An Elder’s heart-to-heart “embraces” monstrous national distress—yes, a “horror’s” electors are him!

“…preachers steered their congregations away from involvement in the Black led Civil9781481707282_COVER_FQA.indd Rights movement; staying on top of…revolutionary scholarly developments that offer new religious insights took a backseat to…worshiping deficient European piousness…”

Trouble In Black Paradise Chapter 14: The Bible As A Weapon In The War On Gays, page 288.


Greetings charged-up readers!

Trouble in Black Paradise heightens after American voters clearly chose to “socially, ethically and mentally” regress.


My last post laid out a disturbingly clear argument:

“Not My President’s” voters are far from neutral innocents. Flagrant white power stompers and so-called naïve supporters (many not republicans)—all absolutely are him.

My previous article’s barebones call opposes trusting citizenry who’d actually make grotesque personality a U.S. president (read it here)—it rejects positions downplaying “character”: ratings hungry media (keeping adversaries “tuned in”) and disgusted “opponents” (fretfully hoping calamity turns folks around); both balk at no one getting neutrality passes.


But I’m a gutbucket realist—an Elder looking through the lenses of Afro forbearers, in league with rainbow suffrage humanitarians—who put it on the line; and Eastern spiritual advocates risking it all to show that “enlightened life”—not “radicalized” Western religion—is the path to attain social justice.

Over 40 years of “trench organizing,” building and supporting networks for diversified communities “in crisis” coast-to-coast—doing the inner (spiritual) and outer (giving back) cultivation “work”—drives my argument. The thing though, illuminating every tool in my prized resource collection is parental advice:

“When someone tells or shows you exactly who (and what) they are, absolutely believe them!”

Believing blatant display became the heart of my growth process—it fine-tuned the art of gaining multilayered “perspectives.” Healing battered folks and reforming American civic corruption is impossible without decision making based on finely layered “perspective.”

Hence, related advice: “You cannot change or eliminate ugly reality you deny—or won’t face.”

I’d be violating an Elder’s creed not believing what voters slam in our face—given a clearly defined U.S. social trail; and remiss by not trouncing media charades about this. Unlike pundits my goal is to actually arm the distressed reader—not protect aristocratic “news interests”; I bolster novices and those already standing steadfast—whom beginners would seek to join.

The most powerful “tool” gained from “perspective” is vision—all else begins and ends here. Predictably a nasty bit of “perspective” did surface, putting meat on my last article’s barebones.


A recent report surveying heartland “supporters” slams media slants on character: whites overwhelmingly voted for “him”—not for social improvement—but to restore old school white priority life. (Read it here.)

It’s why Terrible Tuesday’s election had chronic gag reflex erupting shore-to-shore; guffaw rippled through sectors and individuals never dreaming they’d be hit—it reached explosive levels rarely seen in my lifetime. Pain and trauma was palpable enough to cut with a knife; emotions drowned in shock—a searing wound felt by many for the first time——social betrayal compounded overload.

Scores of LGBTQ’s never anticipated this collision. Black folks though (gagging as well) merely caught their breath—then nationally said “welcome aboard!”

We had long known mainstreamers (strangely including “white gays”) altruistically believed American “social enlightenment” was farther along than what’s real—unlike us they thought it was big enough to lead—“illusion” easily settled into detach from people of color’s blatant pain (white nationalist groups merely laid low).


Barrio youth hold a San Francisco City Hall rally protesting inner city violence, huge program cuts and major monies at the top that widen the poverty gap. 5-20-10. Photo by Adilifu Fundi.

Obviously whites comprise the majority—and “voter majority” is deemed the winner—so reformers carry daunting tasks: instilling “enlightened perspective” within an electorate of misguided kin and “Average Joe” citizens.

It translates to conveying integrity filled “vision.”

“Vision” though, brings showstopper advice: the most impacting reform starts at home—with the individual, or the personal “unit”; chasing reform elsewhere without “inside clean-up” only gains shallow, short-lived outer results.

Sadly, numbers of absolutely burned-out reformers grow—writing off attempts at “enlightening” voters altogether—believing corruption and selling-out is too deeply entrenched. They know it’s tricky business: instilling “vision” within beginners whose integrity has been co-opted and corrupted—by the very forces they wholeheartedly “trusted,” but now must confront—shows novices the ugly truth about themselves.


Pain filled protesters push against a “complacent” U.S. society at San Francisco’s Powell and Market streets. 11-13-16. Photo by Adilifu Fundi.

I face the same thing in what I write here. It’s like one person trying to drag wild horses to a fire.

My last blog tendered an all-points-bulletin; I dared x-ray individuals and collectives—friends and foe—layering ugly historical truths. I meet huge amounts of folks daily (particularly minorities) who’re absolutely oblivious to this “perspective”:

America is the world’s newest “test tube society,” pressure managed by the world’s newest independent aristocrats. Governors flooded it with intent to yoke—their potent item morally kills public defiance against corrupt authority: Europe’s “radicalized” form of Christianity.

Europe’s camp had won the global battle; her monarchs decided which Palestinian doctrines fit—“radicalizing” Joshua’s spiritual egalitarian intent—eliminating, or banishing all other Judeo factions at sword point. Eventually England’s grossly beleaguered Puritans flood the New World.


500 years the “cooker” smolders; Americans shelved by ugly class structure. Puritanism’s self-denial faith (glorifying “radicalized” Christian theology) sealed the “pot”—but not before solidly gelling their ruthless hierarchy:

The worship of “white supremacy” thoroughly caked on top.

“Tubes” compartmentalize each American sector; in turn those sectors house “tubes” of family units—“tubes” of individuals sprout up in families. Governors use every major institution to “squeeze” and enforce the hierarchy—schools being perfect brainwashing factories. “Radicalized” Christian troops thus targeted at will: pulverizing the humanity in vulnerable psyches; it stunted, or killed empathy, hospitality and loyalty to integrity—blurring lines distinguishing truthfulness from flagrant fraud; it sabotages “intimacy” (our most critical bonding agent) destroying one’s allegiance to protect themselves, or “others”—especially as outsider underdogs.

Blacks were crushed in at the “cooker’s” bottom—LGBTQ folks a thorn slivered in under Afro-Americans.


Judiciary slated murder—its wholesale systemic discrimination, thug like coercion and intimidating all sides—summarily killed the “Average Joe’s” healthy “layered perspective.” Thus my daily talks reveal “fairytale vision” absolutely engulfs masses.

Snuffed out is “Joe’s” desire to “intellectually grow.”

Eruptions had all of us spilling out of that “cooker”—as “tubes” bound in dog-eat-dog glory—so it’s virtually impossible for any citizen to escape the “pressure” of becoming an American monster. Whether a flagrant white supremacist nationalist at the top, an ill-educated voter—or a “voter dropout” disgusted with wholesale corruption—all are made monsters!

It explains Democratic Party platforms beholden to aristocracy—and a “radical left” in chaotic tatters. I’ve not even scratched the surface of all this social molestation fallout; corrosive patriarchy dealing individuals hideous physical and mental scars—denial and dysfunction compounded by sexism, sexual and “sexuality” abuse!

“Tubes” capping tremendously unresolved reality are what headed into U.S. voting booths.

I’ve vowed my “tools” won’t be relegated to museums, not wasting a Healer’s wisdom: “Innocent folk engulfed by abuse absolutely will inflict abuse—until their own terrible history is resolved. Wounds must be squarely and methodically addressed, faced—injury houses the realm where inner demons lash out, then lurk.”

Liberation from “vicious patterns” is imperative; it’s scary freedom process—but monstrous cycling grip melts indisputably under a flow returning “integrity life.”


A boisterous “Not My President” march reaches San Francisco City Hall. 11-13-16. Photo by Adilifu Fundi.

This Elder’s heart-to-heart embraces a public’s exploding distress—I say you are no fools!

You’re right to drown media’s calming charade with all out alarm; absolutely correct seeing Election Tuesday as retaliation attack. Deep wounds are real—incensed “abusers” rebounding from eight Obama years have no remorse—steeling themselves as their elected continues wave-upon-wave of assault. Campaign boasts claimed “he” could shoot someone in the head in New York streets and support would only grow—“monsters” back it all beyond rhyme or reason.

I’m keeping it real: in rising to seek social justice your clear distress—rocked by truths in U.S. conditions that you can no longer “avoid”—says what you really demand is “social transformation.”

I burst final doubt bubbles stating this: monstrous governors make “equality” their number one enemy. Merely shifting “pressures” administrative puppets rally a civic tidal wave crashing back:

Government funded advocacy organizations historically arrived—already overwhelmed (with little-or-no “co agencies” sharing the burden)—then burn out, fizzle out and simply vanish! (We Old Schoolers’ call it programs designed to fail.) Grassroots efforts begin with show stopping promise—only to collapse under tonnage weighted by “infighting”—nothing reemerging where gaping vacancies remain.

Fannie Lou Hamer Civil Rights Lioness1

Civil Rights “Lioness” Fannie Lou Hamer (1917-1977) canonized in the tome “Trouble In Black Paradise.” Book and illustration by Adilifu Fundi. 

Added tragedy swells those humongous vacancies: fellow advocate Elders and veteran strategists exit—growing fewer every day.

But I must illuminate a major “silver lining”—I call it the Elder’s Eastern Spiritual Bluebook; one “code” says we are our communities and have the very means to absolutely purge our own “monstrousness”—in this lifetime!

Our Bluebook paved the road chiseling the blueprint:

African tenets flowed through the Buddha, inherited by Joshua—or “Christ”; recognized by Langston Hughes and Gandhi; passed to Paul Robeson, Bayard Rustin, Ella Baker and George Houser; to Dr. King, Cesar Chavez and the “movement”; to Fannie Lou Hamer, James Baldwin, Diane Nash, Lorraine Hansberry, Medger Evers, Nina Simone, Malcolm X., Rep. Shirley Chisholm; threading the line of writers, educators, lay advocates and rare celebrity achievers slamming into the 21st century—who risk it all standing up—or daring to “kneel.”

The Bluebook says soldiers for “social transformation” will arise! But a warning: few get-up by self-realization alone (self-motivated to seek assistance traveling “the path”); the overwhelming majority rise being blistered by tragedy, or adversity—“fires that forge” (jolting folks from “sleep, or complacency”) are the most common.

Ironically tragedy makes “set-back” loom ominously.

In the hotbed Bay Area—amid crumbling institutions and disappearing activists—sparks of inspiration have risen! Oakland’s Alicia Garza cofounded Black Lives Matter. And solidarity coalitions address those gaps—mostly inexperienced they ride fumes from legendary “crisis” engines—dusting off that blueprint. Distraught survivors, having mostly unarmed loved-ones murdered by cops (who needlessly escalated) they are:


Justice 4 Mario Woods hosts a press conference and rally at San Francisco’s Hall Of Justice, protesting the DA’s refusal to charge a single cop for murder. 10-7-16. Photo by Adilifu Fundi.

Justice 4 Idriss Stelley, Oscar Grant, Mario Woods, Kenneth Harding, Jr., Amilcar Perez-Lopez, Derrick Gains, Alex Nieto, James “Nate” Greer, Luis Demetrio Gongora Pat, O’shaine Evans, Jessica Nelson Williams, Angel Ramos, Jesus A. Geney…and so many more.

Mattie Scott and George Jurand co founded San Francisco’s “The Healing Circle”: survivors losing loved ones to gun violence; pushing neglectful systems to “solve” cases—keeping “Black-on-Black” violence in the limelight.

Common folks caught fire to rise and evict their own “monstrousness”—fighting to purge “pressure cooker monstrousness” from their own communities. While desperate for some “wake-up, stand-up” joiners’ organizers know a thing: novices must be “enlightened” upon arrival, introduced to jaw dropping reality; nurtured toward facing their own “transformation”—a delicate, potentially explosive affair. If not achieved, new groups will die on the vine like the rest.

Organizers know “Average Joes” don’t want to believe; it’s easier to pretend everybody’s innocent—and they’re also terrified!


Then San Francisco Supervisor Bevan Dufty listens (at far left) during a “Healing Circle” City Hall press conference, calling for neglected murder cases to be solved. George Jurand (at rear left) and Mattie Scott (at front right) are co-founders. 7-5-10. Photo by Adilifu Fundi.

“Joes” avoid seeing Founding Fathers as monarch styled monsters (aristocracy hurling slavery and disenfranchisement into the future unknown); they shun believing slavery’s legacy prevails; shun seeing that white denial today ensures ancient racist policy keeps whites privileged today; sidestep owning that whites must lead confronting whites on racism; deny seeing that their own LGBTQ children need protection from family and systemic bigotry; avoid seeing that as white gays they channel both racist and heterosexist baggage into gay sanctuaries; recoil from history proving Black preachers who worship white religious “radicalization” destroy the Black family; tremble thinking Average Joes 1we’re disposable chattel in a game using war, foreign and domestic policies to feed the rich—that America’s become complacent, dog-eat-dog monsters. “Joes” manage a niche avoiding sensitive minefields.

So “Joes” do see. And I’ve shown the same gutbucket truths local coalitions address: layered “perspective” confronting corruption.

“Truths” is what gives “ah-ha” moment bombshells—powerful enough to “change allegiances”—a chance to blossom. Obscuring an “innocent” individual’s own insidious role promotes fairytale vision. Everyone knows the pimple’s genesis stirs beneath the surface—dreading the impending boil that must be confronted and burst.

To “see” is to be burdened—overwhelming reality—the psychological “stuff” driving suicides. “Cookers” induce over-the-top “distress,” system wide mental illness; psychosis and homicidal mayhem run amok. Election Tuesday’s crushing emotional burden smashed right through well guarded barriers.

The very same burden I’ve carried 62 years as a gay Black man.

To “see” means not just peering in, it means “transformation” action: actually coming through what Elders call the “Fiery Birth Canal of Consciousness.” And a defining trial will follow—afterwards, one cannot un-see.


A major “Not My President” march has thousands converging at San Francisco’s 18th and Castro streets. 1-20-17. Photo by Adilifu Fundi.

The distressed rise in shock! “Tubes” teetering on the verge plainly stir—seeking support—needing action taking direction! But organizers know it’s easy to arrive, march, hand out fliers, attend press conferences—the hard part is facing “oneself,” owning personal monstrousness that corrupts systematically—an individual’s age-old saboteur; demons known to stifle families—and “agencies.”

I bolster those already standing—pushing for long-range “justice dynasties”; I arm those new to standing up—so they won’t plop back down.

We must look closer at persons and shelters (coalitions, Black Lives Matter, civic agencies, religions) awaiting those who suddenly—and shockingly—rise!


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