Like Blacks U.S. judiciary finally may see gays as valid “people” too

Greetings dear readers!

Trouble rumbles right along in “rainbow” paradise…

Following the sad example of Mississippi Delta Blacks San Francisco’s revolved gay Castro establishment also welcomes a peculiar type of integration.

Blacks as veterans should have known better.

We have a longer and more compacted legacy (as a firmly acknowledged cultural entity) enduring nonstop white supremacist terror and economic cooption campaigns.

It’s a more convoluted situation for Castro whites though, as legal court systems finally decree that gays are due “equal protection under the law.”

The ruling actually exposes an added and unprecedented bit of “piggybacking” reward: after an eternity of skirting the matter’s heart judges (with this action) also finally had to imply that gays are “people too”—or else the ruling has no merit.

Not that a judiciary has outright admitted it, but gays are now inadvertently added to that allusive cultural or “entity” acknowledgement category Blacks partially made it into at thisIMG_1561 country’s beginning—it would be far closer to modern times that Afro-Americans would finally be deemed fully fledged “people” instead of just two thirds.

Besides me I don’t see anybody catching or declaring how really significant this is!

I do understand why we as a gay “culture” would hope to be considered insiders by a straight social mainstream, duplicating why my Black kindred still diligently seek ethnic inclusion—especially given the rich resource possibilities tucked there.

Again, as point-for-point both the Afro-American and gay Civil Rights movements can be seen paddling the same boat, other verifying nuances jump out as well:

Blacks under American siege created much needed assistance “establishments,” providing services that whites would not—medical emergencies even had Blacks dying before receiving treatment.

Burgeoning gays did the same, also witnessing kindred masses die by medical institutional neglect.

Blacks created social havens geared to raise spirits after enduring hellacious daily life—specifically sheltering precious Afro “psyches” and unique cultural expression against intrusive, bland, white cultural takeover.

Gays created likeminded stations, co-serving as physical social safety dens and mental health havens—a rebuff against damaging, encroaching straight propaganda.

Countless daily white assaults found brave, mostly peaceful street demonstrations cradling pent up fury; systemic lynching and murders—executed with impunity—amplified the sobering reality that we Blacks are utterly disposable.

Pressure cooker like states exploded with Blacks boiling over into riotous masses, retaliating against police—hopelessness raining fiery destruction upon neighborhoods (just to be heard).

Gay pressure cooker states exploded in 1969 New York’s Stonewall inn; police wielding vicious daily harassment (with impunity) were shocked in the act—their being locked inside and beaten by fed up gays sparked days of “above ground” riots—hurling the modern gay liberation movement into daylight (to be seen and heard).

Locally Dan White’s 1978 execution of fellow Supervisor Harvey Milk and Mayor Frank Moscone drew homosexual street anger; White’s slap-on-the-wrist with his “Twinkie Defense” sparked San Francisco’s “White Night” riots.  Gay pressure cookers exploded (over-the-top shock, realizing we are utterly disposable) vandalizing City Hall and burning countless police cars—cops soon retaliated, smashing into Castro’s Elephant Walk bar and battering patrons.

Blacks were (and more subtly still are) subjected to major ethnic conversion therapies that insidiously are white Puritan Religious based—fighting “morally” to eliminate all traces of African.

Gays are still blatantly subjected to grandly advertised conversion therapies from the same insidious white religious source—fighting to eliminate innate homosexuality.

Suddenly though, we have Black regress after critical social progress which shows solid source: key community assets were sacrificed to America’s “machine” (in the intoxicating fog of sudden legal gains) believing barebones integration to be a Godsend.

Castro gays appear to be blindly traipsing down the same predictable road.

But a strange juxtaposition surfaces here:

Mainstream Blacks in family legacy had Black institutional churches providing “sanctuary,” validating Afro essence and sheltering—as white churches defiantly would not.

Hence, Black mainstreamers keep nestled in allegiance to Black churches—institutions that ferociously castigate homosexuals.

White gay legacy (in family upbringing) had a racist, sexist white system—with all its programming garbage—as “sanctuary” (but only when staunchly closeted); institutions that persecute Blacks—and cleverly use white gays to do so.

Hence white gays retain deep emotional connection to general white society’s emotional standards (notwithstanding that society’s still raging homophobic intentions)—a one-way allegiance weirdly strengthening with each legal gain.

Interestingly irony has white gays keeping much wider distance from white Puritan Religious “church worship,” than do their Black cultural counterparts—still another bit of strange juxtaposed positioning.

The white gay trail to freedom sees a knee wobbling nightmare remaining hard to accept: gained “laws” as recourse for communities under siege is only the beginning; essential progress for white gays means networking with (and studying the course of) people who don’t look like them—people they’ve been groomed to be uncomfortable with (while keeping their distance).

The lesson continues with this: strengthen and build upon the value of that cultural independence; one’s assets are the ultimate jewel; control of rising resource yields ultimate bargaining power when tempted by the demon (a vast cooption machine dangling barebones integration as a prize—right before its hungry jaws).

It’s understandable that standard white gays want to see long awaited legal gains as instant inclusion into a “mother ship’s” well guarded Euro centered folds.

A risk of great loss looms heavily with not believing that this ship has utterly thrown you away.

Ravenously hot for your precious, hard built assets? Yes!

But still, they don’t hide pushing to sail without you.


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