The Orlando’s wherever we are Pt. 2: The real “root” of this madness—no punches pulled here!

“…science proves there’s an inevitable chaotic, self-destructive outcome for animals that are9781481707282_COVER_FQA.indd ‘boxed in’—while they steadily reproduce without gaining expansion resource (or territorial relief)…Science knows the same ‘boxed in’ (emasculation) effect that impacts animals occurs with people who are subjected to controlled confinement conditions.”

“…untold numbers of ‘John Doe’s’ have been found murdered out on desolate ‘cruise trails,’ or were lured into dwellings by tantalizing predators where traps awaited them—victims whose statistics never made it to the evening news.”

“…Fundamentalist Christian churches…disguise their homosexual extermination campaigns…still attempting to appear ‘spiritually humane’…”

Trouble In Black Paradise Chapter 14: The Bible As A Weapon In The War On Gays, pages 289 & 290; & Chapter 16: “Sexual Power” Honed As A Tour De Force In The New World, page 352..


Greetings heart filled readers!

Trouble in Black Paradise shines light on a long U.S. trail—still paving chaos through society.


Speculation regarding what influenced & created the deranged killer at Pulse—by media 100_2171pundits & social commentators—flies!

People want answers for obvious reasons.  Right wing hawks declare they know conclusively it was radical Islam.

The killer’s background (on the surface) made this plausible.  But witnesses viewing him in the club over years bring more complex items to this equation—making all apparently not as it seems.

Thus, we square-off with a proverbial fact:

From the Orlando killer…to untold numbers of LGBTQ people who’ve been murdered (&, or disappeared)…to the Jeffrey Dahmers’ (that we know of)…to tons of gay suicides (still flooding along)…to the “Dude Snotties” desecrating gay men (fallen to AIDS) & to the rudely disconnected young Pride revelers—the same phenomenon creates them “all”:

It is perverse & corrupt “ideology.”

In American history we know a certain thing: homosexuals have always been subjected to extremist forms of “terror.”

And the source of gay terror absolutely & unequivocally is this: “radicalized” religion.

Just look at a perverse & corrupt ideology’s specific design: it is amassing absolute power to 100_2173wield iron-fisted control (which in certain cases brings vast “material” gain).

To pull this off perpetrators must totally co-opt “public humanity” in 3 critical ways: physically (threats), materially (social rewards) &—here’s the crux—psychologically (snuffing-out spirituality with cold religious “dogma”).

The instruments are insidious:

They are governments; greed driven institutions (like corporations); public service units (schools, stores, hotels, etc…); professional “media” outlets; self-appointed vigilante’s dastardly deeds & twisted lone wolf attacks (these are but a few).

Each one can do major damage (simultaneously delivering their “lessons” to either disappear, or stay in your place).

It is powerful governments though, who by far do the most damage: they are pervasive—trumping “all others.”  In essence the policies of legislative bodies steer the direction of every single entity under their jurisdiction.

All know America (staunchly controlled by its “business class”) targeted a long list for brutal 100_2174racial & sexual discrimination, riding on disenfranchisement of the poor.  Laws made selective abuse an explosively charged national celebration—from our nation’s inception.

In this tormented line-up homosexuals ultimately became disposable fodder, subject to the whims (& ground under the heels) of all others.

And the engine driving this long history of U.S. abuse—elevating “it” to a level of worship?  It is the colonial religious culprit of all culprits:

“Radicalized” Christianity.

American domestic murder & ruin from “radicalized” Christians leaves all other perpetrators in the dust!  Only certain third world countries top this, or even come close.  America’s racist, sexist, homophobic divisiveness dwarfs all other nations in the “free world.”  So do gun violence & the phenomenon of “serial killing” (considered overwhelmingly a white American male phenomenon).

“Radicalized” Christianity sponsored, justified & enforced:

White supremacy & the subjugation of “others”; “Ruling class” wealth from slavery & a severely disenfranchised poor; bombing Black churches & homes at leisure; lynching Blacks in a carnival picnic atmosphere; brutal child labor; morally punishing women who dare escape domestic violence marriages; denying women the vote; sheltering clergy in child sex-abuse cases; shrouding the nude body in shame & illegality; demonizing the basic “sexual element” itself; pillaging & depleting the environment to profit the “few”; ruining the lives of “non Christians,” & of course 100_2192the brutal persecution of homosexuals—again, to name only a few.

Now, all of this didn’t just fall to American soil from the sky.  So where did the “impetus” for these standards come from?  Recorded history should be obvious:

In a nutshell ruthless European rulers crafted this extremist Christian branch (long before there was an America).  Of course they were not the original religion’s founders—and what’s more, none of them were Jewish.

Joshua the Rabbi—fervent about liberating Jews from Rome & restoring correct Hebrew laws—is central here.  Embraced as “savior” (in gentile schools that followed) these new Greek converts then renamed him “Christ.”  And the brand new religion was called “Christianity.”

Joshua’s central ideals here set this equation: he rigorously pushed “uplifting the meek” & strongly advocating “hospitality” for all humankind—particularly strangers.  The universality was greatly appealing, becoming a rallying point for the poor—given that the extreme minority “haves” (ruling classes) mercilessly beat down & exploited the absolute ocean of “have not’s.”

100_2211And Europe’s viciously competitive rulers were no fools, gleaning a key human pillaging opportunity.  They outwardly embraced “Christianity” (for show), then fused Joshua’s tenets (of universal life improvement) with their own barbarous values—conquering, raping, enslaving & subjugating civilization—serving their own tiny, well guarded unit of privileged.

The desecration of Joshua’s original intent (an extremist deviation from his charitable “life principles”) was set.  And the new “morphed” religion charged thru generations of ruthless European conquerors—falling into the lap of Great Britain—who had radicalized her rebellious offspring—now the gloating rulers of the New World.

The U.S. got a chance of its life, even prior to “independence” (a rarity not missed by totally envious “upwardly mobile” characters today—seen scheming desperately to create their rogue nations).  It became the world’s newest scientific architects, creating the social “test tube” experiment of the new ages—American society.

Enter a nasty little glitch: It’s called “life, liberty & the pursuit of happiness,” this time slated for 100_2212everyone—not just “elites” (a concept unheard of before in Western society).  It’s how our Aristocrats justified their break from England.  But elite U.S. students across “The Pond” had learned well from their parental monarchy to finagle around this glitch:

The American “test tube” rapidly filled with Multicultural (& social diversity ingredients) where governors forcefully infused a nasty toxin, guaranteed to derail “unwanted climbers.”  It’s the same toxin they pounded into their global conquering trail—towering on a powerful pedestal of worshiped white supremacy: “radicalized” Christianity.

And here’s another clincher:

The government’s specialized tool that would actually enforce deadly racist policy & economically exploit the poor, was none other than its prized agents of the court—militaries & police departments.

Here, America’s test tube “pressure cooker” kept social corrosion boiling over for 500 years—each of history’s spilling episodes only advanced chaos, where toxins finally slammed against Civil & Voting Rights Bills in the explosive 1960’s.

The fact that we are only 52 years beyond these “Bills” should also slam home reality.  We’ve had antiquated maliciousness dumped squarely in our modern laps: it’s called unfinished “dastardly business”—the “cooker’s” top didn’t blow off, it was merely a spill.

Absolute seas of U.S. lives were physically sacrificed to benefit “privilege.”  The ways are seen 100_2216above: slavery; lynchings; legislated “poverty”; global pillaging & unjust wars; etc…).  Yet, it is survivors who bear the worst, exhibiting the actual brunt of strong-arming attacks on their sense of humanity—psychological being the greatest impact of all.

Psychological damage is a ruthless ruler’s strongest weapon—period!  Expended lives are meant to terrorize the “living”—the impact keeping both the oppressed & privileged in check—so that policies & conditions charge unchallenged well into the future.

I’ve said above that “radicalized” religion targets (for annihilation) “spirituality”—a human’s vital built-in component.  The spiritual component first & foremost feeds the increase of our strong “sense” of humanity.

But when spirituality is shredded & stunted—as a force to destroy one’s valid reality (emotional or physical)—it produces catastrophic mental deformities.  The result, having robbed a person of their “membership” in humanity, is the creation of social monsters.

Buddhism of the East is insightful here.  It says the “humanity factor” instills in people what’s obvious: empathy; sensitivity; loving; affection; engaging; caring; relating; perceiving; protecting; etc…  These elements are “spiritual based” & essential as glue, binding the “motivation” to preserve the species—in other words, the glue that moves us to both “clean-up” caustic personal interactions & perpetuate our “human race.”

Buddhism also says that all humans (even the most evil) carry the enlightened life-force “potential” that can transform absolute corruption—on all levels.

Since we are inexplicably connected to that environment (people absolutely being a product of it) we must examine “all” aspects compassionately—if the genuine goal is healthy “social 100_2219change.”

America’s 500 year pressure cooker produced social monsters running the entire civic gamut.  It’s why spiritual edict says we must not totally discard the Orlando killer here (who is a product of our same environment)—if we truly desire prevention in that “change.”

Time to look at America’s specifically produced “monsters,” spanning that gamut—from the sheltered privileged end, to its trail of broken outcasts—and everything caught in between.

To be continued…


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