lawsuit); it rescued Wayne at age 12 from a notoriously violent, poverty stricken New Orleans housing project. Wayne, courting extremist, white patriarchal narcissism to ignore his “roots,” literally boasts of being disconnected from Afro ancestral legacy and the plight of Black people. In a Linsey Davis interview on Nightline Wayne’s response when asked about Black Lives Matter was, “… I am a young black rich motherfucker. I’m a nigga. I don’t know what you mean, man. Don’t come at me with that dumb ass shit, ma’am. My life matter…especially to my bitches. I don’t feel connected to a damn thing that ain’t got nothin’ to do with me.” And in a previous Fox Sports 1 interview by Skip Bayless Wayne said he didn’t believe racism exists because, “…I have white fans!” Blacks though, still help keep his concerts sold out. photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images.

But given these mogul’s super hyped “pop façade”—so intent on boasting “Black ferocity”—one would think their own inner spark (of Afro-spiritual “DNA”) would prevail. We do know this:

Atlanta born Kanye’s father was an ex Black Panther (turned Afro pioneering prestigious Atlanta Journal-Constitution photographer—converted to becoming a Christian counselor); his mother a professor of English (and chair of Chicago State University’s English Dept.). It afforded West a privileged, globetrotting life—”status” that almost damned his credibility as a rapper.

Brooklyn born Jay-Z came straight-outta-the hard-pressed “hood” projects—gangster and thug life “power” literally worshiped in “hoods” across America (rocketing Black-on-Black crime). He helped launch Kanye’s “star” just as Gangsta Rap’s triumphant music takeover exploded—the very vehicle (and ideology) launching both to “mogul status.”

Thug life is the total antithesis—the extreme “opposite” of Afro-spiritual “DNA” (an essence that’s the soul of Afro loyalty—driving integrity filled life).

And yes, Black populations suffering legacies of social death and mayhem—who desire social transformational uplift—have the absolute duty to detect and hold sellout Afro moguls  (entertainers or whomeveraccountable! And right where it may only get their attention—at the polls and in the pocket books.

So, what causes the Kanye’s, Jay-Z’s, Dennis Rodman’s, Lil Wayne’s, etc…to make flagrant sellout decisions?

What really moves them to align with supremacist, dictatorship “values”—instead of those who clearly risk all that glitter and high living glory promoting Black justice—like a steadfast Colin Kaepernick?

My Old School term calls it “oppression sickness.”

But another social justice warrior and scholarly veteran coined the perfect term—she is Dr. Joy DeGruy and she calls it:

Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome.”

Keep it here readers!

The breaking-it-down heat is about to rise!

Jews slam AOC, but “others” were in Nazi camps—now being ignored as usual.

“… into the deep annals of Black antiquity…Fellasha Hebrew Village…report that the horrible treatment of Black Jews in modern Israel forced their beleaguered immigrants to prematurely return back to Ethiopia…”

Trouble In Black Paradise Chapter 2: A View From The Cradle Of Civilization, Page 41.


First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a socialist.

Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a trade unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

By Martin Niemöller: an early version of “First They Came” (about 1946).

Martin Niemöller was a former German U-Boat Commander who became a Lutheran Pastor. At first he supported Hitler and the Nazi’s 1933 rise, thinking it would solely rally Germany’s socially and economically beleaguered country.

But Niemöller denounced Hitler by 1934, correctly seeing him as a racist, bloodthirsty dictator. It got him sent to prisons that included Dachau—Allies finally released him in 1945.

Niemöller wrote “First they came” as an indictment of cowardly German intellectuals and Protestant clergy who turned a blind eye to brutal Nazi philosophy, persecutions—and the inhumane containment that blossomed into Nazi Death Camps.

Gaining international stature as a spokesman for postwar German repentance Niemöller would consciously modify his poem to include persecuted groups relative to wherever he spoke.


Featured Photo (at top):

WASHINGTON, DC – U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) speaks during a rally at Howard University May 13, 2019 in Washington, DC. The Sunrise Movement held an event for the final stop of the “Road to a Green New Deal” tour to “explore what the pain of the climate crisis looks like in D.C. and for the country and what the promise of the Green New Deal means.” (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)


Greetings savvy readers!

Trouble in Black Paradise sees longtime cultural bedfellows (known advocates for people of color) in a bizarre wrangle—pundits placing priority on their own badge of oppression.


Voices lashing out intending to protect Jewish cultural interests have instead squandered a powerful opportunity.

While freshly primed ICE agents subject the nation to terror, now launching more public raids, fallout from another quite publicized brouhaha still has many shaking their heads.

“Corporate media” had wasted no time sensationalizing claims that Jews cry foul—zeroing in on comments made by firebrand Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) popularly noted as AOC.

AOC already had joined a long official line condemning the government’s way of handling recent Central American “refugees” who continue surging toward the border—men, women and children specifically fleeing murderous conditions and hopelessly corrupt homeland officials.

We’ve all gotten ongoing details of severe maltreatment by border officials—seen the images in reports:

Children no matter how young separated from parents (kids now scattered across the country and lost in a vacuum).

Central American refugees fleeing violence and government corruption are caged on the U.S. border indefinitely, in inhumane conditions by the Trump administration.

People crammed in hugely overcrowded cages, denied basic services, languishing in disease infested conditions—people of all ages actually dying in virtual captivity—waiting for what’s supposed to be limited time in standard process procedure.

Widely under reported is the “natural disaster” conditions refugees are also fleeing—widespread flooding and famine. And now there are reports of sexual abuse by officials at a Yuma, Arizona border setup. Heinous situations only get worse.

So what was AOC’s horrendous offense?

This past June she dared to declare that Trump’s border setup was no less than “concentration camps”—tagging it with the slogan “never again!”

Push back response was immediate!

Those reacting implied that the entire Jewish Diaspora was horribly insulted—using the term “concentration camps” was deemed so offensive that the actual current inhumane treatment of vulnerable Hispanic escapees was suddenly jettisoned to the backseat.

It’s well worth pausing here to let this soak in:

Journalism that had prioritized commenting on the “life and death” circumstances of desperate exiles fleeing for their lives (now being severely maltreated at U.S. borders) got totally commandeered—these exiles are escapees who are currently being inhumanely corralled.

Journal urgency instead shifted, rushing to blow up accusations that Jewish pride has been wounded—simply because holocaust sentimentality around a “term” was ignored.

On July, 15th, 2019 a press conference was called by four new Democrat Congresswomen of color. From left: Reps Rashida Tlaib of Michigan, Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York and Ayanna Pressley of Massachusetts are famously known as “The Squad.” One by one all reproached Trump for his continued racist attacks that single them out (he continues suggesting that they “go back to the countries they came from”). All were born in the U.S. except Rep Omar, who became a citizen after immigrating here as a child. The Squad continues to upend Trump by exposing his racist, sexist and elitist policies, which he cannot legitimately defend. (Ironically Black Jews who migrated to the newly created “State of Israel” in the 1940’s couldn’t overcome the wall of racism awaiting them there; horrendous treatment forced them back to Fellasha Hebrew Village deep in ancient Ethiopia.)

Corporate media grabbing and running with the ball can’t be taken lightly—their action gives emotional credibility to any attention grabber’s claims to “high crime offense”—and it’s enough to hijack any show.

Here’s the first insidious dynamic in this situation that shouldn’t be missed:

To give burning weight to someone’s assumed emotional insult—when that insult incorrectly pushes aside another’s clearly tragic matter—actually gives the false accuser authority to do harmful judgment on the stricken group’s tragedy.

Legislators, clergy—and others of great “influence”—using the same insidious tactic should ring clear memories into the minds of many groups still battling severe oppression:

Unarmed Blacks killed by cops, people of color in general, the LGBTQ spectrum fending off “radicalized” Christian attack (Black trans folks catching it at the bottom) and historically someone else—Jews.

Response impact is never as great (if noticeable at all) when “the oppressed” turns the situation around—to actually hurl valid accusations of “high crime offense” towards higher ups—including the media itself.

So did media sources address concerns from “credible” Jewish reps, or merely fan the flames of distraction from trolling right wingers in disguise?

And is the basis of all the upset itself “credible?”

Responding to AOC the group Never Again Action ( which is Jewish based began launching national demonstrations at ICE headquarters—including businesses outsourced by ICE (like GEO Group) that operate detention facilities. In July and August campaigns blocked sites in St. Paul, Mn., Portland, Maine and Los Angeles—scores of protesters being arrested.

But another journalist’s immediate response verified my own suspicion: that conservative trolling  media interests are at work here—with some of those forces actually working from within.

Rep AOC addresses deplorable, inhumane conditions that cage Central American refugees at America’s southern border. At her left is Congressman Joaquin Castro (D-Tx) twin brother of and campaign manager for Democratic Presidential Candidate Julian Castro.

Jewish historian Anna Lind-Guzik wrote a June 20th article specifically addressing this uproar.

Lind-Guzik’s immediate headline point is that calling those U.S. border detention centers concentration camps…“isn’t just accurate. It’s necessary.”

As the author makes many powerful points and observations she pointedly addresses condemnation of AOC made by the Holocaust memorial in Israel—Yad Vashem.

Irony here is pointed out in Yad Vashem’s own materials which make it clear “…that concentration camps for undesirables, including Jews, Poles, Communists, gay people, and Roma, opened in 1933, while the death camps were opened starting in 1941.”

Lind-Guzik says Yad Vashem’s illogic continues since it…“embraces visitors like Viktor Orban, the anti-Semitic, ethno-nationalist Hungarian prime minister”—it’s a startling contradiction.

Child refugees separated from their families and caged like animals at America’s southern border.

Blatant U.S. right winged outrage did come from the mouth of Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) daughter of none other than the notorious Dick Cheney—Dick guided many a Republican president whose administrations were riddled with human rights violations.

Liz actually said AOC needs to take a history lesson (this in the face of her father Cheney calling torture “enhanced interrogation”).

And of course Harvey Levin of TMZ used his official “Jewish card” when he summarily rejected AOC.

Levin with great irony (as an “openly gay” celeb) has shown highly conflicted response to issues of LGBTQ abuse. He also gets constant scrutiny from Black co-host Van, demonstrating regularly a position more aligned with privileged white male club response.

Levin wouldn’t even concede when admitting to his guest George Takei that the historical context of concentration camps technically applies. Takei (of Star Trek fame) was compelled to speak out for AOC—having himself been subjected to Japanese-American internment camps during World War II.

Says Takei:

“I know what concentration camps are…I was inside two of them, in America. And yes, we are operating such camps again.”

Actor and social activist George Takei (Lieutenant “Sulu” of Star Trek fame) joins me after attending a political event at San Francisco’s Castro Theatre. Our poignant conversation had Takei sharing his experience when he and fellow actress Nichelle Nichols (Star Trek’s Lieutenant “Uhura”) joined Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. to participate in dangerous Southern Civil Rights demonstrations. Takei enthusiastically accepted my book, “Trouble In Black Paradise,” which chronicles my early Black LGBTQ organizing to create “safe space”–caught between extreme white gay community racism at one end and brutal Black community homophobia at the other.


Takei continued:

“At least during the internment, when I was just 5 years old, I was not taken from my parents…At least during the internment, my parents were able to place themselves between the horror of what we were facing and my own childish understanding of our circumstances.”

Hearing this Levin still dug-in—relentless!

Levin loved that the term “concentration camps” was sensationalized—in modern times—to exclusively be applied to Jewish “death camps.” Ownership of it was what Levin actually drooled over—admitting the novelty itself is what “he” didn’t want to give up!

Did Levin and Liz Cheney miss history lessons revealing that clergy, communists, trade unionists, gypsies, Poles, people with physical deformities, or mental illness, and “others”—especially homosexualswere also in those “camps”—with Jews placed atop a macabre type of hierarchy there?

Martin Niemöller was a German Lutheran pastor—one of the first, ending up in Dachau.

Are any of these “other” groups scrambling to lay highest claim to that term concentration—rejecting so-called lesser identifications—to boost a tragic “badge-of-honor?”

Obviously Jews still get the hierarchy’s priority spot in Levin’s and Cheney’s judgment as none of the “camp’s others” even warranted their mention.

This raises the second insidious dynamic:

Under the banner of defending the need to still confront unresolved discrimination—or even acquiring “things” once totally kept out of reach—how terribly easy it is for a brutally persecuted group to succumb to classic ego mania.

A chart hangs at Dachau Nazi Death Camp designating the specific symbols that are attached to specific segments of prisoners. Jews at the hierarchy’s top wore a “yellow star.” All others wore triangles: brown for gypsies; red for political prisoners; green for criminals; blue for “immigrants”; purple for Jehovah’s Witnesses; and black for asocial people (including “lesbians”). Homosexual men–the lowest and most brutalized of all–wore the “pink triangle.”

Elevating one’s “badge of oppression” over others who are in the same boat smacks of behavior born from another classic set-up: it is “dog-eat-dog” reaction (better known as “divide and conquer”)—an age-old tactic employed by those who have the power, or opportunity to oppress.

It’s the very tactic employed by Nazis dividing and classifying groups in those “camps.”

Time and observation verifies that “oppressed and damaged people will oppress and damage others.” Varied examples abound:

White women’s lib excluding women of color; Blacks passed over for “lighter” people of color; white gays snubbing the general Civil Rights movements; Blacks condemning and excluding LGBTQ’s from the Civil Rights table, etc…

Yes, it’s important to identify just who is at the very bottom—the purpose is to recognize the most vulnerable “realities,” so as to target the emergency crisis areas of those that need priority relief; and to end damaging patterns that make us blind to the vulnerable who are among us (tools that help with thwarting the enslavement ploys of powerful aristocrats and “legislators”).

Thus the challenges of being under attack become the impetus for oppressed people to “unify.

But first and foremost the goal of persecuted people is to heal!

Recognizing one’s own brutal past and reviewing current persecution challenges is the starting point in the healing process—not the stepping stones to build on empty ego “bragging rights.”

Homosesual prisoners at the concentration camp at Sachsenhausen, Germany, wearing pink triangles on their uniforms. December 19, 1938. photo by Corbis/Getty Images.

Healing the many types of wounds from oppression is always the ultimate goal. Being stuck on the need to be the biggest victim indicates something that’s very tricky:

It implies not only that people have not healed, but that celebrating in the euphoria of “victimization” has become the real goal.

Hence, a third insidious dynamic—the powerful opportunity squandered by Jews attacking AOC:

Jews who genuinely fight to keep “death camps” from existing ever again (starting in America) would make broadcasting this crucial goal far more powerful by actively seeking alignment with Hispanic refugees—people concentrated by Trump in those inhumane border detainment camps—period!

All the dastardly ingredients are stewing there: violation of written policy; separation of families; containment in isolation; denial of standard provisions; and the recipe item congealing it all—criminalizing legal refugees.

But most troubling is this:

I neither heard, nor read of any Jews (who loudly decried AOC) making reference to U.S. white nationals marching on the University of Virginia campus, carrying “tiki” torches (KKK style) chanting among other things, “Jews will not replace us”—as recent as 2017!

White nationalists march on the University of Virginia in 2017, carrying “tiki” torches KKK style and chanting slogans that included, “Jews will not replace us!” Nazi salutes and symbols were prevalent as they rallied against the removal of Confederate statues.

Was this not alarming enough for all Jews to see—as a sign of ominous reemerging stages—building on the diabolical situation brewing at our border?

It only makes sense that conservative, “right winged” Jewish factions are those who join republican trolls—distracting from “brown people” being caged like animals—claiming injured Jewish sentimentalities rise above other persecuted people’s mirrored plight.

Lest we not forget who Trump’s biggest Middle East supporter and personal fan is:

Extremist, right winged Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Israel recently reelecting “Bibi” the tyrant (who is plagued by corruption) for a record fifth term—who vows to quash any recognition of legitimate Palestinian self-governing homelands (and Human Rights)—speaks volumes about Israel’s “social fabric.”

The civilized world  sees an age-old Palestinian civilization—being governed unlawfully and brutally contained by Israel—as a crime against humanity; let alone Israel’s own appalling racial hierarchy that keeps other “migrants” from the Jewish Diaspora locked in line there—European Jews riding high privilege at the top.

A July 12, 2019 Oakland, CA protest and rally calling for the closure of southern border concentration camps and returning humane treatment to Central American refugees. photo by Marilyn Bechtel/PW.

Now, brown people being locked in U.S. border cages, with standard refugee policies again coming under methodical attack, are caught in repeated history:

Central Americans have been seen by Jews and right wingers as being “others”—the same invisible plight given to the “others” who also succumbed in those Nazi death camps.

But we do know this:

Progressive Jews are already loudly aligned with oppressed peoples—rallying on the human rights frontlines—working to ensure a thing:

That grassroots Hebrew do absolutely recognize the basic steps leading to potential holocaust; they know that many groups have and any group can experience holocaust reality—and it’s a perspective that won’t be hijacked.

“Never again!”


4: McConnell crew out swinging against Reparations—but force of history can’t be beat!

“…even the ‘poorest’ whites held tremendous power and sway over the most influential Blacks…”

Trouble In Black Paradise Chapter 12: Impudent Moralizers, Ill-conceived Mavericks And Glorified “Legal Setbacks,” Page 260.


“…patronizing public places…the most successful blacks invariably found themselves sitting in separate compartments with the least successful blacks. Color, not class, made the essential difference…”

“…some black spokesmen derived satisfaction from…former slaveholders trying to win …votes of former slaves [but] they did not minimize the seriousness…’They basely flatter us in order to better betray us,’ the New Orleans Tribune warned. ‘The deeper they bow, the more their detestation and desire for revenge are growing in their bosom.’”

“The beatings meted out to black voters, the assassination of black leaders, the intimidation of black candidates, and the breaking up of meetings suggested in 1867 …the techniques of terrorism that would be embellished in the next…years to expedite…emasculation of the freedmen.”

Been In The Storm So Long Chapter Ten: Becoming a People, Pages 522, 554 & 555.


Featured image:

Born into slavery in 1862 Ida B. Wells-Barnett became a teacher and journalist, writing for the Negro Press Association. A fierce anti-lynching campaigner Wells-Barnett stirred controversy when she advocated for Blacks to use violence against murderous white supremacists—also acquiring a gun herself for her own protection. Wells-Barnett had been run out of Memphis because of an article she wrote on a horrible lynching there.


Greetings savvy readers!

As predicted “white camp” legislators are coming out swinging—determined to keep a steady brew of

Trouble in Black Paradise.


Senators Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham and Rick Santorum nervously watch as supportive public interest rises—so they’ve come out swinging. Their mission is clear:

Quickly shut down “mere thoughts” of slavery reparations in modern times.

Here’s their potent weapon:

Senators wrap themselves in a cloak of nobility, saying their position protects the public good; their authoritative images promote altruism—which is merely good “intent”; but false righteousness disguises what really fuels their aim:

An ugly belly of white supremacist rationale barely hides beneath.

These legislators represent that ongoing “changing of the guard,” modern elites gladly tending America’s old-time racial club. Camouflaged in nobleness is that McConnell and his likeminded are actually fired up to keep in place white upper crust financial and social advantage—following suit with their “new” hero Trump—that’s their real priority.

It’s classic political diversion and it has a strategy: keep white politic system of belief searing across the land—and thus expand armies of disenfranchised whites who’ll readily cooperate.

White nationalists march at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville in August, 2017, proving that vast numbers of racists still lurk in America’s underbelly. Protesting the removal of a statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee these Nazi affiliated racists carried torches KKK style, chanting “white lives matter,” “blood and soil” and “you will not replace us” before a fight broke out with counter protesters. Heather Heyer, 32, was killed the next day when white supremacist James Fields slammed his car through a crowd of anti racist protesters. Fields was recently sentenced to life in prison for the incident.

Centuries of race baiter misinformation have long primed socially spent poor white folks to rally, and do the dirty work. This poor “majority” will then hurl their bodies valiantly—hot to guard anti reparation frontlines—while the white “minority” sits back on its protected wealth and social control interests.

Thus middle and underclass whites continue sabotaging what’s really their “actual” advantage—which is to coalesce with “other” undermined people.

Instead they prefer buying into ancient Afro rejection rhetoric—in mass.

And these Senator’s are well groomed in the lingo of that ancient, flower-mouth, white  rhetoric—so using it to condemn reparations flies as is expected.

We’ve heard what McConnell said: the Civil War’s battle itself adequately addressed slavery; that President Barack Obama’s “election” is proof of sufficient results—the same Obama whose policies McConnell himself vowed to and effectively did block (including a Supreme Court nominee).

All say that modern whites (in essence their “tribe”) had nothing to do with slavery and are totally disconnected from it today. Santorum though presents a notion that’s absolutely disgraceful—but hardly shocking:

“Congress should have acted on this issue way back then!”

Santorum’s rant proves these governors either deceive us about not knowing the obvious, or care not to actually study critical American history—both being shameful positions; again, it is bias cloaked behind illusion based innocence and used as “weapons” that promise the continuance of absolutely dire policies for Blacks!

It does show why their ilk are totally opposed to former Rep. John Conyers’ H.R.40 Slavery Reparations Bill: it would actually authorize that “study”—on the legislative level—examining the whole historical context, including what (if anything) would be appropriate compensation for today’s Afro heirs.

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, D-Texas, speaks during a hearing of the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism, Homeland Security, and Investigations, on Capitol Hill, Tuesday, April 4, 2017 in Washington. Rep. Lee assumed sponsorship of H.R.40 Reparations Bill in 2018 after Rep. Conyers stepped down. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

Santorum’s predictable focus is exactly why I carefully headed it off.

My last article put critical spotlight on General Sherman actually signing Special Field Order No. 15, better known as the “Forty-Acres” Bill. It was approved both by white Radical Republican legislators and President Lincoln—infuriating droves of supremacist lawmakers (see what determined the Bill’s content, how it came to be signed—and what killed it “right here”).

The core of the matter is exactly that which killed the bill—added the result that clearly slams Afro social catastrophe into modern times—key elements these Senators really hope to keep 21st century intellects detached from.

Then of course there’s McConnell’s potent backup arsenal—throwing the slave heir “authenticity card” into the fray, aimed to confuse noble minded citizenry—he says that it’s impossible to determine today just who should be awarded reparation:

McConnell asks “What about Blacks who have mixed ancestry? Plus there were free born Blacks who were relatively wealthy and owned slaves themselves—what about their heirs? And what about those who later emigrated here? Would they be eligible for reparations too—and why?”

Mohammed Ali ben Said was born as a Muslim in the Sudan in the 1830’s. Captured into slavery as a teenager Said was carted off to Turkey. Given as a gift to a kind new owner Said was taken all over Europe where they eventually landed in England. Baptised a Christian the now free Nicholas Said immigrated to Canada and moved to Detroit. When the Civil War broke out Said joined the 55 Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry (one of the first battle ready Black regiments). After the war Said settled somewhere in the South, disappearing from noted history.


The immediate answer is an unequivocal yes!

There’s a thing supremacist “logic” can successfully avoid when hurling white rhetoric at those who’ve not studied their own U.S. history:

The emphasis on how “all” Blacks were actually classified on the human scale—as “inferior subhumans”—this as it relates to the puzzling problem of how they’d be reintegrated after emancipation.

The white majority raced to reinforce how they classified Blacks, openly barreling disdainful antebellum attitudes over the nation—flooding 19th century streets and media outlets—making their clear hopes obvious.

Professor Leon Litwack in his book Been In The Storm So Long notes there were many white Southern conventions aimed at reestablishing the South’s system. Litwack shares a white attendee’s comment:


“…’The niggers are having a convention, a’n’t they?…What do they want? Equal rights I suppose…Going to vote, be they?’  [After white Southern Reconstruction Conventioneers were] informed…[that] blacks [listing items they should gain with civic freedom] had been quite moderate…[and that] their principal demand…[thus far only sought] the right to testify in courts…[the white] delegate quickly replied, ‘No sir; they won’t get that. It wouldn’t do at all…The people won’t have niggers giving evidence. They’ll never get that. The people won’t have it.’”


Litwack also quotes ideals emerging in those concurring Black reconstruction conventions (Afro gatherings obviously causing huge fret for the white commenter above).

Henry McNeal Turner emerged as a major national Black organizer before and after emancipation. President Lincoln appointed Turner as the first Black Union Army Chaplain in 1863. Greatly involved in Reconstruction Turner became friends with Congressman Thaddeus Stevens and Senator Charles Sumner who led the Radical Republican faction. Founding two newspapers, “The Voice of Missions” and “Voice of the People” Turner also was a supporter of American Blacks relocating to Liberia, West Africa.

Henry McNeal Turner, a major emerging national Afro social organizer, clearly answers puzzled McConnell’s questions about reparations “qualifications” 153 years ago. In 1866 (shortly after President Johnson killed Field Order No. 15) Turner says this:


“We want representative men, without regard to color, as long as they carry the brand of negro oppression. We need power and intellectual equality with the whites. It does not matter whether he be a pretty or ugly negro; a black negro or a mulatto. Whether he were a slave or a free negro; the question is, is he a negro at all?…We want power; it only comes through organization, and organization comes through unity.  Our efforts must be one and inseparable, blended, tied, and bound together.”


Again, Black leaders rising from slavery’s ashes weren’t stupid—nor were the populace constituents they spoke for—a populace consisting of newly freedmen, native free born and Afro emigrants (travelers like Mohammed Ali ben Said in the photo seen above, who navigated the global Diaspora—finally gaining more leeway to come and go).

These Black organizers knew the clear devastation areas—prophetically they knew the exact painful degenerating reality our future Afro communities would face—given setbacks directly tied to sabotaged reconstruction.

So in response to McConnell’s perplexity about where today we must begin—added who and specifically what social items reparations must target—leaders like Frederick Douglass, Sojourner Truth, Martin Delany, Ida B. Wells and Dr. W.E.B. DuBois already made this crystal clear:

We must resume enacting the very blueprint visionary Black reconstruction leaders themselves had begun.

Ex slave Rev. Garrison Frazier had told Sherman and the Secretary of War Edwin M. Stanton that the ideal reparation item—to most effectively enact civil and economic equality—would unquestionably be:

Fiery Thaddeus Stevens (PA) HOUSE and Charles Sumner (MA) SENATE led the Radical Republican faction, that had advocated for slavery’s end and full equal rights for Blacks long before the Civil War. Radical Republicans fought President Andrew Johnson and got Radical Reconstruction implemented, giving Black men access to positions of political power that lasted a mere 10 years before supremacist policies brought it crashing to and end.

Designated land for total self-sufficiency—it’s the only means to ensure uplifting the Black “race.” Being beholden to whites will not achieve it.

When Sherman asked if Blacks wished to live within established white communities Frazier then dropped a bomb—the answer was a resounding “no!” (Only one of the 20 Black reps present said yes).

Blacks wished to have separate living communities combined with their own farmlands—for obvious reasons:

Black communities being plunked amid a majority white populace would leave them far more vulnerable—white power schemes to reclaim everything will be relentless; thus physical and psychological attacks from whites (including total containment) would be far more effective.

Again, Blacks back then prophetically knew whites could not be trusted! Sherman and Lincoln summarily agreed—Special Field Order No. 15 was thus signed into action!

Born in Jamaica Marcus Garvey immigrated to the U.S. in 1916 where he fought injustice waged against Blacks. Founding the Universal Negro Improvement Association (which grew to some 4 million members) he also founded “The Negro World” newspaper. Garvey pushed for Blacks to re gain social/economic control of Africa, creating the Black Star Line Shipping Co. to achieve that goal. He was finally brought down by J. Edger Hoover, did some prison time, then eventually relocated to London, England where he died in 1940 at age 55.

The white majority conventions confirmed Black leader’s fears and assessments—making absolutely clear Anglo supremacist goals:

To prevent Black social equality on all levels; to prevent substantial or “collective” advancement up political and economic ranks; and totally “contain” all Afro communities—regardless of origin—or economic status.

These whites believe Black populaces exist only to appease white power interests—into the unforeseeable future—period!

And let’s not forget a terrifying item for whites that legislators used as the Caucasian stay-in-line weapon:

“One drop” of Afro blood—no matter how “white” you looked—meant you were a “nigger” (subject to full persecution therein).

So, no matter what a Black social classification was—free born, freed slave, emigrant—or wealthy status (rich Blacks being the extreme minority—but whose monetary “buffer” was far more threatening to whites) all were under total white power persecution—and containment.

And all were subject to the whims of the lowliest white citizens as well—”immunity” from disenfranchisement (or lynching) not even being secured by Black upper crust status.

Killings of Transgender women are on the rise. As of July, 2019, 14 Transgender women have been murdered nationally. Muhlaysia Booker was found shot to death in her car one month after being beaten by a mob at an apartment complex, which had broken her wrist and given her a concussion. 24 were murdered in 2018 (that were actually reported).

Thus in the 21st century every Afro sector (poor and LGBTQ folk clearly hit the worse) is damaged by slavery’s legacy—in one form or another—“injury” that can’t be dismissed, or taken for granted.

Today’s typical white mouthpiece attacks mean we can’t over emphasize just how clearly Blacks in 1865 saw the writing on the wall—they knew that 21st century folks like McConnell would show up and could not be trusted—and that pesky U.S. history reality would elude any Santorum radar. Today, we know verified history must be factored into any logical, genuine discussions.

So in review—to aid our confused legislators (and “arm” invested hopeful readers)—I spell out the following facts:

Rationale for crafting Reparations after Emancipation was clearly thought outits heartbreaking validity was utterly agreed upon. Concrete government steps were taken to set compensation in motion—this action was cut short and the entire Afro spectrum was thrown back to white supremacist wolves.

From left: Rev. Ralph Abernathy, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and organizer Bayard Rustin (openly gay architect of the 1963 March on Washington and major advisor for every Civil Rights leader of his time) march in the Montgomery Bus Boycott, kicked-off by Rosa Parks’ refusal to relinquish her bus seat.

As a result the absolute brutal crushing of Black inclusion and progress was compounded, mowing down freedom fighters over the next century—this ongoing racial oppression legacy was confronted yet again by bloodied 1950’s Civil Rights protesters.

Hard fought for 1960’s Civil Rights and voting laws were enacted—not because white legislators or their majority populace joined Dr. King and company at the justice table—but because King’s heat had President Lyndon Johnson wrangling around their bigotry and resistance—to sign “bills.”

Executive action made a thing very clear: that white politic still can’t be trusted—and will not give up the exclusive privilege fight!

Hence the reality of inherited “privilege” was made bonehead obvious:

White U.S. descendents after emancipation absolutely benefited in every social respect—due to the pervasive crushing of Afro communities and maintenance of Black monetary exploitation—control which continues thru this day!

As the entire “system itself” is the culprit—showing that (even wealthy) Blacks need protection from a domineering, unscrupulous, life threatening, racial profiling public majority—Federal action must be the source.

Therefore Afro reparation “action” will revisit those white systemic demons that keep Black economic reward stripped, opportunity thwarted  (and “spiritual growth” stunted)—it will actually address the need for physical, mental and spiritual healing from centuries of unspeakable barbarity—nuances the entire country actually is in need of.

The “Frisco Five” hold a press conference during their hunger strike at San Francisco’s Mission District Police Station, calling for then Police Chief Greg Surh’s resignation due to ongoing killings of unarmed Bay Area citizens. Surh eventually resigned. May 12, 2016. photo by Adilifu Fundi.

Now the crux:

Modern Reparations must again target the specific areas Reconstruction leaders identified—social equality and all inclusive Afro uplift thru enacted “self-determination”—items governors abandoned with Radical Reconstruction’s elimination.

Today’s same areas (showing catastrophic setback) means America must pick up exactly where Sherman, Stanton, Frazier, Turner and the like, left off—adjusting their “blueprint” with contemporary situations.

Yet, a troubling question looms:

Can America’s Afro spectrum community today—being so culturally, emotionally and politically fractured—and riddled with “self-hate”—unify to actually implement federally awarded Reparations?

Keep it here readers!

I’ll be giving you earth shaking angles, showing you what action must look like—if it’s to succeed.

Foundations are about to rock! You don’t want to miss it!