Ferguson 7: Chaos perfect for society’s “great divide”

Greetings dear readers!

There’s trouble in Black paradise…

The sobering fact is that chaos and calamity constantly plaguing (and besieging) communities across this nation, is due to the governing system’s main bodied “culture.”  Women, poor whites, people of color, lesbians and gays, non Western religions (meaning non Colonial Christian), in essence the generally disenfranchised lower “classes”—and yes specifically Black men—all were looked at as items to greatly exploit, but keep in check…and this by any means necessary.

A fascinating thing was certain: the position of Europeans as a new nation having to both govern and seriously reckon with such a broad, pulsating selection of global peoples (tightly under the same shore’s umbrella) was unprecedented—the now Euro-Americans would have to do so.

For England’s renegades who won the revolutionary war, another interesting thought: creating the politic of “whiteness” (as a new system’s central cultural fabric) can be seen as both brilliant and incidental.

Hindsight shows that a poor white majority, tricked into believing themselves God’s holier-than-all-others, stoked emotional fire; they rallied with their own white adversaries (who still remained bitter enemies) against racial “outsiders”—simultaneously, poor whites gullibly supported upper crust policies, blocking their own improved living.  Governors rooted as supremacists “brilliantly” made applied white manifest destiny ideals “incidental.”

Any iron fisted monarch in history can tell you that crafting a divide and conquer tapestry, IMG_3729among possible challenging segments, is the most effective for long range power maintenance; one thus starts with the “insider” masses and all else follows through.  The culture of maintenance thereby is set into motion, guarded by those it actually suppresses, taking on an “integrated” life of its own.

The military, Colonial Christianity (the machine’s engine), educational schools and the media (among others) are segmented “cultures” crafted right out of the heart of this race and class legacy—and so are the police.  Initially police were a strong-arm unit, foremost guarding the exploitive interests of merchant governors (or corrupt self-service gains); and this under the general banner of domestic law and order.

Fast forward to Ferguson, U.S.A. 2014 and you can see every avenue in this chaotic set-up playing into feeding a system’s demon—one that boldly orchestrates right before our eyes.


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