Challenging the media’s sensation around “spanking”

Grossly high percentages of Black men flooded towards professional baseball, basketball and football, attempting to breach tight opportunistic spaces…many who did become “superstar” athletes were quick to offer their struggling communities an eyeful of overblown, wasteful, materialistic “opulence-on-parade” (before it was disastrously squandered)…Trouble In Black Paradise, page 291.

Greetings dear readers!

A torrent of damning sensational publicity snowballs right into the beginning of the NFL’s 2014 season.  Couple related domestic abuse charges lead the way, spawning a torrent of media discussion—here, pundit hound dogs again are frothing at the mouth.

Another case, involving Adrian Peterson’s alleged child abuse, barrels off to a varied direction from the same trail.  Domestic abuse actions between adults will be addressed later, so it’s the media’s narrow focus and high-minded attitude on parents spanking (to chastise) their children that I’ll critique here, analyzing this case.

First, what I’ve seen publicly reported: Peterson’s son is age 4—he was visiting him in Texas when pushing a sibling off of a motorbike video game; the child was compelled to tell his mom in Minnesota via a Skype call about the whipping, which Peterson allegedly encouraged; four days later in Minnesota the child’s mother has doctor’s examine him—they photograph the bruises and determine it’s abuse; the son says Peterson stuck leaves in his mouth while whipping him with a switch and a belt—he says the father also has a “whipping room.”

Peterson reportedly admits to whipping him, justified he says because It’s how he was raised “with the best intentions”—arrested in Texas after turning himself in, he posted bail and was released.

Media pundits say whipping and spanking a child is always child abuse (with no shades of gray) never works and should never be done as chastisement; they say “all forms” lead to handing down a cycled “abuse level” of violence, boundary crossing and interpersonal disrespect.  But ironically at the “other end” they say the lack of “rearing” or “disciplining” produces nowhere near the same result—it’s dismissed with little or no fanfare.  Hmmm…

I’ve seen the net’s photographed wounds.  This alone is horrendous (whether on a newborn or an adult) and to me definitely abuse.  To put leaves in a child’s mouth in the act exacerbates all.

And here’s my hot buttoned assessment: all spanking, or whipping is not the same and does not instantly equate to damage, or inherited abuse level behavior; parents must be allowed to make individual chastisement decisions, which should draw legal repercussions (to protect children) should lines be crossed—and there’s a definitive “line.”

I’ve an interesting observation: spanking tends to be with the hand; whipping tends to be with an object; both can yield either minor attention getter pain, or serious physical damage—opposite ends of a “spectrum.”

I was spanked by my mom.  The earliest I can remember was at about the age of 7.  It would happen about once a year until I entered Jr. High School; for mom the offense had to be extremely egregious or “life threatening”—and it was.


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