My sobering reminder finds the grace of Radical Faeries

I got a sobering reminder of the ominous danger ever lurking about the community on the morning of Sunday, August 10th.  Brian Higgins, beautiful “Feather Lynn” among Radical Faeries and intimates, was found beaten mercilessly on Church Street between Market and Duboce.  On Wednesday his relatives had the life support system removed and shortly therein he passed.

Radical Faeries held an open IMG_1678vigil at Duboce Park for family, relatives, friends and a spirit moved public.  I couldn’t attend but they were there the moment life sustaining equipment was turned off, setting a precious life celebration and neighborhood reminder into motion.  I saw many faces via the media that I know and love, gripped by agony, confusion, but still with stately presence, maintaining the grace of social love.

I don’t know the specifics surrounding Feather Lynn’s attack; none have been released yet. Recordings seem to capture a young Caucasian attacker.

I do know that I walk there often; I’ve been a thorn in the side of many friends, acquaintances and strangers over decades, drumming the notion that gay congregants and friends must remain stringently alert at all times—bashers and predators keep it stepped up, counting on drunken vulnerability, cell phone intoxication, obliviousness, and just plain awareness neglect.

On too many times my efforts were dismissed, rebuffed even.  A San Diego early 1980’s rap group (majority white) found my warnings rejected, even with growing reports.  “You have to think positive,” was one cold stoic rebuke.  Soon he came back to The Men’s Center, broken jaw wired, an animated convert.

One Castro acquaintance gave a lackluster shrug; he woke up in the hospital after leaving a bar, unable to even provide a description.

Radical Faeries have profoundly enhanced my life; they’ve re shored my confidence in a gay male arena rife with racial distance and superficiality.

I was amazed to see a sector led by white gay men rejecting Western patriarchal culture (and religion), driven to “nature oriented” spiritual call, elevating “Two Spirit” reality back to its rightful historical throne—a dais now occupied by Feather Lynn.


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