White gays not learning from Civil Rights lessons: repeating Black’s mistakes

“…should one substitute the word ‘racism’ with the word homophobia in all the above categories critical parallels between the two practically jump off the page; by not studying racism (as hetero’s do not study homophobia) white gays are letting another key bit of correlating arsenal silently slip away.”

Trouble In Black Paradise, page 323.

Greetings dear readers!

Trouble rumbles right along in “rainbow” paradise…

Like Blacks a tremendous toll was taken by gay trailblazers; they paved the way for unprecedented gay advancements now steadily being realized in U.S. history—but most open gay activist frontrunners did not live to taste an expanding “legalized” sweetness of such fruit.

Mississippi Delta Blacks in Joe Klein’s Time Magazine article are flooded by anguish, itemizing a long list of Afro institutional losses.  The ecstasy from finally realized Civil Rights achievement, following long campaigns fraught with dangerous risk, seems a faded dream hardly remembered.

Gays though, are ignoring the same institutional demons that patiently lie in wait.

Just as my book Trouble In Black Paradise emphasizes both the Black and gay Civil Rights movements parallel on point: legalized lynching; thorough systemic self-hatred campaigns; 9781481707282_COVER_FQA.inddschool, military and general social discrimination; valid civil history and critical contribution blotted out; and dehumanized characterization—these to name a few.

One frightening medical related parallel shouldn’t be forgotten.  The Tuskegee Syphilis Experiments (enacted by white doctors) tracked groups of infected Black men, documenting the disease’s life rotting stages from beginning to end—while allowing infections of others.  Experiments ran from the 1930’s into the 1970’s forbidding treatment (though penicillin’s effects were long known).

How interesting that AIDS overwhelmingly appeared “simultaneously” among Africans (in general) and gay men—mega numbers of white gay men because of sheer populace volumes, but highest in Black gay men (because of ethnic percentage concentration) and the current skyrocketing numbers being among Black women.  Hemophiliacs and I.V. drug users tethered to the rear of a nightmare train.

AIDS patients were ignored by policymakers, treated as guinea pigs by ruthless, profiteering pharmaceutical corporations (with a poison called AZT).  Activists tossed their bodies under buses on bleak urban trails, pushing for development of better drug fighters and forcing the system to reclaim shards of its lost conscious.  Gradually lives were more acknowledged; treatment improved.

Now, with advancing legal gains, a gay mainstream grows heady from the same euphoria Blacks once shared.

How ironic that the very concoction Blacks now see as a major contribution to its institutional losses—decades later—now lulls gays with mouthwatering temptation: integration.


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