Trouble in Black Paradise

9781481707282_COVER_FQA.inddNational anti gay marriage laws join California’s voter approved Proposition 8 challenging America. Afro-American Christians launch from sidelined shadows hitting the streets, vocally backing these measures. Intense Afro denunciation of gays capture media coverage; angry images fuel America’s sensational discourse stage—they’ve become the new self-appointed representatives of global religious advocacy. Afro supporters justify opposition citing standard historical verbiage. Claimed is that no evidence of sacredly integrated gay life, or gay marriage resonates from antiquity. Intense condemnation of gays professes compassion, not “hate.” A white gay mainstream, shocked and baffled, wonders in their eyes how so-called fellow Civil Rights seeking groups could in turn condemn them. Afro religious though, vehemently reject any claim to shared Civil Rights predicament made by gays. Trouble In Black Paradise tackles this entanglement head on. Highly volatile situations are fleshed-out in a way unprecedented by impassioned literary presentation. Now, a man steeped in Civil Rights tradition through Southern Baptist family initiates a sensitive, intimate dialogue with broader Afro-Christian communities. Fundi is an educator, historian and social/cultural activist of 38 years; concurrently he’s been a practitioner of Buddhism and an openly gay Black man “coming out” in the pre AIDS era. Afro-Americans and the gay mainstream do not live in a vacuum. Troubling civil nuances impacting each cultural phenomenon reveals a strangely unused bridge. Here, decades of cutting edge social/anthropological research is finely organized, enlightening each side about one another—heroes, villains, institutions (uplifting and disingenuous) and media, all are laid bare. Exposes’ confront negligible Civil Rights participation by an entrenched Afro-Christian establishment; white gays in parallel light reveal extreme political/multiethnic disconnect. Racism and homophobia are intertwined aspects—inexplicably tying both—and find rigorous review. Trouble In Black Paradise holds unforeseen surprises with a shocking conclusion. Fasten yourself for a beginning-to-end rollercoaster ride.


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