Ferguson conclusion: (the misnomer title)

“The ‘third gift’ is an irascible, irrepressible (and uncontaminated) item known as the youthful seeking spirit.  Its nature is imminent: designed to even surface ‘right in the midst’ of a beleaguered humanity’s troubled fields.”

…from: Trouble In Black Paradise; page 183, by Fundi.

Greetings dear readers!

An astounding comment is constantly fired off with machinegun rapidity, especially by white media associates.’  They say solving or putting huge dents in America’s racial problem is totally “perplexing.”  Independent “thinkers” believe these pundits know better, just as we do.  Progressives though are not being questioned substantially on the matter—nor are we being listened to.

A thing overshadowing all other influencing elements would have to be spotlighted—then addressed.  This thing is the “politics” of whiteness, which apparently has dominant news agencies blinded by the light.  Again, no one is fooled, especially not racism’s blatant culprits IMG_3855who are kept comfortable, or its complicit sideliners of all persuasions (cloaked in light blinding innocence).

A notion is never put on the plate: if white Americans alone took specific substantial action against their own part in the matter, there would hardly be anything left—ironically since white politic itself set the millennia old momentum, all else in its deconstruction would naturally follow suit.  Here, whites would have to embrace what in Buddhism is called the “seeking spirit.”

The “seeking spirit” indicates not only a desire to know (and spiritually grow) but represents the energized initiative to truly “investigate.”  It’s a palpable item to address and the perfect place to “start.”

Whites do not have the motivation to know about this thing.  The combination of systemic power, privilege and a perceived moral correctness makes for an intoxicating “cocktail.”  It’s a service standard whites do not wish to give up (which is why whites do not teach whites about a functioning racism’s broad apparatus—a second excellent place to start).

Approaching deconstruction straightforwardly is to instantly release the lion, snarling and swatting to protect its precious cub, at the expense of all others no matter what—even though we’re all supposed to be part of the same “pride.”  Standard white behavior though, says they believe otherwise:

Regardless of collective witness accounts masses of Missouri whites led counter street protests subjectively supporting Officer Darren Wilson who killed unarmed Michael Brown.  Had a Black male cop killed an unarmed white youth whites would be calling for his head, not generically supporting him as a cop.

To this day the NFL Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder disgracefully fights to keep the team’s hateful, racially denigrating name.  Euro media braggarts early on told me their concocted term means a dirty, conniving, murderously barbaric race.  The name Washington “Darkies” would never be tolerated.  Would the team itself tolerate being called the Washington “faggots?”

Standard whites know exactly what “taken” steps will dissolve racism.  So do media pundits, but they’ll continue pretending not to—so long as the really targeted (and impacted) parties go along.


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