Ferguson 9: A radar “blip” in Oakland, CA

Greetings dear readers!

There’s trouble in Black paradise…

Headlines from Ferguson, Missouri may no longer dominate media attention with chaotic street incidents seemingly subsiding, but elsewhere things are far different.

An off-duty Oakland, California firefighter alleges that a white police officer racially profiled him and his two sons.  A highly upset Keith Jones says that about 10:45pm after leaving an Oakland Raiders game on August, 15, he passed a fellow firehouse while driving home.  Noticing the doors open with lights out Jones decided to investigate with his sons.

The officer who was also responding apparently found the boys aged 9 and 12 outside; stooping swiftly with hand on gun he ordered them to put their hands up.  Hearing his son’s traumatized cries Jones comes out, explains his relationship to the scene—the officer turns on him repeating the orders, remaining in tense striking position, sending the kid’s terror into overdrive.

After letting Jones slowly produce his credentials the officer apologizes, allowing him to console his hysterical sons.  Turns out the door was accidentally left open when the station left on a call.

Jones filed a complaint.  Oakland’s top brass exonerated the still unnamed officer.

I watched the video (which from the officer’s uniform recorded the incident) and the media’s IMG_1562interview of the clean-cut looking family.  16 year veteran Jones is adamant about what all his own senses record: the officer’s abrasive approach, attitude and demeanor tell him they were profiled; had they been “white” the incident would have unfolded drastically different.

I must agree.  A nice clean-cut looking white male and two young children may have been questioned (to begin with) but not threatened “with their lives” right off the bat.  Here, the deadly approach these children received was couched under the banner of “necessary professionalism.”

How interesting that even as more “witnesses” come forth in Ferguson (the latest being two white workers with their own partial recording) police officials and white community response deems Michael Browns killing to be a “professional necessity.”


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