The wrong Delta Blues Pt. 3: Disaster from Black Church priorities

“…Semitic Asians established enough ‘out posts,’ gaining a stronger foothold on [Black] Nowe’s…region through ingratiated trust (and aided by the altruistic charms of their deceptive ground gaining ‘missionaries’) they sprung truer plans into action: Blacks were ousted from the area…an expanded Asian settlement was built upon…Blacks inevitably would retake their divided territories…declarations of redemptive foreign loyalty—and the lure of renewed…economic exchange—prompted the reallowance of…Semitic communal satellites; eventually…Nowe’s guardianship permanently collapsed…this tug-or-war…ran on for centuries…weak ascending Africoid leaders with ‘short memories’…made…African stability worse.”

Trouble In Black Paradise (spotlighting the insidious 3100 BC Asian incursion upon a great Black civilization) page 21.

Greetings dear readers!

Trouble rumbles right along in Black Paradise…

Regarding “integration,” especially with white controlled systems, I know ancient Africans would say this: beware the fact that colonial whites have had a drive to conquer and control “others” IMG_1976apounded through their legacy from antiquity; control is the absolute goal—they are totally uncomfortable with and have not been taught to share “social power.”

Malcolm’s position should be clear: America’s white power system is so firmly established, penetrating every institutional aspect, it has innumerable ways to adjust to forced “change”; Blacks must utilize gains methodically and with back-up plans—the system cannot be trusted to be “inclusive” on its own merits.

No one in the Delta’s Greenville Black camp directly evokes the wisdom and admonitions (or fiery inspiration) of their historical predecessors, except inadvertently when counting losses—and their causes.  Unraveling escalated when the Tea Party arrived, plus white folks were smart (cosmetically adjusting their still controlled system, in the face of forced change).

Blacks “had rushed into integration and left some of their most cherished institutions in the dust.”

The Black Church’s worshipping (of Protestant Christianity’s politics of saving souls) has escalated Afro-American catastrophe.  Enormous legacy “resource” did and still lies at their feet, but they have other priorities.  Pressuring community members to be docile in the face of brutal racial subjugation, disconnecting from socially induced urban chaos, devaluing ancient African greatness and connection, using fear tactics to get communal monies fattening-up their coffers and castigating lesbian/gay validity forged the campaign.  The payoff being blessings from God as Holy salvation—after you died.

Fragmented epiphanies seem to stir in that New Hope First Baptist Church basement meeting place.  Whether key dots will finally be connected remains to be seen.  With such gargantuan set-back national coalescing is a critical dot in the equation—nationally the tapestry is no different and the lessons are the same.

Ironically, on a different side of the same social challenge, is an advancing lesbian/gay mainstream.  Like Blacks, predecessor groundwork paved a trail for gay advancements unprecedented in U.S. history.  Gays though, might be ignoring the same institutional demons that patiently lie in wait.


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