Ferguson 8: “Personal experiences” hitting me from all directions

Greetings dear readers!

There’s trouble in Black paradise…

I know that American governing “intent” gave direct birth to Ferguson, Missouri and all of its participants in the matter—local or national.  The governors are sure culprits, but here’s a thing: every other sector (from the privileged to the oppressed) feeds its ongoing, chaotic status-quo.

Being oppressed has also found its own crazy “politic” in the nasty scheme.  The thickest part (both sides do share) remains quite insidious.

I myself have weathered attack, broadsided at central where these malicious cross-fires intersect; I’ve also seen how spillage from others who’ve been impacted (and unresolved) taints legacy lines—heirs have had prejudice or turmoil dropped in their laps to carryon where adults flounder and fail.

My progressive religious father ever ranted about corrupt Baptist leadership (detached from frontline social change); involved strongly himself he trusted not one preacher.  The point from childhood?  Standard Christians have sold out, choosing self-indulgence over improved life for all.

In 1980 at age 25 my illustrations won the contract to produce a San Diego State College IMG_1562schedule for the graphics company where I worked.  A notion occurred: opportunity to present equal ethnic images, instead of majority or “all white” faces was at hand.  The white female overseer exploded, screeching unflinchingly that whites were the majority which the “visuals” had to reflect.  My learned lesson?  Whites fight fiercely to maintain dominance, sabotaging even potential “visual equality.”

After “coming out” shortly therein and lending network resource to San Diego’s gay establishment, I was photographed speaking with Black City Councilman Wes Pratt (a heterosexual) at a gay planning meeting.  A major gay rag “spoofed” us; captions had us scrapping like babies to gain media attention over one another (its response to complaints that Black leadership finds no visibility in white gay media).  Everyone’s learned message?  Black gay (and general) leadership is a joke and not welcome in the white gay movement.

A San Francisco gay bar’s white male patron questions my Afro expressive attire, seemingly with interest.  Pretense drops in a sudden vicious barrage of racist attack.  So-called white gay friends around me sit stone faced, offering no assistance or back-up, even when workers investigate—the culprit is allowed to stay (and gloat).  The message to all?  Racist attacks on Blacks in white gay bars are tolerated; don’t expect assistance (or repercussions for violators).

The politic of “whiteness” is powerful, primed for a hierarchy’s easy orchestration.  Undeniably it infiltrates every aspect functioning down the line.  Not all sectors under a corrupt system see that they are also victims—inadvertently they victimize “outsiders” (placating a system perceived as “virtuous”).  Others know better, actively initiating (or cowardly watching on the side).

I also know something else: those serious about healing and overhaul must truthfully acknowledge both the system’s demon “machine” and their own participation in its maintenance—a thing likened to a social pipe dream.


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