The Orlando’s wherever we are Conclusion: Baton Rouge, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Dallas, Cleveland, Chicago, Staten Isl., Baltimore, S. Carolina, Detroit, LA, San Francisco, Florida, Ferguson…

“…an all encompassing element sets both white gays and the Black Christian religious adrift 9781481707282_COVER_FQA.indd(side-by-side) in the same listing ship of irony.”

Trouble In Black Paradise Chapter 15: A Demon Lurking In The Closet Of Mainstream Gay Organizing, page 321.


Greetings heart filled readers!

Trouble in Black Paradise sees anguish on a trail of “lost jewels”—but today, who dares to stand up?


Orlando’s incident slammed onto the chaos map.

Now a colossal “safety & awareness” campaign—to shore up LGBTQ community defenses against outsider monsters—arguably is a must!

For any group under “foreign” attack—whether as a country, a collection of targeted units, a untitledselected segment, or individuals—there’s a “universal truth”:

Only internal strength (“clarity” expanding growth & unity) thwarts such unforeseen doom—let alone a horror that is absolutely “predictable.”

After 9-11 civic “leaders” pushed people (for this very reason) to be exceptionally “vigilant”—hoping to reverse a climate of rigid unawareness (although today a public lost in “phones” couldn’t be more intentionally oblivious).

But our gay community has always been under an all out “foreign attack”—right here at home.chron3

I’ve shown that in the fight for protection (& huge social gain) leadership is the maker-or-breaker—without a doubt.  It’s why America’s “radicalized” Christian pressure cooker churned out rivers of monsters: so her foreign attacks (targeting our citizens) overrun the internal grit of all U.S. social tubes—with no let up.

Yes, breaking resistors psychologically stunts the vision in leaders, leaving corrupted social managers; a gullible populace suddenly is reduced to being sheep that merely follow along—willingly corralling themselves in the name of “Christian virtue” (interpreted as doing the right religious—or moral thing).4

It’s a full-fledged “radicalized” attack (from the top down) on the spiritual valve of U.S. populations, steered by the very government that is charged with nurturing, protecting & most importantly this:

The government is charged with perfecting harmony in society’s “system,” unifying diverse masses.

Now, we’re full circle with my claim: Black Christian religious & gays sit side-by-side in the same listing ship of irony.

Pt. 5 here showed how gay leadership is a “fuzzy” state-of-affairs” (mostly missing-in-action); & the previous chapter showed why for Blacks (with a far deeper legacy of “liberation action”) “radicalized” Christian preachers were the worse leadership monsters of all.

6But now once again there must be yet another adjustment on this clarity: the most “radicalized” monsters every “tube” spits up is the “individual” themselves.

When all is said & done we—as “individuals”—have accomplishment make-or-break power.

It is the individual’s absolute responsibility to stand-up for the humanity of ourselves, our families, communities, the nation, & yes the entire world; wherever, whenever & however—regardless of our “career status.”

And it is our “duty” to understand oppressive tactics & forces—“intimately”—to thwart sneaky corruption so as to more effectively build upon (not lose) hard earned gains.

Where leaders fail (or are “absent”) visionary “individuals” can hold them accountable, refill thlwgvo7zl“slots” & galvanize forces that will sidestep laggards to get the job done!

Ideally with response to Orlando that immediate “safety & awareness” campaign should already be in full effect.

For starters “leaders” could be coordinating with bars & social services—posting visual aid reminders with awareness tips (& numbers to call regarding suspicions); they could be visiting locales—giving security pep talks (up close & personal)—addressing  the distractions (like internal chaos & rudeness)—driving home the serious need to strengthen our internal bonds—at home and abroad.

In San Francisco (of all places) nothing is happening—it’s a lax party-as-usual atmosphere.  A “fuzzy” situation (with “Dude Snotties” & reckless partygoers) simply rolls along; here’s the perfect example calling for individuals to take the initiative, demanding we rise to the leadership occasion.

img_1593At least keeping the topic hot among ourselves—pointing out shortcomings—is a start.

For Blacks in general I’ve shown how a past’s more solid leadership also got real “fuzzy”—a result of corrupt political power operatives stage-managing the “radicalized” Black preacher:

Masses of Blacks more attracted to a religious representation of self-centered opulence “sell out,” making their own populace disposable.  The Civil Rights movements (of both the 1950’s & today) all but lost, were it not for visionary youth—the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) & Black Lives Matter, respectively—not wealthy “pop culture” icons.

Of course progressive Protestant preachers have & more recently did show the way:

Charlton Heston and Harry Belafonte appear with Marlon Brando, who embraces James Baldwin, author and civil rights leader, in front of the Lincoln statue at the Lincoln Memorial during the March on Washington demonstration ceremonies on August 28, 1963.

Charlton Heston and Harry Belafonte appear with Marlon Brando, who embraces James Baldwin, author and civil rights leader, in front of the Lincoln statue at the Lincoln Memorial during the March on Washington demonstration ceremonies on August 28, 1963.

Dr. King most famously led a cadre of Black Protestant clergy, stepping well out of the complacent pack, to grab dangerous leadership reins (& he did target & rally “celebrity power” along the way).

Many of King’s speeches attack the “radicalization” of preachers & its colossal detachment effect on congregants—culprits caused major set-backs—but you won’t hear these in the media.

And yet, horribly “radicalized” corrosion is seen too well in King’s own family legacy: siblings are in vicious conflict over his estate.

Here’s what’s notably damaging:

The massive volumes of King’s speeches—knowledge & “direction” intended as a legacy to masses he fought for (namely “us”)—are locked away & inaccessible; “living” truth-in-action now rendered to a museum’s barren vault.  These would be invaluable to “leaders” of all ages & selma-moviepersuasions.

Hostile mainstream media is left to choose which watered-down “humanity” quotes get aired (& which exhaustive, detailed “social truths” are censored).  Even Selma moviemakers were refused the “rights” to include his actual onsite speeches—to generalize king’s razor-sharp, masterfully “on point” verses, removing their dazzling cadences (that had electrified weary & overwhelmed marchers) took the climax punch right out of scenes.

But squabbling over King’s historic relics does not hide another divisive topic there.  Rev. thnm39owuyBernice King has led vocal anti gay marriage campaigns—once with the now disgraced Bishop Eddie Long in a hostile march (Pt. 4 exposes his “gay scandal” pay-off involving youth).

The late Coretta Scott King in blaring contrast vehemently supported “marriage equality”—realizing the greater “movement’s” success couldn’t have happened without the leadership of Bayard Rustin (pictured here at the far right).

Sadly further evidence of “radicalization” is now seen in another major Civil Rights institution: the Southern Christian Leadership Conference.

In Baton Rouge when Alton Sterling was murdered last July 5th by 2 white police (Blane Salamoni & Howie Lake II) a boycott was called.  My nephew, Rev. Reginald Pitcher, Sr. (at left below with me in Prairieville, La., 2013) spearheaded the boycott (see the Channel 9 Video)—100_0954ahe’s a native and long time progressive social activist there.

Rev. Pitcher is president of the local SCLC Chapter.  He’s also noted (like Dr. King) for his tireless efforts to root out the derailing “radicalized” effects on religion—cultural stagnation, disconnected congregations, shallow & misdirected “priorities,” leaders bickering over the “spotlight” (raised by Al Sharpton at Sterling’s funeral), pastors in collusion with exploitation policies—& replace it with principled “spiritual integrity,” an unpopular position indeed.

The boycott’s 1st stage success unleashed a shocking foe: Charles Steele Jr., national SCLC president (based in Atlanta) threatened to suspend Pitcher unless he called off the boycott & retracted all comments publically made regarding Sterling’s murder.  SCLC’s 1957 founding, as you know, was centered on the 1955 Montgomery bus boycott—there Rosa Parks took a huge 100_0919stand by sitting down.

Rev. Pitcher (as a community backed “individual”) took a huge stand initiating this boycott, refusing to capitulate by backing down—then was summarily “suspended” by Steele.

Pitcher’s sentiments when I phoned him were that major white based boycotted businesses contributed to Baton Rouge’s not so Black friendly Chamber of Commerce (the city skyline by the Mississippi River seen above & the State Capital building below left); the Chamber seems to endorse political candidates (through a funding set-up) whose policies go against Black community interests.

100_0903The businesses being hit apparently give dollars to none other than, yep you guessed it—the national SCLC.  Hence, another major Civil Rights group looks caught in nasty monetary conflicts-of-interest.  Down home it’s called “selling-out!”

There’s no report I’ve seen of Steele actually visiting Baton Rouge, phoning Sterling’s family, or any families & locations of Blacks killed by police.

National SCLC’s silence (and media absence) regarding nationwide police related murders is deafening!

With the Southern Baptist’s long challenged reputation it makes a peculiar thing really stand out.  One wonders why another Protestant camp’s long history of advocacy for the oppressed sees Blacks showing very little interest there:

They are the Unitarian Universalists.

The Unitarian Universalist Association’s rise (starting in 1825 New England) is rooted in the “Protestant creed.”  UUA boasts a long history of “liberalism,” straightforwardly promoting Human Rights “activism.”

This church’s theology seeks a “free & responsible search for truth & meaning,” attaining “spiritual 100_0946growth”; personal experience, conscience, reasoning & keeping an “open mind”—many theological sources across the religious/philosophical board are drawn upon.

In San Diego UUA supported my own work—as an openly gay man—sponsoring my performances, lectures & workshops (on racism); their theology an example in living action.  Blacks in their pews though, were absolutely scarce.

Maybe the group’s lack of inflamed razzle-dazzle preaching, disinterest in designer dress & their bold stance for the socially discarded just isn’t attractive “enough.”  Blacks craving outlandish religious euphoria—fanned especially through-the-roof by explosive anti gay fervor—sit comfortably in a stance that demeans (& excludes others); “self-righteousness” as their grand cultural center—replacing Joshua’s intent.

“Radicalized” ideology is clear: it has the abused injuring “others,” igniting an emotional need (or hunger) to always have “someone else” crunched beneath you—based on a violent religious demand: permission in the name of Christ (or Allah, or whomever!).

If someone of “sound mind” is always under you, they cannot (& will not) be with you—ironically IMG_1551an allegiance demanded of us (the attacked) by a system that “insists” on absolute loyalty to privilege (running the corrupt show).

Black liberation organizers miss a cunning, strategic opportunity, stepping over (& not courting) gay mainstream allies.  A Journey of Reconciliation LGBTQ outreach up-close-&-personal (following Bayard Rustin & George Houser’s 1947 CORE project in the South) would especially do this: stir & sensitize huge masses of white gays (which they’re not getting at home) providing both training & “slots” to take Civil Rights action.

Rivers of folks wait to be infused—bringing a massive “supplement”; that Alicia Garza, cofounder of Black Lives Matter is openly lesbian (Black gays always central in the vanguard) shouldn’t be missed.

Among whites the closest I’ve seen anyone today tackle gay unfinished business—as I do—is the author/activist Michelangelo Signorile (at right).  Based at Huffington Post his latest book (in light of41ji60cnfl__ux250_ “Marriage Equality’s” ruling) is titled, “IT’S NOT OVER: Getting Beyond Tolerance, Defeating Homophobia & Winning True Equality.”

Signorile heads in the right direction:

White gays miss a bird’s-eye-view of glaring mistakes (guaranteeing social loss & setback) Blacks now experience—gains are unraveling at alarming rates which is easily avoided; “change” is wrongly made synonymous with loss (instead of analyzed to determine “which” actions restore what’s lost).

Both Black & gay “tube segments” in America’s religiously “radicalized” cooker have (more than any others) lost that glue—bonds of allegiance to their own evaporate.  Leadership overall has gotten “fuzzy,” but its crystal clear which are targets for attack: those who’ve called it like it is—“enlightening” communities to the psychological & political chicanery of multicultural “monsters.”

100_1931aOrlando’s horror should be a wake-up call, especially for Blacks: the attack instantly melted all of our various haven’s imaginary firewalls.  Instead, Black Christian zealots made it fodder—not thinly disguising their demented “radicalized” analysis; & gays continue to “fiddle,” ignoring smoke filtering from Rome.

Here, a central area of Black “unfinished business” screams:

National networking is in shambles; highly resourceful individuals, groups & communities themselves remain as mere “satellites,” scattered around the country—most struggle in bleak isolation.  Unless this disconnect is prioritized as strictly targeted for change—a National Black agenda prolonged since the beginning—achievement substance will “again” be all smoke & no fire.100_1906

I though, can only see standard Black Protestants wreaking havoc: they’d sabotage a national, cross-cultural, cross denominational, network solidifying process.  Their legacy of holier-than-thou attacks (on the discarded), infighting, prestige competition, limelight battles (raised by Sharpton) & “exclusive authority” attitudes are a recipe for imperious detachment—the very problem itself.

I don’t see Southern Baptists having the skills to lead this massive coordinating effort, when “exclusivity” for them (& the standard corporate “business” model) finds a new level of worship.

But anyone who witnessed Muhammad Ali’s public funeral tribute saw diversified international organizing in action!  You viewers got an immensely transformed “perception” of Orlando’s ALICHAMPIONOFTHEWHOLEWORLDAFRICAincident—the dots clearly connected to all national & global battles against murderous injustice.

Messages repeatedly evoked Orlando & tied the broad LGBTQ inclusion struggle—with compassion.

And all this was organized through Ali’s own religious base: “Islam.”

Presenters themselves gave a glimpse of what seem the Civil & Human Rights “Legacy’s” last remnants of historical movers-and-shakers—a movement’s endangered species—how tragic in itself!

Ali had handpicked these reps from every major “faith”: Islam, Judaism, Christianity (Protestant & Catholic), Buddhism, Hinduism & a host of various “schools”—gender inclusive envoys represented a slice of collective human history.

Veterans, seasoned on global “frontlines,” stepped from the pack delivering hard hitting human download (7)rights “inclusion” messages—rarely heard so candidly.

A core ran through each “faith”: Love & divine respect treasuring all, but particularly demonstrating “hospitality” & “uplifting the underdog” (bolstering the “meek”)—against all corrupt forces!

As audience we got a sharper view of the “original essential” philosophy actually aligning (not dividing) these magnificent schools of humanity.  Deliveries ranged from the “gentle & colorful” to outright brazen chastisers (chiming from the soul)—a shared base unmistakably “lit-up” the common thread of love running through generations.

And a thing is clear:

download-6No one who witnessed this tribute could come away confusing especially “Islam” (in the least) with its falsified, bastardized (& “radicalized”) offshoots—that dominate the news.

It’s a huge distinction, profoundly contrasting zealous “power monger’s” twisted doctrines (pretenders who branched off—co-opting the original founder’s views in all these religious schools).

There’s a reason we don’t see the “common message” of embracing all humanity—through interfaith coalitions—made readily visible: “Radicalized” Christianity.  Major “full power” broadcast stations have been totally under its discriminating influence since their inception.

Ali in his death—true to form—left this “visual gift,” thus his tribute was a priceless event to catch.

Perverse & corrupt ideology also is why people of color—when landmark “gay liberation” stories rarely air—still remain extremely marginalized (or left out altogether).

The Old South Church, 235 Main St., Farmington, will hold a candlelight vigil at 6:30 p.m. Thursday for victims of the mass shooting in Orlando, Fla., on Sunday.

The Old South Church, 235 Main St., Farmington, will hold a candlelight vigil at 6:30 p.m. Thursday for victims of the mass shooting in Orlando, Fla., on Sunday.

CNN’s Ramon Escobar, Vice President, Talent Recruitment & Development (familiar with greater Florida & Orlando) said it well:

“Check your history!  It was mostly Black gays & transgender folk driving Stonewall’s riots—pushing back against endless police harassment—sparking Gay Liberation’s explosion!  Now, here [in Orlando] it looks to be gay Puerto Ricans.”

Maybe Escobar should be replacing some of CNN’s seriously obsolete “pundits.”


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