A Forum for Dialogue on Anti-gay Campaigning by the Black Church

Greetings dear readers.

It is very exciting to introduce this blog site to those who are  just discovering, or are already reading my new book.

The sudden media visual of Black Christian protesters in the street, rigorously supporting9781481707282_COVER_FQA.indd California’s anti gay marriage Proposition 8 (and denouncing gay reality) caught untold numbers of “outsider” folks by surprise–particularly white mainstream gays.

Until then, aside from those select galvanizing Civil Rights advocates, like the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., the Black Church generally kept its basic operations (or agenda for a “sacred” daily living) in the shadows.

And until the singer Whitney Houston’s televised funeral most white Americans had never even experienced a standard Black Church service.

But Black lesbian & gay supporters of the Church have long been devastated by its gay damnation policy, many of whom have had lives absolutely damaged and ruined—this especially in light of the shocking appearance of a deadly disease called AIDS.

Trouble In Black Paradise: Catastrophic Legacy Worshiping the New World Politics of Saving Souls in essence “discredits” the standard Black Church’s outmoded scriptural and philosophical rationale; this by way of both updated scholarly religious data (which Black Church’s  steadfastly neglect) and a look at embarrassing history.  The Black Church “overall” refused to aid the Black led Civil Rights movement.

Here, the book foremost initiates a dialogue with Church members (whether hostile or supportive) about cavalierly tossing its resourceful LGBT congregants “under the bus,” stifling deep seated support for broad healthy Black social change—while conditions worsen daily for all.

The history of how Blacks came to so viciously implement attacks against homosexuals, who’ve always had immeasurable contribution “presence” within Afro social spheres, will be traced.

As is implied in the book’s title a key notion gets called to task: it is the reality of Blacks having IMG_3687embraced that particular Puritanical, Colonial Protestant religious ideal (strangely sidestepping more humane and inclusive Christian sects); the phenomenon lies at the seat of escalated and ongoing Black social corrosion itself.

As the old abolitionist saying goes, “you cannot dismantle the Master’s house with the Masters tools.”  One will see that Puritan Christianity is also what drives and fuels a super inflamed anti gay attitude, which itself has been elevated to the level of intensified “worship.”

As is mentioned above Black lesbians & gays have been brutalized by the Church’s campaign.  Yet, white gay racial hostility and indifference (whites maintaining the broadest, most established public “gay sanctuary” spaces) continues to make this plight worse.

Specifically I wrote Trouble In Black Paradise as a critical, liberating info piece for you–Black LGBTQ folk mostly lodged in isolation and cultural “limbo.”

LGBT people of color (who’ve not abandoned their general ethnic base) are adversely boxed in; we struggle to establish sanctuaries and networking atmospheres (fighting to remain visible). Here, my heart-to-heart dialogue with conventional white gays–offering insight from “white humanitarian” visionaries (who’ve been swept beneath standard gay radar)–fires up the mix.

My book was written as a hands-on practical “manual” and spirit liberator for anyone who wishes to no longer look the other way.

Historically speaking Americans have been subjected to colonial patriotic propaganda, centered in a white centrist, homophobic celebration (worshiping “hetero whiteness”).  Underdog groups mentioned above (including white gays) IMG_1551suffer dire consequences here, mostly having no alternative picture of who they essentially are as culturally viable humans, or the profoundness of their actual interconnection–a state Black Christian religious have also not escaped.

Offered in this book is a provocative look at religious history, scrutinizing lauded “figures” (like King James VI and I) and controversial actions, where key religious “institutions” on diverging trails crash head on into the present; you get an  eye-opening revelation of purposefully hijacked, electrifying Black history (whose significant heroes still remain unsung by the Black Church).

Humble reformers defying deadly corruption (some using their Christian platform) and the politically sly villains (who scheme to keep status-quo) also spring forth for the reader.

My history as a renaissance man (professional singer, illustrator, dancer, thespian and writer) trained in educational and social repair, goes back over 40 years.  It began at San Diego State University: courses brought access to Afro cultural advocacy in alternative school settings. Fieldwork results were powerful and things soon blossomed with out-of-the-box perspective, enhanced by the spiritual ideals of Buddhism.

“Coming out” traumatically 37 years ago (in a pre AIDS society) put all previous training to test.  My social repair skills launched into action on a shell shocked gay frontier (at this point still forced to grovel shamefully underground by a dangerously hostile society).  Networking soon catapulted my repair work/studies onto the national scene.  In 1991 I finally settled in San Francisco to continue expanding this legacy.

Countless political or institutional roadblocks verify this book’s central premise about the discriminating U.S. “system,” even in San Francisco:

One so-called community based bookstore (actually in their “second round” of selling this book) flatly rejected a book reading request there, literally writing-off my valid, documented work 100_1689(while professing to be “community” supportive); no book reviews either (not even from local “gay rags”).

Obviously few “Black Lives Matter” to these outlets–only selectively chosen Black stars (when it suits their cosmetic window-dressing).

The reality that I expected this book would be shunned by standard literary units (presenting themselves as progressive while actually bedded by status-quo) will soon make a hot blog item for your critique–and possible “action” input as readers for justice.

Nowhere do I see any forum taking place in this country fostering an ongoing dialogue on the issue of anti gay campaigning by the Black Church–ironically not even in “gay rags.”  A universe of liberating information, perspective and food for thought–diligently unearthed and organized by this author–awaits the reader.

I implore you to come forward: share your own ideas, questions and experiences, many of which will undoubtedly be quite informing as well, stimulating an exciting interactive arena.

Let the journey begin.



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