SF racist text scandal fallout grows—inquiry’s major item scrutinizing Cop “Culture”

Greetings dear readers!

Trouble in Black paradise shapes catastrophe, a menace for all “rainbow” humanity.

Fallout in the investigation of San Francisco PD’s recently revealed racist, homophobic email trails—found in an officer’s records due to probes into earlier dastardly misconduct—grows.

My prior blog posting introduces those nasty text exchanges that sat lingering in the department’s system, plus a more detailed background of that first shocking scandal.

The original case placed spotlight on former Sgt. Ian Furminger (central among several convicted in a federal cop corruption trial).  The soon discovered emails went between Furminger and initially about 4 active officers—cops not involved in the feds corruption case.

First to fall due to the inflammatory emails—a third scandal itself peeling off of that second unethical mess—was “openly gay” white Officer Michael Robison.  Robison resigned immediately, soon as the emails hit the air, effectively squelching his part of the investigation.  Another resignation came quickly from Officer Noel Schwab as well.

The continued inquiry shapes what only gets uglier in the massing fallout:

  • 14 officers have now been implicated in the investigation (up from the original 4). Police Chief Greg Suhr recommended that 8 be fired—including a captain and sergeant.
  • 8 criminal cases tied to one officer’s investigations have been dropped.
  • Some 1,000 more cases slated for review (stretching over a decade) have grown to over 3,000.
  • District Attorney George Gascon has expanded a task force (currently investigating other looming enforcement scandals) with 3 retired judges who’ll remain unpaid: former California Supreme Court Associate Justice Cruz Reynoso, former Santa Clara County Judge LaDoris Cordell and former federal Judge Dickran Tevrizian Jr. All will scrutinize for deeper “culture” biases in the department.

Openly gay white male Robison’s now added tier—branching embarrassingly from the original two-pronged mess (and punctuated with his immediate resignation) at least results from nasty legacy: that notorious “blue code” pressure.

With this regard one media released Furminger email instantly formulates its own troubling psychological profile for the reader, implying a twisted relationship development between the two.  The sergeant initiates a toy-petting like mockery of Robison: “I was trying to be nice to you as everyone knew your gay.”  Another reads, “I love calling you a fag! Good enough?”

But Robison could just as easily be a staunch, card carrying member himself of that systemic “old boy’s network,” piggy-backing on social gains with its own ironic twist: hoping a space is now open in that bigoted club to more readily accept his gayness—yet another tidbit spotlighting extremely prevalent racism streaming through the white gay mainstream.

We may never know his personal take though.  No one’s asked him.  Major local gay rag The Bay Area Reporter for one, has no editorial on Robison specifically.  The paper claims its attempts to receive comments from “attorneys” for Michael Celis, Noel Schwab and Robison (on Tuesday, March 17th) got no response.

It has not said attempts to contact Robison himself were made.  No indication that the paper wishes to do so is currently at hand (now a 4th tier of scandal unto itself, blossoming from this rank entanglement).

Of course national broadcasts like CNN remain absolutely silent on this entire spectacle situation, it’s ex cop pundits (and most Black commentators) denying blatant corrosive law “culture” exists—as if reform is naturally automatic, where no traceable restructure efforts match or challenge the onslaught of centuries long discrimination storms.

But SF D.A. Gascon’s potent task force obviously thinks otherwise, enough that probing for “culture” reality is their top priority.

The appointed judges are noted for being minorities in the reform cause themselves (early careers rising distinctly as daring advocates of social justice).  Such noted folk would know factIMG_3855—the U.S. has horrendously charged precedent in its pattern of cop recruiting that totally contradicts CNN’s hand waving dismissal (of tainted culture).

With social blinders aside one sees the obvious: law forces solidified enormous filtering out pressure every step of the way when seeking recruits (without blinking an eye); it outright rejected or co-opted any potential incoming reform minded “troublemakers”—progressive whites, ethnic minorities and eventually LGBT rookies (i.e. “rogue officers” hoping to overhaul corrupt and bigoted institutions).  The birth of that weeding out pressure centered squarely in this country’s beginning.

When Blacks finally slipped through hiring cracks Black Officers Associations for one, sprung up nationally, pushing back against those age-old climates (LGBT Officers Groups emerging far more recently as veterans and recruits dare to trickle “out”).

Still, what’s been chanced upon by today’s amateur field recorders (and sidebar legal case “investigations”) reveal the depth of thriving, poisonous conditioning—vast, growing numbers of minorities (women included) lay comfortably settled, actually feeding the corrupt status-quo.

Shocking patterns crystallize what sell-out participants don’t seem to see as damage.  Their knee-jerk behavior shows this storm’s prejudicial forces (long formulated to normalize society’s support for what actually goes against public good) yields clear carnage.  Instead, this should raise eyebrows:

A Black male officer quickly arrives (the first) after Officer Michael Thomas Slager shoots a fleeing Walter Lamar Scott in the back—on video; he and subsequently arriving medics—including females—backed Slager’s justifying report (soon nullified by Santana’s recording which got Slager fired and arrested).

6 Baltimore officers were arrested after Freddie Gray died just days later from devastating spine and neck injuries received in their custody (between his time of arrest and arrival to the jailhouse).  Caesar R. Goodson Jr., William G. Porter and Alicia D. White are Afro-American IMG_3737(White being female as well).  Medical reports ruled the injuries homicide consistent.  A grand jury has now indicted all 6 officers.

I hope a glaring lesson doesn’t meet insisted oblivion: minority faces perched in civic roles guarantee no allegiance to reformed justice—America’s barreling, tumultuous legacy more so guaranteeing the total opposite.

Caucasians bowling psychological warfare through world imperialism over “others” rolls on a ruthless pattern; it sailed unbroken right into modern U.S. reality (topically rearing up in my earlier blogs).  Marauding treasure hungry whites—fine tuning race cooption “techniques”—start at the dawn of cultural interaction.

Take this brief stark reminder:

Ancient Africa reveals too many short-sighted Blacks swallowing the scams of “altruistic” missionary driven Caucasians.  Natives opened disastrous flood gates, raiding and subduing their own neighbors (setting an explosion of vast Afro material wealth marching into the coffers of foreigners—including slave labor).

Of course whites tried the same with “whomever” (when encountering their alluring shores); a task well perfected long before the duping of 15th century indigenous Americans.

Less trusting nations like China thwarted white cooption campaigns, but missionaries had masterful success with others (Africa, the Americas, India, Hawaii, etc…Japan’s self-destruction and containment though, being World War II).

Also perfected was the art of subjugation, fine-tuned for posterity (especially by Rome); whites managed vast populations on native shores and the pockets that naturally increased in white homelands (via slavery and the like).

Lessons of domination were primed and the tide drove intimately down, penetrating Caucasian generations.  Long range sights employed “ruling” others ultimately—not exchanging as equals.  America’s newly governing whites had reveled in this tutorial and learned well.

A by-product grips and sabotages today’s Blacks—reformists or not.  Africans (imported and broken in America) were soundly bottled-up—their “self-connect” (and self-protecting) cultural bonding ties mostly shattered.

The fiery essence of resistance (to blatant oppression) was psychologically snuffed out on a major blanketing scale, replaced by white religious “docility”; the audaciously assertive aspect of that same religion being reserved (and sanctioned as “Holy”) for whites.

Blacks in American slavery (as in ancient times) made ripe pickings to physically—and quite viciously—manage their own, boosting the new era of white racist ruling system.  Whites executing Black self-management in this cause employed 2 key figureheads: their creation of traitorous Black “hacks” and the Black preacher.

Afro hack “slave overseers” were innumerable and dedicated handlers—they knew their kindred’s ways best, fought hardest to keep them in place and (offering masters layered control avenues) did the deed for blood soaked privileges.

Standard Black preachers (far outnumbering Christian based Afro resistors) thus in the same way managed a sea of Afro “minds.”

Hence the source of that term “Uncle Tom”: originally Africans selling-out Blacks to white racism for gains—whether material during hard times, or merely to feel morally superior (based on white ruling ideology winning their dedicated hearts and souls).9781481707282_COVER_FQA.indd

Soon the term “tom” applied to any downtrodden group member who betrayed their own for the same.

The enduring result has untold numbers of Blacks fleeing their heritage, “passing” as white to escape racism’s treachery.  A thing should speak volumes to that extremely parallel group: homosexuals.

The homosexual’s lot in the birth of American history was eerily similar, but they were much more drastically isolated individuals (not commune groups).  Existing with bone crushing secrecy in every colonized American community they fared far worse.  No likeminded “above ground” community base was there to fall back upon.

Renegades escaping hetero society’s demands to damage their soul sought mental refuge (and sexual relief) in “red light” undergrounds.  Set mostly in brothel pub scenes and overrun with social predators, navigators had to on multiple levels, keep their utmost wits.

Raids by that corrupt white constable “culture” (ever hot to exploit material and physical gains) were looming and constant.

Gay ex cop Robison’s precedent for his own contradict situation (“passing” homosexuals) is definitely tucked in those privileged early magistrate ranks.

Wealthy white homosexuals could finesse relief through class privilege, but heaven help the underclass lot who was discovered—especially Blacks.  Castration mobs panted in the wings, hungering to unleash disaster riddled with humiliation, imprisonment and death.

Terrible social conditions illustrated here festered for 200 years; slamming toxic devastation up against the 20th century’s Civil Rights era.  Black faces rarely dotted police ranks and homosexuals dared not be “out”—inevitably though, both had “passed” to keep their clandestine presence right there.

You can bet that mulattos (albeit skin tone not mattering when becoming slave overseers) “passed” amid cop squads who arrested 20th century protesters at lunch counters; who blocked entrances to schools; who beat and fire-hosed Southern freedom marchers (elderly and child alike).

You can believe “passing” homosexuals settled in blue ranks entrapping gay men in rustic settings, raiding bars to arrest patrons at will—including at NYC’s Stonewall Inn (whose riotous rebellion took nationally culminating gay resistance barreling into the Civil Rights arena).

You can be sure many “passing” Blacks carried the perfect charade as the white preacher, hurling pulpit condemnation against Black liberation (from abolition to modern times).

Just as innumerable “passing” homosexuals did charade as straight clergy (of every race): their vicious anti gay diatribes raining down—while secretly satisfying their own pensions with that same taboo fruit.

Today the illusion of substantial gain finds top Black civic leadership in many major cities: mayors, police chiefs, council persons, district attorneys—to name a few.

Because most have dedicated their heart and souls to white ruling “civic” ideology—entwined in colonial white religious belief—they dare not speak greater truths; to clarify (through history) the depth of our systems repressive success; indicting its toxic governing brew as the living root of extreme racial divisions (and ever disintegrated basic living).

White religious “Christian” etiquette shackles them (including CNN’s Afro pundits) teaching that it’s morally improper to do so.

Minority faces propped in the ranks of today’s forces, “passing” as reformists, give the illusion of greater diversity—but not from progressive behavior: just because they are there.  Thus the up-and-coming Robisons on one end (and “altruistic” Blacks at the other) keep their sell-out civic places of comfort—until devastating scandal shows the greater shallowness of their position.

A storm’s historical momentum means a thing is guaranteed: unless voices of truth flip-flop discourse direction you will continue to see minority faces swelling among squads, properly doing oppression’s bidding.

Conformists endlessly will offer only this: confusion about actually what to do.


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