Ferguson 6: A machine’s culture designing at the roots

Greetings dear readers!

There’s trouble in Black paradise…

Escalating events overseas finally snatched media main focus off of turmoil in Ferguson, Missouri.  On CNN (following Michael Brown’s soul stirring funeral) only the occasional ribbon of fragmented blurbs stream beneath other sensationalized coverage.  It’s as if mystic calm has draped over the scene.

If I was to believe Anderson Cooper’s implied view, that no system driven war exists against the disenfranchised, I’d feel things in this regard had finally settled back to “normal”—a resuming of peaceful coexistence between residents and overseers of our red-blooded neighborhoods.

I’m not fooled though.  Neither are oodles of diversified folk daring to acknowledge hard cold reality.  All know the same lightening will strike again, maybe sooner than later (possibly in the IMG_3631same place) but it will strike.

My book fleshes it out well: this war is the result of a governing class’ tightly molded culture, designed specifically for the tragic results constantly at hand; its ever pressing PR propaganda, filtered through oh-so-willing media “machines”—keeping the gullible (and the willing) sedately misled.

Once again opinions about resolve are batted around: media pundits seem perplexed; social advocates say more jobs are needed; political reps (and some law enforcement) say more Blacks must be part of local police ranks; grassroots clergy say keep peaceful demonstrations pressing streets; standard Black clergy say “we must pray.”

Progressives know a certainty that I’ve solidly pinpointed: until the war is honestly acknowledged possible change (or progress) remains miniscule—in effect, an illusion; any “family” on whatever level cannot achieve refreshing resolve without being honest about what’s operating.  This leads to some points that my book outlines.

Europe based “haves” wrested this early territory from Mother Europe, boosted by local underclass masses (including Blacks and autonomous Natives) while keeping Europe’s class repressive governing structure strictly intact.  The propaganda “machine,” acting to keep poor folk self-restricted using moralistic codes, was started long before by the filthy rich halls of glutinous Western religion.

At least four major governing branches sprouted from the supremacist legislative body: the military culture (foreign interest), the police culture (domestic), institutional religious culture (defining “altruistically” from the core what is sacredly acceptable in daily living, or not) and the one driving the rest—the culture of “whiteness.”

Western governing structure jealously guards its exclusive club; it’s had millennia to pound the psyche of majority struggling masses, wining by philosophy or naked sword.  Infused is the idea of just who we are, who we should be, how we should behave, how we should feel, etc.

Reversing (or purifying) this putrid tide is a tough nut to crack indeed!  Buddhism in action has showed me that it’s definitely possible, but some real decisive moves by all players on a diverse field must take place.


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