The Orlando’s wherever we are Pt. 4: “Outsiders” at rock bottom, layered under “foreign attack.”

“…[Black] preachers steered their congregations away from…the Black led Civil Rights movement; staying on top of (and involved with) revolutionary scholarly developments that 9781481707282_COVER_FQA.inddoffer new religious insights took a backseat to rigidly worshiping deficient European piousness…”

“…America’s extreme [“radicalized”] obsession…spawned conditions creating a catastrophic cultural double-whammy: ‘off-the-hook’ …Black-on-Black homicides and an incessant obsession with violently denigrating homosexual life.”

Trouble In Black Paradise Chapter 14: The Bible As A Weapon In The War On Gays, pages 288 & 289.


Greetings heart filled readers!

Trouble in Black Paradise shines light on a long U.S. trail—its beads of diversity still bunched on a string of chaos.


Tawdry “defense” of yet another disgraceful incident reveals much more than intended.

Most by now know the Republican presidential nominee retaliated against an elderly immigrant couple who’d spoken at the Democratic national convention.  Civilians joined veterans in thorough outrage, trampling partisan boundaries.

thZ4LIOCC2Khizr & Ghazala Khan are Muslim.  The Khan’s son Humayun was killed in Afghanistan, saving fellow troops from an attack by 2 suicide bombers.

The nominee of course says Muslims should be banned from entering the U.S.  Thus a deeply angered & offended Khizr’s delivery said, “You have sacrificed nothing & no one!”

The nominee sidestepped him to target his wife, saying she kept silent probably “not being allowed to speak”; a double shot attempting to discredit them while again slamming Islam (implying their women are paralyzed by subservience).

CNN, revving up their known tawdry debates, pitted an older Latino Republican (from his office) against a young woman clad in tight scarf (who still drove in traffic).  The irate defender was allowed to mow over the woman, definitely getting the last word.  His audacious final rant hammered in this: the only terrorist murder in the U.S. is from “radicalized” Islam, not white supremacists or the KKK!

CNN swiftly moved on, not challenging the claim whatsoever!  Leaving such an outrageous assertion without response gave a weird impression CNN actually agreed.

My scathing reality check in this matter though, clearly “shreds” that disgraceful & ludicrous claim:

I’ve shown in past & recent history what’s really forged a swath of bloody terror, leaving all other culprits in the dust: its none other than the horror-of-all-horrors, “radicalized” Christianity.b8cad602-a1f0-4c2d-8b6c-0286c48ca86e-large16x9_GayPrideNewOrleans_Gamb1

The Orlando killer appears not to have been a single-minded monster, “radicalized” to murder exclusively on behalf of some demented Semitic sect.  But U.S. news has gone totally dark on the matter—their investigation “coverage” & interest seems to have ceased; not even following up on Spanish Univision TV’s interview of “Miguel.”

We do know that “radicalized” Christian cookers here have produced homegrown terror “specialties” (over 500 years); psychological attack joins a physical throttling to break those who resist, ensuring Blacks stay strapped at the bottom, LGBTQ folks are pounded beneath them & Black gays lay ground under them all.

A predicament here is eye-opening: “radicalized” white rulers don’t consider these rock bottom underdogs to be “insider family”—Blacks are legal commodities (at best) & LGBTQ are labeled as abominations to root out; hence these “outsiders” are treated as foreign, subject to regulation rules that rationalize their being severely managed—or even “attacked!”

But Buddhism says Bodhisattva “mystic leaders” (likened to a multitude of individual “messiahs”) hb_1992_336do arrive: at social rock bottom—not in corruption’s “wealthy” comfort zone.

These “messengers” of the cosmos wield the power (& solutions) to effect profound harmonious repair—they’re born specifically with the mission to uplift the downtrodden & restore integrity “overall,” whereby ruling powers also have the opportunity to reclaim their own humanity.

Though each social group does have “rock bottom” candidates (cosmic reps can show up anywhere) no likelier ones more broadly fit this bill than both the Afro-American & LGBTQ communities.

Case & point:

History (before colonial Christian conquering) reveals the world’s first social “democracies” in Africa, with evidence of extraordinary hospitality cradled there; it also shows homosexuals as shamans (thru a long “cosmic” line) appearing in every global community—cradling the “stuff” that preserves (& transfers) a human’s fabric of spiritual integrity.

A provocative notion’s implied here:

As the Afro mission is to lead “world dominant” whites (and masses they’ve stunted) back to Mahuspiritual hospitality—rebuilding humane principles whites have shredded—gays are to lead the world back to a sexual/spiritual synchronization.  Together at rock bottom they repair the fabric of human “integrity,” working their way up!

It’s a jaw-dropping notion!

Obviously rock bottom underdogs are receiving monstrous assault—& it’s absolutely trickier when attackers (as the epitome of corruption) are the very “system” itself that is legally supposed to nurture & protect.

But here is exactly why the East emphasizes this:

“Insider” corruption only strengthens a “foreign” intrusion—or attack (but “insider” unity of strength can foil it).  Hence, governments (or “leadership”) absolutely have the broadest influential effect.

So a conclusion must now be adjusted. The worse monsters churned out of those “test tubes” (now topping all others) is this: leadership—failing, misleading & exploiting the people (or being totally “missing-in-action”).

Afro-Americans have a clearly defined leadership bravely stepping out in U.S. history (like abolitionist Frederick Douglass seen at right).  But even freddoug3then “radicalized” U.S. historians denied our actual worth & contributions, thru outright character assassination.  This was bad enough—but our very existence couldn’t be denied.

For gays our existence itself, especially as a “society,” was all but eliminated by chroniclers.

History proves what is sure: the grand “cooker’s” managers know the power of strong “leaders” (& how to exploit mere ponds).  Keeping so many feisty “tubes” capped required an absolute essential here: replace strong, noble, visionary leadership with convoluted “social managers.”

And governors did create the perfect “radicalized” recipe for Afro containment (that would last into eternity) saturated with an insatiable desire for grand, self-inflating, easily corruptible prestige.  Their result is none other than the Black preacher.

Black-preacherMy book Trouble In Black Paradise more thoroughly fleshes out the “breaking process” insidiously creating Black preachers—moving them (from mostly being backboned Afro-spiritual warriors) to sedentary agents for docile inaction.  I won’t belabor it here, but this must be said:

Black preachers make up the vast, overwhelming majority of U.S. Afro community leadership; churches are practically on every corner.  Clergy allegiance though is not to Black “people”—as it definitely is to their hard earned resources (in total step with governors who made them) but instead glorifies this: “radicalized” Protestant Christianity.

The Afro-American “test tube” being so thoroughly saturated with status-quo Black preachers did the unthinkable: enable 500 years of social horror & disaster to slam unfinished business right into the 21st century.

Black churches became mini “test tubes” within the “tube.”

Instead of stoking congregants with spiritually enlightened items like “insider” unity (to take collective, defiant “liberation” steps) preachers did the opposite: put the distorted, colonial “fear of god” version into folks; the afterlife now became God’s true reward—docility & obeying (or, staying out of “white folk’s business”) instantly elevated to worship; perfect for concentrated social management.

We can’t forget that psychological is the worse damage.

The Black preacher is simply the worse “monster” produced by the “cooker,” easily above politicians & civic admin.  Much of the Black folk moving out into social positions come from the “radicalized” protestant environment, hence their monstrous attitudes flout the “me” (& not the 7692981_28 “we”); snubbing greater masses that actually made wealth possible for them.

Big-time Blacks became narcissistic “monsters,” inflated by quick “get-over” areas:

Music (including multi-million dollar “religious” units), acting & sports; then comes corporate execs, politicos, doctors, lawyers, educators & others in the standard labor field.  But the “average” person’s allegiance to keeping “white moguls” filthy rich in a billion dollar fashion & cosmetics industry (Black women especially) is a monstrous abomination.

I’ve also not forgotten here that these are the very colored folks chosen as “mouth pieces” by media execs to speak on “racial matters”—(only added to the “discourse” because these execs can clearly distinguish monstrous attitudes, from those that are not).

“Radicalized” attack on human “spirituality” shatters one’s allegiance to their own—a task Black preacher’s carry out catastrophically well:

Demonizing the wretched—instead of galvanizing outlets to overhaul strapped areas—exacerbate Black internal crime; blighted Afro areas are still being drained & managed by “foreign attack.”  Black emasculation (the boxed-in “effect”) is central to our system’s use of “foreign attack” (victims devour each other), only now it’s managed by preachers—a phenomenon also well drawn out in my book.

Such nasty two-fold management—set to crush any “Black self-help” rally (or Afro call-to-action)—sees a snoop-bishop-donmonstrous double-barreled reckoning:

  1. Blacks are absolutely disposable to Afro-Americans. 2. the most horrific emasculated product of all time is the creation of Afro “gang culture”—super efficient in skyrocketing an Afro-cultural implosion: “Black-on-Black” crime.

And that damnation attitude does “outer” damage: it validates white emotions, religiously enabling whites to justify their rigid social disconnection—making Black lives “foreign” & religiously disposable among the legislation’s “controllers.”

If Black Lives Mattered to Black preachers parishioners would flood streets coast-to-coast—there’s totally enough clout to do so!  There’d be numerous major Black news & media outlets in existence (ending total white control of the discourse where facts are distorted—about “us”); now an endangered species, Black owned “full-power” TV stations (mostly watered down) are in shambles.

Black voices immediately would scream!, refuting a Latino Republican’s lies in trying to obscure centuries of “radicalized” Christian terror—exemplified so recently by the 2015 murder of nine in S. Carolina’s historic Black Church (the 21-year-old “radicalized” white supremacist killer black-preacher-meme-generator-in-the-name-of-the-lawd-and-the-father-and-that-cake-b2f823admitting it’s why they were targeted).

And a menacing police “culture,” groomed to break & contain Afro communities (bragging so brazenly in exposed racist/homophobic “emails” about being monstrous adversaries) would be nailed—no longer shrouded by fake sincerity from white ex cops & sparkling host “experts” (or monstrous Black pundit altruism).

Right now Black pulpit silence about all of this is deafening.

“Others” do cry-in-the-dark about these issues, but another pulpit abomination hardly gains outcry: the silence around age-old attempts to obliterate Black lesbian & gay congregants.

With a sensationally gaudy flair to beat the band, Afro preachers continue drumming-up life-shredding campaigns against gays.  Congregants are whipped into “radicalized” frenzy, turning on vulnerable family like junkyard dogs.

And as expected many of these same clergy use privilege, secrecy & coercion in the ultimate act of sacrilegious hypocrisy: to feed their own insatiable homosexuality.  Shockingly these very th551C1PDIpreachers (like Bishop Eddie Long) would not be rebuked by sanctimonious parishioners (who’d turned viciously on their own families)—even at the expense of alleged underage victims (the 2 at left getting million dollar out of court settlements from Long, shared with 2 others).

The rising toll on LGBTQ Blacks (hemmed on all sides) is staggering; & the general similarity here—of homosexuals also being disposable to gays—is no coincidence:

Social work had told me a staunch lesson: “the abused do abuse their own.”  I learned this over 40 years ago starting my leadership training—doing social repair work 1st with Black trailblazers.

Seeing this lesson operating so starkly in Afro scenes was agonizing enough.  But instinct told me similar conflict blazed though a drastically more wretched gay arena when I “came out”—again finding Blacks severely marginalized there.pastor-scandal-should-shake-homophobic-black-church

Such legendary cruelty aimed at gays by Black churches (being major social direction components) makes any “uplift” mission unifying the two segments seem a pipe dream.  The word “miracle” though does seem to appear through-out the world’s religions.

Maybe there’s a bit of social magic yet left up Mother Earth’s celestial sleeve.

To be continued…


4 thoughts on “The Orlando’s wherever we are Pt. 4: “Outsiders” at rock bottom, layered under “foreign attack.”

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  2. Jim Glines

    Notes on Part 4

    My sister Allyson (who used to be my brother, Raymond) has, in her Transformation, shed so many things – among them, useless preconceptions – and has become a die-hard atheist and outspoken proponent of Trans rights, and even spoken before the Virginia Legislature regarding Trans rights.

    Allyson was for many, many years involved with the Pentecostal church as well, as a music minister. She had three children, is a Vet, and is my hero (I wrote about her on my blog,

    In a world where the people I love, both family and friend, are placed in the garbage bin by others that consider themselves ‘superior’, I wonder, worry and concern myself with their safety. Was there ever a time that I did not concern myself thus? The first words I said to Allyson when she told me of her intent to change gender was not ‘OMG’ or some such crap, it was, “Are you safe? Do you need me to walk you to your car, or to the store, or wherever you need to go?”

    This isn’t anything but clear and sincere concern for their safety and their person.

    The media needs to police itself and be more responsible, that is certain, most especially after this fiasco of an election. Those who are in public service — a concept which apparently escapes our president-elect – need more than ever to exert reason over reaction, reality over fantasy, responsibility over personal will.
    Yet consider radicalization, not only of Christianity but of any kind: as I have said many times before, the ultimate suicide weapon is the intended victim. Muslim against Muslim against Christian against Jew against Jew against Arab against Kurd against Turk against Greek against…. It is endless and sad in the most fundamental (forgive the pun) fashion.

    The parochial, tribal society against which we strive to change to global inclusion with global responsibility is actually replete with lessons that are transferable to that global ideal. Protection of the tribal members, ever-vigilant observation for predatory intent, the education of the young by the elders of the tribe, and even the dance of joy in celebration of life – all of these are important societal aims and responsibilities.

    Consider what the ‘us vs. them’ stance in the zealot brings; compartmentalization, separation of ideals, denunciation of common aims, carelessness and casual killing of innocents. Past history is filled with examples of nationalism and cultural separateness spurring militaristic responses to human needs, the deaths of millions at the hand of psychotic clergy or armed crusaders, the disregard of the beneficial elements and creative benefits that divergent thinking, education and discovery bring to the whole.

    I quote you:

    ”As the Afro mission is to lead “world dominant” whites (and masses they’ve stunted) back to spiritual hospitality—rebuilding humane principles whites have shredded—gays are to lead the world back to a sexual/spiritual synchronization. Together at rock bottom they repair the fabric of human “integrity,” working their way up!”

    We live, my friend, in a time of previously unknown turmoil, an age in which there is little clarity and much anxiety, a time when the ‘monsters’ have been given free rein to spout their poison. Were it only up to gay folk to repair the fabric of human integrity I fear we would fail utterly given our current state and, as I said in the last post, I have a somewhat dampened faith that the gay elders will make much headway with the current passels of “Dude Snotties”.

    Yes, it is true, the abused become the abusers. Yes, it is true that demonizing the wretched is a singularly effective method of suppression, and that using a perverted ‘spirituality’ as a weapon is so reprehensible as to be chilling in the extreme.

    But what we can do, as individuals, is exactly what you are doing: challenge, confront, correct, and call to action those who heed that call; to live life by example to keep the flame alive and most importantly, to ignite that flame in those who have no light to guide them. It is this which keeps those who possess the truth of the word alive and brings them, in spite of repercussion and refusal, in spite of recrimination or threat, to call out those whose examples leave them wanting and whose stunted spirituality leads them into the dark.

    We are not better; we are simply guides to what glorious light brings the oppressed and what it offers them; we bring the concepts of education, thought and openness to them and if they take the path, that is wonderful, but we must move on to the next and then the next. There is no time for us to celebrate for then we become complacent in our own construct.

    Homophobia created in and among anyone by these self-styled ‘Christians’ is, indeed, pervasive, and gives those who peddle this rot more power than they deserve but they create that power nonetheless. That homophobia made popular by any clergy, black or white, deserves our outrage and our challenge. And among those most affected are as always those that are denied education, denied the truth, denied the opportunity to think and ask pertinent questions.

    The questions I would ask are the same that many would ask:

    How dare the clergy deny the teachings of Christ and exert their own will and perverse plans on the very people they have sworn to nurture and love?

    How can those who are oppressed not come to the realization that they are being used in such ways?

    How is it that a supposedly ‘learned’, ‘evolved’ society allows such conditions to come about?

    Where, finally, is God?

    So I quote James Baldwin:

    ‘If the concept of God has any validity or any use, it can only be to make us larger, freer, and more loving. If God cannot do this, then it is time we got rid of Him.”

    From “The Fire Next Time”

    Liked by 1 person

  3. adilifufundi Post author

    Ah-h-h-h-h-h-h-h! I’d been waiting to ask about your brother Raymond. Now I’ve gotten that update. Raymond & I really hit it off when he visited San Francisco. So, he finally squared-off with the powerful & demanding “call,” leaped into the “fiery birth canal of consciousness” & Allyson emerged brilliantly on the other side. How profound!

    I just read your blog “My Sister, My Hero” & got a more expanded review. And got to see an absolutely gorgeous Allyson! Say hello for me when next you greet! My catch-up conversation with her will be thrilling! Inspiring!

    I really hope people are following our own “catch-up” trail in these posts, as this is the stuff, the weapon of knowledge, forging substance on a bare-bones trail. Who in their potent & healthy state of mind could abandon the brilliantly crafted social tapestry we’ve sacrificed to establish in this country, leaving it as pickings for Vultures!?

    No one who reads this!


  4. Jim Glines

    I spoke with Allyson tonight and extended your greetings, she was thrilled to hear we had spoken of her. I showed her your book and encouraged her to read it, told her of our discourse and its importance to me, and told her how wonderful it is to have intelligent, thoughtful and determined friends and she agreed with me, and in this way we are alike – we respond to the capable and the brilliant light in our lives!

    I have loved our discussion, it has been not only captivating, it has been nourishment!

    Liked by 1 person


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