An astounding rumble around Trouble In Black Paradise

Greetings dear readers!

There’s a rumbling about “Trouble In Black Paradise”…

And how my excitement grows!  The person-to-person responses coming to me, particularly from a spectrum of “men” who’ve begun reading, or have finished this book is rising from a trickle to a stream.  Being enthusiastically sought out, especially in public, can be startling but moves me unto itself.  To receive the words “astonished” and “astounded” as overwhelmingly consistent in these men’s introductions to what they’ve found here is downright humbling!

The book’s underlying premise does promote a dialogue with standard Black Churchgoers about their institution’s damaging anti gay legacy, but readers are discovering it is much more than that.

The historical ride (and connecting of the interrelated dots) leaves conventional educational and media policies in the dust.  Such revelations and daring introductions—of rarely spoken truths—are the stuff that potentially jolts powerful “release.”  Such has become evident as readers display a striking phenomenon:

Tears are bravely shed by men in these deliveries.  Many cry the entire time, stunning me marvelously, which I welcome with the open arms of my “listening port-of-call”—a thing that itself proves highly reinforcing to their perceptions (and my own).

And white gay men are thick here, excitedly seeing oneself being buckled into a seat thought so foreign—and hardly imagined.

The thing enabling approach is materialized trust, a rarely doled out commodity in this society where those who are under attack (the plethora of so-called “minorities”) tend to wall sensitivities and extended grace behind postures, hardened by uncertainty.

Inner lives though, know that vulnerability is a must: giving its owner balanced healthy “life perspective” from the bosom of a spiritedly rich receptor—reciprocal insight can help flush-out a key experience’s residual garbage (and offer passionate sanctuary).

A naked projection of raw love from one to another, even “unspoken” between strangers, makes for soul stirring stuff; the casual jolt catching the arena’s receiver wonderfully off guard.

Such are some of the many layers of dynamic offered by readers who have been so moved; another is that from beginning to end it’s a fabulous lyrical ride—all have made me appreciate the exhausting energy and investment I’ve put into this powerfully researched project.

Please read Trouble In Black Paradise.  Please share with “others” on these pages.

Inform those isolated souls you know out there who settle in darkness awaiting unimagined light.  Send it to friends and family (particularly the hostile or indifferent) and check out your own “surprises.”

Remember: jewels out of hand (or unperceived) bring no reward from the market that yields heavily to treasure.


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