Oblivious Blacks stuck with the wrong Delta Blues: Pt. 2

“In terms of having a strong intact ancestral affirmation other ethnicities by comparison…have left lymphatic Blacks way behind and disoriented in a self-blinding dust.”

Trouble In Black Paradise, page 405.

Greetings dear readers!

Trouble rumbles right along in Black Paradise…

Joe Klein’s Time Magazine article spotlights an extreme dichotomy: in a Mississippi delta the ultra white Tea Party gathering is electrically pumped-up to stay the course—whittling away at an attempted super conservative takeover of the state’s current Republican policymaking channel.   Across town the Black leadership camp is shrouded by deep despair.

Tea Party attendees are charged by rallying fervor with the movie Braveheart, its quoted Scots-Irish hero is an antiquated European ancestor (of most in the room).  The article has Blacks not quoting an ancient African or recent “liberation” hero; instead they itemize a laundry list of huge, tragic losses.

Whites have: monetarily co-opted development of 80% Black historic blues town Clarksdale; usurped the Black Delta Blues festival (reputedly the nation’s oldest) with their own Mighty Mississippi Music festival—infusing it with “country music”; and Black youth went North for better opportunities, but never looked back.

Klein asks: what happened?  Racism in a controlled “system” designed to corral Blacks, was a standard answer.  “Integration” finally did us in, was the eye-opening rocker!

For these Blacks two-plus-two (calculated to reveal a key answer to their continued spiraling losses and growing social chaos) still doesn’t seem to “add up.”  Here, I must ask this: what IMG_1701would the chronicled guidance and admonitions of those neglected African ancestors (and recent liberation pioneers) have to say about this?

My short answer:  Black Americans are still blinded and deluded by profound “self-hatred.”

It is a fact that one real specific “brand” of Colonial Christianity, hand fed to American “Negroes” by the system’s white controllers, pumps at the heart of this ongoing matter.

Groomed and browbeaten for centuries to be extremely “docile” in the face of white treachery, to not trust your “own,” to believe yourselves supremely “inferior,” to not protect your own, and to hate what you naturally “look like”—in the name of God (life’s greatest spiritual/moral “force”)—is a powerfully enduring concoction.

I know that no severely oppressed “minority” will sustain key institutional achievements without flushing out self-hatred; offspring who do not love themselves won’t trust their leadership’s wisdom (never learning from predecessor’s mistakes) and readily abandon their own—reveling in watered down isolated glory instead (when it can be found).

Malcolm X said as much (a name never heard quoted by today’s so-called Black Christian leadership spokespersons—”advisers” meticulously rushed to by standard “media”).

Regarding “integration” I know this: from Ethiopian King Menes (original “founder” of the Egyptian Dynasties) to one of Nubia’s last ruling Kandake Queens, their voices join Malcolm’s for a vital message.


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