White gays only knowing “white comfort zones” reveal conflicts of interest

…it is totally possible for whites to connect with and relate to oppression experienced by people of color; the empathetic foundation for such connecting factors have already been established in the fabric of history (and in this writing.)

Trouble In Black Paradise, page 349.

Greetings dear readers!

Trouble rumbles right along in “rainbow” paradise…


The long entrenched white run discriminating “system” is a powerful and supremely conniving entity to reckon with.

The gay movement is white led which is a fact (its multicultural members being mostly marginalized).

A fledgling white leadership (yet to jell into a defined line of force) shows all the signs of repeating the Delta Black’s crucial mistake: so-called gay “reps”—stacked in standard politics—do not rouse the same advice given by ancestral gay warriors regarding a pervasive heterosexist power system.

I myself for starters represent both the Black and gay communities.  As my book Trouble In Black Paradise points out the gay liberation movement has key nuance differences, but fighting for legal recognition and protection reckons with essentially the same dynamics.

Gays though, ignore the Civil Rights blueprint which rooted gay warriors (such as the homo-preservationist Radical Faeries) have stringently rallied around—groundwork automatically laying out the (especially tricky) obstacles that should be sidestepped.  A breach in the transfer between generations widens here: newcomers miss receiving the passing on of key vision.

Topping the list of missed in-depth vision items is a reoccurring theme: rushed barebones integration into a still vastly hostile (and controlling) territory—action that primes entering a trap.

White gays imply they have hopes to expand fledgling communities, piggybacked on gained legislated “rights.”  Treading in murky water though, a demon tugs at their apron strings: like IMG_1549them, the adversarial system’s governors are white.

Allegiance non clarity screams and I witness huge conflicts of interest that steadily grow.

Main Street America’s operating focus steers all other social elements into worshiping its ancient ideal: a dominant “politic of whiteness.”

The course is staunch and clear.  Long term enforcement ability (of insider rulers) sugarcoats racial nefariousness with moral altruisms and postured “professionalism”—making this worship of whites (especially by cultural outsiders) as natural as a sugar addict scooping up apple pie.

All modern upper crust rulers of Western global systems know (from age-old corralling practices) that the best way to arrest aspiring outsiders is to have them altruistically arrest themselves.

Guard dog governors insure this tactic stays in place.  At its heart operates the clincher: a brazen dynamic making underdog folk (people of color, poor whites, dissenters against vile exploitation of humanity and yes, the homosexual spectrum) absolutely—and acceptably—disposable.

Tricky morals and proclaimed actions of professionalism (out-and-out lies) dupe otherwise caring people—intensely canvassing the broader white majority—into not only supporting the sacrificing of others, but sabotaging their own humanity as well.

The white gay conundrum screams here; mainstreamers have only known “comfort zone” whiteness (ignoring sophisticated ruling class viciousness exploiting them to regulate ethnic “others”).

White veterans of the liberation “movement” (though easily passing with concealed “gayness”) mostly were “the few” fighting to educate and empower the many and do deserve credit; these perceivers drew a much clearer dividing line between shared whiteness and a mainstream’s murderous homophobic policies—action not to be taken for granted.

Gay liberation Caucasian veterans though, all but vanished in the medical holocaust storm.

Newcomers swell the ranks of the many, reaping gains from earlier sacrifices made by “the few”; for these youth (of all ages) “vision” mentoring mostly doesn’t exist and they settle (like Delta Blacks) into frivolously enjoying those progress fruits.

Irony finds tons of white homosexuals do still “blend into” America’s mainstream (strangely remaining quite emotionally snug there) while simultaneously enjoying the benefit of an established white gay comfort zone—a place absolutely inundated by caustic racial airs.

And none of the white insider players here are fools with regards to plights of perceived ethnic outsiders—cringing at what they witness all across the U.S. landscape.

In this respect it appears that the new Castro, like the elite Black Church governors mentioned earlier, merely wish to be the essence of a colonial “system” that has not changed its spots.

Regarding gay liberation veterans contrasting a new Castro I must say this: veterans did not seek approval from the hetero system—or a superficial insertion of gay imagery into straight cultural media—to validate their gayness (or indicate gay social progress).

We do not wish to merely be “straight” folks who happen to intimately love the same gender—knowing that gay “essence” is far broader, yielding tremendously greater human enrichment dynamic than conventional hetero promoted standards.

Frontlines justice warriors sought enacted “laws” to protect ourselves from unadulterated vicious attacks allowed by the system (to finally have legal recourse never before offered)—not to immediately change corrupted hetero “hearts and minds.”

Our wisdom says that after gaining such legislated recourse one must protect their hard earned, well grounded assets—not hand them over to be swallowed by a ravenous, domineering sea.

Belief in a romanticized integration, thinking that new laws will make evildoers (who still hold absolute control) back off and do the right thing—or that suddenly a “utopia” of integrated society will spring into life—is misguided.

And supremely important: ancient global spiritual legacy reveals a “Two-Spirit” (male/female) essence conjoined with shamanism that’s clearly elevated by the homosexual continuum—its “mission” being to help modern human consciousness re-tune to the fact that humanity is far more profound than we’ve been led to believe.

How significant!  Keen spiritual spotlight fine-tuned by “outsider” guides reveals our innate cache of priceless tools; hijacked and dulled (by colonialism) human “sensory majesty” can be retrieved—our esoteric enrichment forces restored to perfection.

“Two-Spirit” shows people how the act of unraveling social chaos in modern times (purposefully woven by colonial Christian operatives) is possible; synchronizing the plethora of diverse cultural camps—who were absolutely prodded into being false adversaries—can be achieved; a road to civic harmony (hardly experienced in plural societies overseen by Western rulers) can be paved.

America’s glittering hierarchy, prompting exclusion by wealthy class policymakers (targeting so many branded as undesirable) can have their oppressive policies curtailed.

Delta Blacks in Klein’s Time Magazine article got the wake-up call (though amazingly late) with regards to the trap of barebones integration without protecting their assets.

Maybe gay Castro thinks unmonitored integration will protect its assets—blindly welcoming an insidious mainstream’s inserted poisonous baggage—by the virtue of just being “white.”


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