Ferguson rotated into ground zero

Greetings readers!

There’s trouble in Black paradise…

I shudder at a constant current media stream.  Placed at ground zero for yet another gunning down of an unarmed Black American youth is Ferguson, Missouri.  The incident sets the victim 18 year old Michael Brown under a highly scrutinized spotlight.  No surprise there.  The alleged circumstances that led up to his shooting by white officer Darren Wilson are endlessly pounded out elsewhere, so it’s the “professional” and social remarks that I’ll address here.

CNN trumps all other national coverage stationing itself 24-7 at the center of protest activity.  Bumped suddenly from its select, ad nauseam news focus (though now running neck-and-neck for a close second) is this: Israel and Palestine’s disastrous bombing exchange, the murderous Middle East takeover campaign by advancing ISIS, and the calamitous Ukraine conflict (tragically annihilating a bystander Netherlands passenger jet).  Interestingly enough all of these events are tied together in my book.  I’ll get to that later.

CNN rigorously promotes the image of impartiality (sincerely seeking “problem solving” truths).  We see varied anchors, reporters and commentators offering “professional” opinions; seemingly as multicultural “reps” crisply draped in proper business attire.  I give strong credit to people like Don Lemon, pushing through the streets from within the storm’s eye, offering an uncensored “voice” to raw emotions (generally deemed unacceptable) and Black legacy accounts.  Usually, drowned by staged opinions of “others,” such insider “voices” never access these same so-called problem solving platforms—until racked by another catastrophe and pushed well over the emotional edge.

Mainstream media has no credibility without voices that weather the “storm.”  Here, I address the PR sham behind these institutions, propping up ethnic colleagues to appear organically connected to marginalized communities being covered.

In fairness most Black staff I’ve seen, strive to keep a tint of emotional outrage underlining coverage of what’s been pieced together thus far.  It’s a precarious balance attempting to still display ethnic camaraderie.  Unseen pressure though, to tailor that reporter outrage (within perspective parameters that actually act to deny certain explosive social realities) remain palpable.

White producers and editorial overseers are always plugged within earshot, injecting information and undoubtedly formulating specific “questions” as well.  A supremely oiled “propaganda machine” is in action here.  Hence other Blacks working hard to appear “neutral” reporting both the rationale of those who attempt to actually “justify” Wilson’s actions and the idea that the system itself has no contribution to Ferguson’s exploding tinderbox.  It smacks of someone fighting to remain a neutral observer while fire guts their own home—believing that somehow it is actually not their own home.

Ferguson’s unleashed “voices” scream contradiction to the “machine’s” propaganda notions.  Known is that: a national class and race war rages against them; the culprit system sees itself as innocently removed; a hostile police “culture” exists on the level of being worshiped; overall society is not willing to take substantial action towards change; and that their perspective (or witnessing) is not believed.


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