Ferguson rotated into ground zero 2: Colonial Christianity perfect for the “machine”

Greetings dear readers!

There’s trouble in Black paradise…

Personal experience confirms for me that the same class and race war which arrived with the inception of this country, rages against Ferguson, Missouri.  Like with so many disenfranchised communities Black residents have always known it, been adamantly subjected to it, have set up the “only” means they know of responding and fighting back.

My observation, from involvement with hands on social rebuilding experience across many communities, shows that the issues of “race” and “class” are separate entities.  When combined though, the force of attack upon especially the struggling masses (i.e. the overwhelming majority) is dramatically amplified.  Add gender and diverse “sexual reality” to those directly targeted by ruling station attack and the disaster stew simply intensifies.

The problem is that when all of these embattled groups come under the same fire, lines get blurred.  A well controlled propaganda “machine” (with standard “media” as the driving engine) remains steered by that diligent ruling station; it’s had eons to shape a knowledgeable (and emotional) disconnection between people.  Crumbs of privilege tossed to one group, trickling down to the next (and so forth) keep people distracted while scrambling to experience some sense of good living.

IMG_3304The propaganda machine’s central focus exploits the concept of morality.  Governing from the top for millennia revealed that people are truly “spiritual beings,” naturally wanting to do the right thing.  The way to usurp benevolent actions, especially towards “others” that one may not be familiar with is simple: formulate distinct and acceptable violations against humanity within a religious package (actually demanding specific behaviors).  Such items, we are told, comes from the greatest existing force and monitoring power—or God; a supreme “being” will dole out unimaginable levels of vengeance for program wanderers, or nonbelievers; the ultimate exploitation of “fear from the core.”

The perfect U.S. religious tool instituting moralities that benefit upper crust rulers, keeping an underclass in check (and the perfect commodity) is Colonial Christianity—that which usurped all other Christian competitors.  Hence my admonishment to Blacks in my book’s subtitle: Catastrophic Legacy Worshiping the New World Politics of Saving Souls.

Trouble in Black Paradise fleshes out what’s stated above quite substantially, yet I must recall a legendary abolitionist warning: you cannot dismantle the Master’s house with the Master’s tools.

Merely placing Blacks in otherwise non occupied social positions (including women, gays and any oppressed group) is useless unless they are “consciousness” movers and shakers. Just look at the Clarence Pendleton’s and Clarence Thomas’ compared to the Thurgood Marshall’s.  Blacks beholden to Colonial Christianity (a Protestant majority) commenting on Ferguson’s rooted problems (and needed solutions) feed the ongoing monster; docile demeanor (clearly tipping around bravely confronting systemic source) exposes that religious harness; empty “altruism” stifles a clear and honest pinpointing of the system’s role in creating horrendous conditions, which it actually benefits from—a contrast I’ve observed Missouri Senator Maria Chappelle-Nadal unflinchingly do.

People wanting essential change must bravely step out from under the system’s cloak of altruistic blindness to see an alternative light—the very thing Buddhism enabled me to do.


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